1996 Second Circuit US Court of Appeals Case Law

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United States Court of Appeals,second Circuit
Date: December 13, 1996
Citation: 102 F.3d 654
Notice: This Summary Order May Not Be Cited As Precedential Authority, but May Be Called to the Attention of the Court in a Subsequent Stage of This Case, in a Related Case, or in Any Case for Purposes of Collateral Estoppel or Res Judicata. See Second Circuit Rule 0.23.david Golia Paladin, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Frank Finnerty, Chief Counsel; Lawton Squires, Assistantcounsel; Ruthann Geary, Assistant Counsel; Catherine T.england, Chairwoman for the Second Judicial Department's10th Judicial District, in Their Official and Individualcapacities, and in Their Successors in Interest; Victorlevin and Michael F. Sperendi, Former Chairmen of Thecommittee on Grievances, Bar Association of Nassau County,new York, Inc., in Their Official and Individual Capacities,and in Their Successors in Interest; Robert H. Straus,chief Counsel, New York State Grievance Committee for Thesecond Judicial Department's 10th and 11th Judicialdistricts, in His Official and Individual Capacity and Inhis Successor in Interest; Gary Casella, Chief Counsel Forthe New York State Grievance Committee for the Secondjudicial Department's 9th Judicial District, in His Officialand Individual Capacity and in His Successor in Interest;honorable Guy J. Mangano, Presiding Justice in His Capacityas Chief Administrative Officer of the Second Judicialdepartment, in His Individual and Official Capacity and Inhis Successor in Interest; Mark Ochs, Chief Attorney,committee on Professional Standards for the Third Judicialdepartment, in His Individual and Official Capacity and Inhis Successor in Interest; Honorable A. Franklin Mahoney,presiding Justice in His Capacity As Chief Administrativeofficer of the Third Judicial Department in His Official Andindividual Capacity and in His Successor in Interest;gerald Larusso, Chief Attorney, Attorney Grievance Committeefor the Fourth Judicial Department, in Both His Official Andindividual Capacity and in His Successor in Interest;honorable John Callahan, Acting Presiding Justice in Hiscapacity As Chief Administrative Officer of the Fourthjudicial Department, in His Official and Individual Capacityand in His Successor in Interest; Hal R. Lieberman, Chiefcounsel, Department Disciplinary Committee for the Firstjudicial Department, in His Official and Individual Capacityand in His Successor in Interest; Honorable Francis T.murphy, Presiding Justice in His Capacity As Chiefadministrative Officer of the First Judicial Department, Inhis Official and Individual Capacity and in His Successor Ininterest; Matthew T. Crosson, Chief Administrator of Thecourts for the State of New York ("office of Courtadministration" or "oca"), in His Official and Individualcapacity and in His Successors in Interest, Defendants-appellees
Date: December 12, 1996
Citation: 104 F.3d 356
United States Court of Appeals,second Circuit
Date: November 27, 1996
Citation: 101 F.3d 278
