1999 Sixth Circuit US Court of Appeals Case Law

Frank Robbins Dorsey v. United Parcel Service
Date: November 4, 1999
Citation: 195 F.3d 814
Richard C. Becherer, et al., Individually and on Behalf of All Others Similarly Situated, Plaintiffs,j. Don Adams; Kay A. Arceneaux, As Executrix for the Donald J. Arceneaux, Sr. Estate; Edward R. Bassine; Anne T. Bassine; Thomas H. Blundell; Jan L. Blundell; James A.campbell; Darrell R. Caudill; William A. Cherry; Catherine Crebbs, As General Partner of Cct & Co. As Administratrix of Estate of Robert W. Crebbs; Michael S. Dwyer; Dick Dykes; L. Joe Edmonson; Francis C. Elkin; Richard G. Fadal; Lee Feinberg; Madeline Feinberg; Alan S. Fogg; Jean M. Fogg; Mary Lou Frazier; Rudolph M. Gaedke, Independent Administrator for the Estate of Mary Gaedke; Francisco M. Gonzalez; Terry W. Grenat; Edith A. Grenat; Mr. & Mrs. Hem C. Gupta; Paul D. Hansen; Judith A. Hansen; Keith Harvie; Betty Lee Harvie; Robert Hawley; Robin Dale Hawley; Charles L. Henritzy; Georgiann Henritzy; Curtis B. Herbert, Jr.; Weldon Hiddleston; Dorothy M. Hiddleston; Hurrelbring Advertising, Inc.; Bobby G. Lamb; Hazeltine Lamb; D. Rod; Ann H. Lee; Law Offices of Pat Maloney, P.c.; Dan E. Martens; Susan J. Martens; Phillip W. Mccollum; Marjorie K. Mccollum; Earl Mcgavran; Edith E. Mcgavran; Alice S. Mcturk; Kyriakos Michaelides; Margaret Michaelides; Donald R. Mitchell; Fred Morgan; Christine Motler, As Executrix for the Estate of Jay Motler; Harold Mueller; Claude Nabers; Leon Neiman; Judith A. Neiman; Daniel N. Payton, Iii; Jane H. Payton; Jean A. Pitts; Gary L. Platner; Alvin L. Prichard, Jr.; Marilyn M. David, Formerly Known As Marilyn M. Prichard; Suraj P. Sancheti; Lee Maria; Lula Santa Maria; Mabel Schenk, As Executrix for the Estate of Samuel Schenk; Arch H. Schrom; Shirley A. Schrom; Thomas Q. Schultz; Ruth R. Schultz; Robert Stern; Roxanne Stern; Gordon G. Stillwell; Therral Story; Kathy Story; Wellington K. Stretton; Mary Ann Kozlowski; Joshua M. Tharp, Jr.; Mary Sue Tharp; Ronalt T. Ullenberg; Sheila Ann Ullenberg; Robert J. Wilder; Butz S. Wilder; Paul A. Williams; Stephen F. Wood, Intervenors-appellants, v. Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith, Inc.; Can-american Corporation; Can-american Realty Corporation; Shelter Seagate Corporation; Garrett G. Carlson; Graham C. Count; Arni Thorsteinson; Martin Cicco; Laventhol & Horwath; M.a. Mortenson Co.; Winsor/faricy Architects, Inc.; Trustbank Mortgage Center, Incorporated; Midwest Title Guarantee Company of Florida; Frank Lavin,
Date: September 30, 1999
Citation: 193 F.3d 415
Francisco Jaime Madrid, Defendant
Date: September 17, 1999
Citation: 191 F.3d 668
Kevin King, Petitioner-appellant, v. David Trippett, Respondent-appellee
Date: September 14, 1999
Citation: 192 F.3d 517
In Re: Terry Lynn King, Movant
Date: August 25, 1999
Citation: 190 F.3d 479
In Re: Rory Allen Gregory, Petitioner
Date: June 22, 1999
Citation: 181 F.3d 713
Gencorp, Inc., Plaintiff-appellant, v. American International Underwriters, Also Known As A.i.u.insurance Company; Riunione Adriatica Di Sicurta, Also Knownas Adriatic Insurance Company; Allianz Versicherungs-a.g.,also Known As Allianz Insurance Company; American Insurancecompany, Also Known As American Auto Insurance; Americanhome Assurance Company; American Re-insurance Company;associated International Insurance Company; Cigna Specialtyinsurance Company; Central National Insurance Company Ofomaha; Continental Casualty Company; Dairyland Insurancecompany; Employers' Insurance of Wausau; Employersreinsurance Corporation; Federal Insurance Company; Fidelityand Casualty Company of New York; Fireman's Fund Insurancecompany; First State Insurance Company; Granite Stateinsurance Company; Insurance Company of North America;international Insurance Company; International Surplus Linesinsurance Company; Lexington Insurance Company; Libertymutual Insurance Company; Certain Underwriters at Lloyd'slondon; National Casualty Company; National Union Fireinsurance Co. of Pittsburgh, Pa; Everset Reinsurancecompany, Formerly Known As Everest Reinsurance Company;republic Insurance Company; St. Paul Fire and Marineinsurance Company; Twin City Fire Insurance Company; Unitedinsurance Company; Gibraltar Casualty Company; Unitednational Insurance Company; Lumbermens Mutual Casualtycompany; Certain London Market Insurance Companies;bellefonte Insurance Company, Ltd.; Cna Reinsurance Oflondon Limited; Lexington Insurance Company, Ltd.; Northatlantic Insurance Company, Ltd.; St. Katherine Insurancecompany, Ltd.; Stronghold Insurance Company, Ltd.;wintrethur Swiss Insurance Company, Ltd. Defendants-appellees
Date: June 2, 1999
Citation: 178 F.3d 804
Plaintiff v. Defendant
Date: March 23, 1999
Citation: 170 F.3d 632
Gencorp, Inc., Plaintiff-appellant, v. American International Underwriters, Also Known As A.i.u.insurance Company; Riunione Adriatica Di Sicurta, Alsoknown As Adriatic Insurance Company; Allianzversicherungs-a.g., Also Known As Allianz Insurance Company;american Insurance Company, Also Known As American Autoinsurance; American Home Assurance Company; Americanre-insurance Company; Associated International Insurancecompany; Cigna Specialty Insurance Company; Centralnational Insurance Company of Omaha; Continental Casualtycompany; Dairyland Insurance Company; Employers' Insuranceof Wausau; Employers Reinsurance Corporation; Federalinsurance Company; Fidelity and Casualty Company of Newyork; Fireman's Fund Insurance Company; First Stateinsurance Company; Granite State Insurance Company;insurance Company of North America; International Insurancecompany; International Surplus Lines Insurance Company;lexington Insurance Company; Liberty Mutual Insurancecompany; Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's London; Nationalcasualty Company; National Union Fire Insurance Co. Ofpittsburgh, Pa; Everset Reinsurance Company, Formerly Knownas Everest Reinsurance Company; Republic Insurance Company;st. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company; Twin City Fireinsurance Company; United Insurance Company; Gibraltarcasualty Company; United National Insurance Company;lumbermens Mutual Casualty Company; Certain London Marketinsurance Companies; Bellefonte Insurance Company, Ltd.;cna Reinsurance of London Limited; Lexington Insurancecompany, Ltd.; North Atlantic Insurance Company, Ltd.; St.katherine Insurance Company, Ltd.; Stronghold Insurancecompany, Ltd.; Wintrethur Swiss Insurance Company, Ltd.defendants-appellees
Date: February 5, 1999
Citation: 167 F.3d 249

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