Notice: This Summary Order May Not Be Cited As Precedential Authority, but May Be Called to the Attention of the Court in a Subsequent Stage of This Case, in a Related Case, or in Any Case for Purposes of Collateral Estoppel or Res Judicata. See Second Circuit Rule 0.23.lawrence R. Rosano, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Adelphi University; Joseph Crafa, Dean of Students Ofadelphi University; Nicholas Manobianco, Adelphi Universitysecurity; Incorporated Village of Garden City; Garden Citypolice; the County of Nassau, Nassau County Policedepartment; Officer Ted Sigwart, Badge No. 108, of Gardencity; Officer Wayne Vogel, Badge No. 117, of Garden City;officer K. Jackson, Badge No. 150, of Garden City; Officerg. Beckett, Badge No. 104, of Garden City; Sgt. Sullivan,bade No. 33, of Garden City; Capt. Ginhardt, of Gardencity; Officer Dipaulo, Badge No. 37, of Garden City;officer Thorn, Badge No. 139, of Garden City; Officerfitzpatrick, Badge No. 32, of Garden City; Board; Nassaucounty Diwstrict Attorney Office; Denis Dillon, Districtattorney of Nassau County; Margaret Hurst, Asst. Districtattorney of Nassau County; Joy Watson, Asst. Districtattorney of Nassau County; Judge Geoffrey O'connell, Ofnassau County District Court; Judge Mark Mogil, of Thenassau County District Court; Nassau County District Court,first District, Defendant-appellees.henry Wilson; Garland Mercer; Richard Marston; Glenurshel; Andrew Davis; Edwin Miller and Thomascox, Defendants
Date: November 25, 1996
Citation: 104 F.3d 354
Lawrence M. Farkas, Plaintiff-appellant,joseph M. Aemisego; Anthony R. Alfano; Jose Almeida;charles Anderson; Mike Antonucci; Richard Arroyo; Johnbarone; Lawrence Bischofsberger; Richard Bottari; Andrej. Brown; John Calabro; George A. Calandrino; Petecapuano; R. Caserta; Vincent Castronuovo; Thomas Clark;marvin Clausell; Jerome D'aguiar; Peter Dalton; Nickdefeis; Salvatore Demaria; Joseph Depaso; Donalddickinson; Augustine Disalvo; Jose J. Escobar; Lawrencej. Faughnan; John Feltham; Chet Flower; Wilfred Foster;michael Foti; Robert Galassi; Frank J. Gallagher; John I.gerace; George A. Gerhens; William Germann; Michael Gold;john M. Guido; Kenneth Hampton; William Harrington;brian Harrison; Gerard Hart; Charles A. Hendricks;santiago Hernandez; Larry Hollenbeck; Raymond Hoye; Bobhyland; Cornelio Iacono; Chester Jabacinski; Walterjacome; Lehman Jenkins; Robert Johnson; John Jones; Johnc. Richards, Jr.; Clifton Oates, Jr.; Manfred Kalkowski;charles J. Keller; John Kleppe; Anthony J. Lafemina; Paulf. Lehnert; Michael v. Lynch; Eddie Maddox; Williammaffei; Dominick Manocchi; Rey A. Martinez; Michaelmartorano; Michael Matraia; Joseph Mcdermott; Robertmcdermott; Delmar Miner; Ronald Montanya; Robertomorales; Patrick Moriarty; Gregory Nesmith; Russellnoble; Daniel J. O'leary; Michael P. Oakes; Antonioortega; John Pertoso; Allan Petre; Louis A. Picciola;faublas Pierre; Gary Raffa; Michaeljohn Regan; Michael J.regan; Peter Renda; David Roberts; Jose Rogel; Franciscop. Roman; William Salvato; Carmine Salvato; Bernardscheurer; Marvin Seigal; Mitchell Singer; Shawn Smith;david W. Smith; Angelo Spadaro; Frank Spinella; Thomas J.staropoli; Richard Stvan; Floyd Swehla; Richard Leetaylor; Michael Tetro; Leon Thomas; John Tindal; Mitchturner; Juan R. Del Villar; Barry Wasserman; Paul Witte;james Zieran; and John Zoccolillo, Plaintiffs, v. Anthony Rumore, Individually and in His Official Capacity Aspresident of Soft Drink and Brewery Workers Union,local 812, International Brotherhood Ofteamsters, Defendant,soft Drink and Brewery Workers Union, Local 812,international Brotherhood of Teamsters; Thecoca-cola Bottling Company of New York,inc., Defendants-appellees
Date: November 22, 1996
Citation: 101 F.3d 20
Ernest Lewis, Jose Alier, Joseph Arena, Bruce Barnwell,edward Baronowski, Mickey Lo Bascio, George J. Bauer,domenico Berardesca, Robert Bertone, Johnathan Blum, Williamboehmer, Vito Di Bono, Edward Bottjer, Robert Brice, Charlesbrown, E.j. Buchalski, Charles Campo, Anthony Carbone,arnold Carlin, Edward P. Casale, Richard Charnow, Johnclifford, Frank Colletti, Frank Cooke, Joseph J. Costa,philip Cuiffo, J.d. Donato, Lawrence Donley, Richard Dreste,robert Dreste, Frank Dushanowitz, Robert Eger, Ely Fallas,dennis R. Gaglia, Leslie Gaglia, Hiraza M. Gialampoukis,arthur Goldstein, Robert Gorski, Larry Harney, Jerry K.hennig, William Hoare, Basil Hurgus, Lionel Inselberg,william Treanor, Dave Johnston, Arthur Jones, Billy Jones,william Jones, Dennis Jordan, Victor Voldemar, Josephkoenig, Robert Ledee, Henry Leonhardt, William Lindstadt,sidney Waldman, Joseph Manfre, Luis Manzano, Anthony Demarco, John De Marco, Richard Maskelony, Robert Meoli,robert Moller, Ray Monahan, Salvatore Montalbano, Johnmueller, Thomas Murphy, Anthony Nazzaro, Ralph Nazarro,charles Nettles, Patrick Nolan, Joseph Pando, Frederickpluschau, Richard Pluschau, Ralph Polverino, John Porter,jr., John Pulaski, Domenick Rafanelli, James Rennick,kenneth Rodden, Lawrence H. Ross, John Saladino, Kennethsawicki, Leonard Schulman, Filippo Simone, Robert E. Spahn,jeff De Stefano, Steven De Stefano, John Stoehrer, Victortello, Theodore Freudenberg, John Wittman, Jr., and Jamestreanor, Plaintiffs-appellees, v. Willie Whelan, As President of Local 584, Internationalbrotherhood of Teamsters, Defendant,tuscan Dairy Farms, Inc., Defendant-appellant
Date: November 6, 1996
Citation: 99 F.3d 542
B.f. Goodrich; Upjohn Company; Dow Corning Corporation;environmental Waste Resources, Inc.; Reynolds Aluminumbuilding Products Company; Uniroyal Chemical Co., Inc.;white Consolidated Industries; Kerite Company; Unisyscorporation; Risdon Corp.; Hoechst Celanese Corporation;cadbury Beverages, Inc.; Coltec Industries, Inc.; Ken-chasreserve Co.; United States of America; State Ofconnecticut; Naugatuck Glass Co.; Naugatuck Treatment Co.,plaintiffs-appellants, v. John Betkoski; George Clark; Armstrong Rubber Company;thomas Ashmore; Borough of Naugatuck; Bristol Flowedgasket Company; Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority;dee's, Inc., Also Known As Dee's Refuse, Inc.; Derby Tirecompany; Eastern Company; General Roofing & Sheet Metalco., Inc.; Gerald Metals, Inc.; C.r. Gibson Company;hospital Marketing Services Co., Inc.; Ideal Manufacturingco.; Jacob Brothers, Inc.; Litton Systems, Inc., Alsoknown As Winchester Electronics; Manafort Brothers, Inc.;nasco, Inc.; New Haven Housing Authority; Northeastutilities; Frank Perrotti & Sons, Inc.; Quality Rubberco.; Sanitary Refuse Co., Inc.; Seymour Brass Turning Co.;sperry Rand Corporation; Stauffer Chemical Company; Townof Middlebury; Town of Thomaston; Town of Woodbury;triangle Industries, Inc.; Turner Construction Company;u.s. Prolam, Inc.; Waterbury Companies, Inc.; Watertownhousing Authority; Zollo Drum Company, Inc.; Atlanticrichfield Co.; Adam's Service Station; Armand's Autoservice; High Ridge Apartments; Ashmore Trucking; Beaconouting Club; Brass Rail Restaurant; Coffee Shop; Crelanconstr. Co.; Ct. Sheet Metal/wood Co.; Daddio's; Davidrupsis; Edward Betkoski; Elk's Lodge # 967; George'sfloor Covering; Horizon Homes; Korvette Services; Latellacarting Co.; Lombard Bros., Inc.; Long Meadow Cafe;mcdonald's Restaurant; Meyers & Schwartz; Neal's Coffeeshoppe; Nelson Mendes; Portanova Trucking Co.; Portugueseclub; Ray's Hardware; Shore's Auto Parts; Steve's Tires;stop & Shop; Triangle Services; Trowbridge Apts.; Valleymotor Trailer Sales; Valley Mobile Homes Park; Vieiraagency; Waterbury Pressed Metals; Town of Bethany; Cityof Waterbury; Capozziello Brothers; Town of Killingworth;town of Beacon Falls; Naugatuck Y.m.c.a.; E. Eric Arsanrefuse; John Ashmore; Joseph Betkoski; Connecticutpharmacare, Inc., Doing Business As Ford Pharmacy; Firstnational Supermarkets, Inc.; P. Francini Company; Town Ofhamden; Jetzon Tire Co.; City of Milford; Nrs Cartingco., Inc.; Town of Orange; Peter Paul Cadbury; Town Ofplymouth; Town of Seymour; Town of Stratford; Town Ofwatertown; Town of Westport, Defendants-appellees
Date: November 1, 1996
Citation: 99 F.3d 505
Notice: This Summary Order May Not Be Cited As Precedential Authority, but May Be Called to the Attention of the Court in a Subsequent Stage of This Case, in a Related Case, or in Any Case for Purposes of Collateral Estoppel or Res Judicata. See Second Circuit Rule 0.23.6247 Atlas Corp.; Merchants Bank of New York,plaintiffs-counter-defendants-appellants, v. Threadneedle Insurance Co., Ltd., a A/c; Henry Raymond, Anunderwriter at Lloyd's London, on Behalf of Himself and Allthose Other Lloyd's Underwriters Subscribing to Policy Ofinsurance Number 4s/00723/91; Marine Insurance Company,ltd.; the Threadneedle Insurance Co., Ltd.; Indemnitymarine Insurance Company, Ltd; Norwich Union Fire Insurancesociety, Ltd. No. 1 A/c; Norwich Union Fire Insurancesociety Ltd.; Sovereign Marine and General Insurance Ltd.of London; Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance Co.; Taishomarine & Fire Insurance Co., (u.k.) Ltd.; Storebrandinsurance Company., (u.k.) Ltd., Defendants-intervenors-appellees,diacord, Inc.; Zedco; Kelso Diamond Co. Inc.; Josef Chaicorp.; Eknam Diamond, Inc.; Kothari Gems; Sancy Tradingn.y., Inc.; Shimon Wernon; Dov Fastag, Inc., Also Known Aspavillion, Inc.; M & a Diamon; Hamid Sedashut; Roy Herzl,inc.; D. Navichandra & Co.; Isaac Waldman; T & Tdiamonds; Yohai Haim; J. Shree Corp.; Michael Hezkia Co.,inc.; Royal Diamint, Inc.; Krisha Gems; Solomon Lipshutz;statewide Imports, Inc.; Impex Diamond Corp.; Occidentalgems; Isaac Klein; M & a Fancies Co., Inc.; Aronknobloch, Inc.; Samet & Shine Diamond Co.; Orient Stones &minerals, Inc.; Gordon J. Bares, Inc.; Gregric Diamonds;e.m. Shoreman; Previous Trade, Inc.; Diety Gem; L.i.d.,israel; All-shape Diamond, Inc., Intervenor-plaintiffs
Date: October 31, 1996
Citation: 104 F.3d 352
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs,warehousemen and Helpers of America, Afl-cio; Thecommission of La Cosa Nostra; Matthew Ianniello, Also Knownas Matty the Horse; Anthony Provenzano, Also Known As Tonypro; Nunzio Provenzano, Also Known As Nunzi Pro; Anthonycorallo, Also Know As Tony Ducks; Salvatore Santoro, Alsoknown As Tom Mix; Christopher Furnari, Sr., Also Known Aschristie Tick; Frank Manzo; Carmine Persico, Also Known Asjunior, Also Known As the Snake; Gennaro Langella, Alsoknown As Gerry Lang; Philip Rastelli, Also Known As Rusty;nicholas Marangello, Also Known As Nicky Glasses; Josephmassino, Also Known As Joey Messina; Anthony Ficarotta,also Known As Figgy; Eugene Boffa, Sr.; Francissheeran; Milton Rockman, Also Known As Maishe; Johntronolone, Also Known As Peanuts; Joseph John Aiuppa, Alsoknow As Joey O'brien, Also Known As Joe Doves; John Phillipcerone, Also Known As Jackie the Lackie, Also Known Asjackie Cerone; Joseph Lombardo, Also Known As Joey Theclown; Angelo Lapietra, Also Known As the Nutcracker;frank Balistrieri, Also Known As Mr. B; Carl Angelo Deluna,also Known As Toughy; Carl Civella, Also Known As Corky;anthony Thomas Civella, Also Known As Tony Ripe; Generalexecutive Board International Brotherhood of Teamsters,chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America; Jackiepresser, General President; Weldon Mathis, Generalsecretary-treasurer; Joseph Trerotola, Also Known As Joe T,first Vice President; Robert Holmes, Sr., Second Vicepresident; William J. Mccarthy, Third Vice President;joseph W. Morgan, Fourth Vice President; Edward M. Lawson,fifth Vice President; Arnold Weinmeister, Sixth Vicepresident; Joseph John Aiuppa, Also Known As Joey Aiuppa;john H. Cleveland, Seventh Vice President; Maurice R.schurr, Eighth Vice President; Donald Peters, Ninth Vicepresident; Walter J. Shea, Tenth Vice President; Haroldfriedman, Eleventh Vice President; Jack D. Cox, Twelfthvice President; Don L. West, Thirteenth Vice President;michael J. Riley, Fourteenth Vice President; Theodorecozza, Fifteenth Vice President; Daniel Ligurotis,sixteenth Vice President; Salvatore Provenzano, Also Knownas Sammy Pro, Former Vice President, Anthony Salerno, Defendants,erbacci, Cerone & Moriarty, Ltd., Anthony G. Erbacci Andjack P. Cerone, Individually and D/b/a Marbleinsurance, Respondents-appellants
Date: September 26, 1996
Citation: 96 F.3d 653
Notice: This Summary Order May Not Be Cited As Precedential Authority, but May Be Called to the Attention of the Court in a Subsequent Stage of This Case, in a Related Case, or in Any Case for Purposes of Collateral Estoppel or Res Judicata. See Second Circuit Rule 0.23.valley View Manor Nursing Home; Lakeshore Nursing Home;sylcox Nursing Home and Health Related Facility; Nortoniannursing Home; Elcor Nursing Home; Waterview Hills Nursingcenter, Inc.; Walnut Mountain Care Center; Ridge Viewmanor Nursing Home; Manor Oak Skilled Nursing Facility,buffalo; Manor Oak Skilled Nursing Facility, Jamestown;manor Oak Skilled Nursing Facility, Warsaw; Crest Manornursing Home; Campbell Hall Health Care Center; Blossomhealth Care Center; Pontiac Nursing Home; Brae Loch Manorhealth Care Facility; nor Loch Manor Health Care Facility;hornell Nursing Home and Health Related Facility; Hurlbutnursing Home; Penfield Nursing Home; Conesus Lake Nursinghome; Elm Manor Nursing Home; Wedgewood Nursing Home;westgate Nursing Home; Woodside Nursing Home; Avon Nursinghome; Auburn Nursing Home; Aurora Park Health Care Center;berkshire Nursing Home; Betsy Ross Nursing Home;birchwood Health Care Center; Blossom View Nursing Home;brookhaven Health Care Facility; Carrilon House Nursingfacility; Cedar Manor Nursing Home; Cedar Lodge Nursinghome; Crest Hall Nursing Center; East Neck Nursing Center;eden Park Nursing Home (catskill); Eden Park Nursing Home(cobleskill); Eden Park Nursing Home (hudson); Fiddlersgreen Nursing Home; Fishkill Health Center; Hallmarknursing Centre (glens Falls); Hallmark Nursing Centre(minor); Hallmark Nursing Centre (troy); Hallmark Nursingcentre (schenactady); Hallmark Nursing Centre (carthage);hallmark Nursing Centre (rotterdam); Harding Nursing Home;harr-wood Nursing Home; Highland Nursing Home; Hillcrestnursing Home; Houston Nursing Care Center; Howd Nursinghome; Hudson Valley Nursing Center; Indian River Nursinghome; Little Flower Nursing Home; Long Beach Grandell Co.;long Island Care Center; Maplewood Health Care Center;marrs Nursing Home; Mayfair Nursing Home; Montgomerynursing Home; New Sans Souci Nursing Home; Nyack Manornursing Home; Oak Hollow Nursing Center; Orchard Manor;orchard Park Health Care Center; Palatine Nursing Home;park View Nursing Home; Park Shore Health Care Center;patchogue Nursing Center; Rockville Nursing Center;rockville Residence Manor; Ross Nursing Home; Salamancanursing Home; Salem Hills Nursing Care Center; Senecanursing Home; Sky View Haven Nursing Home; Somers Manornursing Home; St. Johnland Nursing Center, Inc.; St. Jamesnursing Home; St. Regis Nursing Home; Sullivan Park Healthcare Center; Sunharbor Manor; Sunrest Health Facilities;sunset Nursing Home; Three Rivers Health Care Center;united Helper (canton); University Nursing Home; Van Allennursing Home; Victory Lake Nursing Center; Westfieldhealth Care Center; Woodbury Nursing Home; Woodhavennursing Home, Plaintiffs-appellants, Cross-appellees, v. Barbara A. Debuono, Commissioner of Health of the State Ofnew York; Brian Wing, Acting Commissioner of Socialservices of the State of New York; Patricia Woodworth, Asdirector of the Budget of the State of New York,defendants-appellees, Cross-appellants
Date: September 26, 1996
Citation: 104 F.3d 351
Plaintiff v. Defendant
Date: September 26, 1996
Citation: 104 F.3d 350
State of New York, by Attorney General Dennis C. Vacco;state of Alabama, by Attorney General Jeff Sessions; Stateof Alaska, by Attorney General Bruce Botelho; State Ofarizona, by Attorney General Grant Woods; State Ofarkansas, by Attorney General Winston Bryant; State Ofcalifornia, by Attorney General Daniel E. Lungren; State Ofcolorado, by Attorney General Gale A. Norton; State Ofconnecticut, by Attorney General Richard Blumenthal; Stateof Delaware, by Attorney General M. Jane Brady; District Ofcolumbia, by Corporation Counsel Garland Pinkston; State Offlorida, by Attorney General Robert A. Butterworth; Stateof Georgia, by Attorney General Michael J. Bowers; State Ofhawaii, by Attorney General Margery S. Bronster; State Ofidaho, by Attorney General Alan G. Lance; State Ofillinois, by Attorney General Jim Ryan; State of Indiana,by Attorney General Pamela Carter; State of Iowa, Byattorney General Thomas J. Miller; State of Kansas, Byattorney General Carla J. Stovall; Commonwealth Ofkentucky, by Attorney General Chris Gorman; State Oflouisiana, by Attorney General Richard P. Ieyoub; State Ofmaine, by Attorney General Andrew Ketterer; State Ofmaryland, by Attorney General J. Joseph Curran, Jr.;commonwealth of Massachusetts, by Attorney General Scottharshbarger; State of Michigan, by Attorney General Frankj. Kelly; State of Minnesota, by Attorney General Hubert H.humphrey, Iii; State of Mississippi, by Attorney Generalmike Moore; State of Missouri, by Attorney General Jeremiahnixon; State of Montana, by Attorney General Joseph M.mazurek; State of Nebraska, by Attorney General Donstenberg; State of Nevada, by Attorney General Frankie Suedel Papa; State of New Hampshire, by Attorney Generaljeffrey R. Howard; State of New Jersey, by Attorney Generaldeborah T. Portiz; State of New Mexico, by Attorney Generaltom Udall; State of North Carolina, by Attorney Generalmichael F. Easley; State of North Dakota, by Attorneygeneral Heida Heitkamp; State of Ohio, by Attorney Generalbetty D. Montgomery; State of Oklahoma, by Attorney Generaldrew Edmondson; State of Oregon, by Attorney Generaltheodore R. Kulongski; Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Byattorney General Ernest D. Preate, Jr.; Commonwealth Ofpuerto Rico, by Attorney General Pedro D. Pierluisi; Stateof Rhode Island, by Attorney General Jeffrey B. Pine; Stateof South Carolina, by Attorney General Charles Molonycondon; State of South Dakota, by Attorney General Mark W.barnett; State of Tennessee, by Attorney General Patriciaj. Cottrell; State of Texas, by Attorney General Danmorales; State of Utah, by Attorney General Jan Graham;state of Vermont, by Attorney General Jeffrey L. Amestoy;commonwealth of Virginia, by Attorney General James S.gilmore, Iii; State of Washington, by Attorney Generalchristine O. Gregoire; State of West Virginia, by Attorneygeneral Darrell v. Mcgraw, Jr.; State of Wisconsin, Byattorney General James E. Doyle, Jr.; State of Wyoming, Byattorney General William U. Hill; U.S. Virgin Islands, Byattorney General Julio Brady, Plaintiffs-appellees,sylvia Donnenfeld and Eduardo A. Lopez, Appellants, v. Reebok International Ltd., the Rockport Company, Inc. Andjohn Does 1-500, Defendants-appellees
Date: September 16, 1996
Citation: 96 F.3d 44
United States Court of Appeals,second Circuit
Date: September 6, 1996
Citation: 96 F.3d 20
Presidential Life Insurance Company, Plaintiff-appellee,tlc Beatrice International Holdings, Inc., Movant-appellant, v. Michael R. Milken; Roy Abbott; Paul Abecassis; Jackackerman; Peter Ackerman; Joseph P. Adams; Stevenandreder; Joel Asen; Andrew Astrachan; Mark Attanasio;eileen Austen; Herbert Bachelor; Stanley Bailowitz;jeffrey Balash; Donald Balser; Dan Bathon; Jeffrey P.beck; Joseph Bencivenga; Richard A. Bergman; David W.bergmann; Martin L. Berman; Robert D. Beyer; Paulbiddelman; Arthur H. Bilger; Leon Black; Jay Bloom;frederick Borden; Thomas Boudakian; Gerald Brodsky;william Bron; Bruce Brown; Michael D. Brown; E. Alanbrumberger; Gerard M. Bucci; Jon E. Budish; Dort A.cameron, Iii; Thomas Cauchois; John Cavalier; Jeffreychanin; Mark Chasin; Franklin Chu; John Chulick; Thomasp. Clerkin; Craig M. Cogut; Thomas Connors; Richardcrowell; Lorraine D'ambrosio; James Dahl; Charles Dargan;robert Davidow; Marshall Davidson; Logan D. Delany, Jr.;carl Deremer; Dennis Dolan; Scott Douglas; Richarddunler; David Dupont; Maurits Edersheim; William Eng;donald Engel; Chris Evensen; Robert Fallon; Geoffrey L.faux; David Feinman; Michael Fields; Ralph Finerman;alan J. Fishbein; Steven Fisher; Patrick Flanagan; Allenflans; Richard S. Frary; Joshua Friedman; William Frymer;dennis K. Galgano; Peter R. Gardiner; Bruce Garver;richard L. Gelfond; Michael E. Gellert; Joel L. Gold;mark Goodman; Robert Goodwin; Nancy Cates Gordon; Kevinj. Gorman; Patrick L. Graham; Jeffrey Green; Richardhandler; John J. Hannan; Joseph Harch; Reed L. Harman;scott Harrison; David Hedley; Andrew Heyer; J. Ericsonheyke Iii; Paul Higbee; Richard H. Hochman; Harryhorowitz; John Humphreville; Susan Humphreville; Jayjablonow; Jon Jetmore; Paul Jetter; Roy J. Johnson; Lisajones; Roger Jospe; Mitchell R. Julis; Edwin Kantor;steven J. Kantor; David Kay; Dean Kehler; Donald Kendall;david Kiarsis; John Kissick; Barry F. Klein; Robertkline; Lynne Knox; Gerald Koenig; Gerald Koerner; Roberti. Kohl; John Krasznekewicz; John A. Ladyzinski; Gracielalagumen; Anthony Lamport; Jeffrey Lane; Jack Langer;douglas Lehrman; Paul Levy; Trevor Lewis; Robert Lloyd;bridgette S. Loden; Kevin J. Madigan; Joel Mael; J.o.maggard; Mary Lou Malanoski; Alison J. Mass; Cary J.maultasch; Frederick Mccarthy; Douglas Mcclure; Johnmcmahon; Leonard Meads; Lori Milken; Lowell Milken;michael Milken; Sandra Milken; David Mills; Kennethmoelis; James Moglia; Pamela Monzert; John Moriarty;frederick Moseley; Philip W. Moss; Donald Mullen; Allennadler; Jeffrey L. Neuman; Richard Nevins; Brucenewberg; Thomas Noonan; Terren S. Peizer; Arthurphillips; Lawrence A. Post; James D. Price; Haroldpurkey; Bruce Raben; Joseph J. Radecki; Michael Ranger;marc Rapaport; Paul Rapisarda; Jess M. Ravich; James L.rawlings; Langhorne Reid, Iii; Thomas E. Reinhart;anthony Ressler; Barry W. Ridings; Randy Rock; Richardrosee; Naomi Rosenfeld; Alan E. Rosenthal; Stephen Roth;peter Rothschild; Richard v. Sandler; Patrick Savin;sylvan Schefler; James Schiffner; Nicholas Schlumberger;james A. Schneider; Kevin W. Schultz; Janice L. Shapiro;allyson Shields; Ruben Shohet; Jonathan D. Sokoloff; Johnsorte; Lorraine Spurge; Linda Stedman; Stanley Stein;lee Stern; James G. Sullivan; David Sydorick; Cathryntaylor; John Taylor; Marla Thomas; Charles A. Thurnher;william R. Tobey, Jr.; Warren Trepp; Stanley Trotman;olivier Trouveroy; Marc A. Utay; Patsy Van Utt; Georgevarughese; Edward G. Victor; James E. Virtue; Leonwagner; Sven Wehrwein; Jeffrey R. Weinhuff; Stephen D.weinroth; John Wexler; Henry M. Wilf; Alexa D. Willson;gary Winnick; Stephen Winningham; Eugene Wong; Davidying; Ronald N. Yurcak; Afp Investments; Ahp Holdings,inc.; Ahp Investments; Alamo Associates; Alamoinvestments L.p.; All-fed Investment Associates; Altaassociates; Anchor Capital Holdings; Ara Partnership;arete Partners; Argonaut Ventures Group; Armacorincorporated; Arrowlake Investors; Arroyo Pacificinvestments, L.p.; Associated Capital; Associatedinvestors; Atlantic Financial Investors; Atlanticmanagement Group; Baltmar Investors, L.p.; Bandelierassociates; Barid Corpora
Date: August 26, 1996
Citation: 94 F.3d 65
In Re Painewebber Incorporated Limited Partnerships Litigation
Date: August 26, 1996
Citation: 94 F.3d 49

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