1987 Tenth Circuit US Court of Appeals Case Law

Montemayor (meynardo) v. Martin (t.c.), U.S. Parole Commission
Date: December 30, 1987
Citation: 841 F.2d 1131
Joe Putnam, Plaintiff-appellant, v. David Morris, Defendant-appellee
Date: November 23, 1987
Citation: 833 F.2d 903
Western Nuclear, Inc., Energy Fuels Nuclear, Inc.; Uraniumresources, Inc., Plaintiffs-appellees, v. F. Clark Huffman, As Chief Enrichment Services Branch,enriching Operations Division, Department of Energy; Sherrye. Peske, As Acting Director of Marketing and Businessoperations (uranium Enrichment) of the Department of Energy;john R. Logenecker, As Deputy Assistant Secretary Ofuranium Enrichment of the Department of Energy; William R.voigt, As Special Assistant for Strategic Policy Assessmentto the Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy of Thedepartment of Energy; James W. Vaughn, As Assistantsecretary for Nuclear Energy of the Department of Energy;earl Ghelde, As Special Assistant to the Secretary of Thedepartment of Energy; Daniel Boggs, As Under Secretary Ofthe Department of Energy; Donald P. Hodel, As Secretary Ofthe Department of Energy; United States Department Ofenergy, Defendants-appellants,city of San Antonio, Acting by and Through the City Publicservice Board of San Antonio, Duke Power Company; Gulfstates Utilities Company; Houston Lighting & Power Company;kansas City Power & Light Company; Kansas Electriccooperatives, Inc.; Kansas Gas & Electric Company; Newyork Power Authority; Ohio Edison Company; Pennsylvaniapower & Light Company; Philadelphia Electric Company;public Service Company of Colorado; Public Service Electric& Gas Company; Southern California Edison Company;southern Company Services, Inc.; the Connecticut Light Andpower Company; the Toledo Edison Company; Virginiaelectric and Power Company; Western Massachusetts Electriccompany; Wisconsin Electric Power Company; Union Electriccompany; Baltimore Gas and Electric Company; Arkansaspower & Light Company; Middle South Energy, Inc.; Middlesouth Services, Inc.; and Louisiana Power & Light, Amici Curiae,national Taxpayers Union, Amicus Curiae,states of Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Nevada,amici Curiae
Date: July 20, 1987
Citation: 825 F.2d 1430
U.S. v. Freeman
Date: April 21, 1987
Citation: 816 F.2d 558
Sylvia Barnson, Surviving Wife, Rodney E. Barnson, Randy D.barnson, Eldora Barnson Johnson, John Steve Barnson, Juliamae Barnson Wise, and Maida Barnson Simms, Survivingchildren, Heirs of Earl S. Barnson, Deceased; Vonda L.cropper, Surviving Wife, Helen E. Cropper, Surviving Wife,helen E. Cropper Davis, Janice Cropper Peterson, William D.cropper, Charles L. Cropper, and Lorraine Cropper Harris,surviving Children, Heirs of William E. Cropper, Deceased;eva Dean Hanson, Surviving Wife, Clyde E. Hanson, David B.hanson and Shane Hanson, Surviving Children of Byron Hanson,deceased; Maurine Pitts, Surviving Wife of Elbert Pitts,deceased, Rowena Anderson, Surviving Wife, Byron Anderson,terral Anderson, and Robert Mellor, Surviving Children,heirs of Byron Anderson, Deceased; Leola Christensen,surviving Wife, Alvin Christensen, Karl Christensen, Neilchristensen, and Colleen Peterson, Surviving Children, Heirsof Alvin Christensen, Deceased; John Dinsmore Rellfrederick; Aldon Mcintosh and Tony Mcintosh, Survivingchildren, Heirs of Lamar Mcintosh, Deceased; Ada Morrill,surviving Wife, Dale Morrill, Denzil Morrill, Steve Morrill,ida Ann Newby, Cleora Peterson, and Thelma Pope, Survivingchildren, Heirs of Clarence Morrill, Deceased; Norreneneel, Surviving Wife, and Shelly Ann Neel, Surviving Child,heirs of Jack Neel, Deceased; Carl Norton, Doyle Palmer,lamond Palmer, and Ludale Palmer, Surviving Children, Heirsof Edward Palmer, Deceased; Gayle Nillson, Surviving Heirof Elbert Pitts, Deceased; Margaret Quinn, Surviving Wife,gary Quinn, Milton Quinn, and Janet Lott, Survivingchildren, Heirs of George Quinn, Deceased; Bernadinehurley, Surviving Child, Heir of Farley Smith, Deceased;ida Mae Swenson, Surviving Wife, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. United States of America, Defendant-appellee
Date: April 17, 1987
Citation: 816 F.2d 549
United States Court of Appeals,tenth Circuit
Date: April 3, 1987
Citation: 815 F.2d 617
Ten Mile Industrial Park, Property Owners Association, Inc.,k & H Enterprises, Inc., Wheatland Corporation, Ten Milevillage, Inc., Monkey Ward Land Co., Inc., K & K Land Anddevelopment Co., a Partnership, Darrel Hoberg, Gwenn Hoberg,ronald Koenekamp, Karen Koenekamp, Dale Harrington, Wandaharrington, William W. Kramer, Janet A. Kramer and Maryonwilson, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Western Plains Service Corporation, a South Dakotacorporation, John P. Clark, Frank D. Everett, Lloyd K. Pugh,curtis L. Cameron, E.w. Boyles and Floyd Snyder, Jr., All Asindividuals, As Directors of Wpsc, As Members of Wpsc'sexecutive Committee and As Officers and Employees of Each Oftheir Respective S & Ls, William R. Simpson, Elmer Koehn,pat Bohan All As Individuals, As Directors of Wpsc and Asemployees and Officers of Their Respective S & Ls, Unitedfederal Savings & Loan, Aberdeen, South Dakota, Mitchellhome Savings & Loan, Mitchell, South Dakota, First Federalsavings & Loan, Rapid City, South Dakota, First Federalsavings & Loan, Watertown, South Dakota, Yankton Savings &loan, Yankton, South Dakota, As South Dakota S & Ls, Asstockholders of Wpsc, As Employers of the Directors Andmembers of the Executive Committee of Wpsc, and Principalsof Their Agents, and Midwest Federal Savings & Loanassociation, a North Dakota Savings and Loan As Principal Ofits Agents, Defendants-appellees.charles Hubbell, Yvonne Hubbell, Lincoln Homes, a Wyomingcorporation, James H. Tolhurst, Carol Tolhurst, David J.tolhurst, Tolhurst Construction, Inc., a Wyomingcorporation, Tolhurst Construction, Inc., a Utahcorporation, and Edward R. Brandt, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Western Plains Service Corp., a South Dakota Corporation;delbert M. Bjordahl, As an Employee of Wpsc and Agent of S &ls; Ron L. Brown, As an Agent of Wpsc; John P. Clark,edward Meekins, Frank D. Everett, Lloyd K. Pugh, Curtis L.cameron, E.w. Boyles, Floyd Synder, Jr., All As Individuals,as Directors of Wpsc, As Members of Wpsc Executive Committeeand As Officers and Employees of Each of Their Respective S& Ls; Elmer Koehn, Pat Bohan, M.o. Broschat, All Asindividuals, As Directors of Wpsc and As Employees Andofficers of Their Respective S & Ls, United Federal Savings& Loan, Aberdeen, South Dakota; First Federal Savings &loan, Rapid City, South Dakota; Home Trust Savings & Loan,vermillion, South Dakota; First Federal Savings & Loan,watertown, South Dakota; Yankton Savings & Loan, Yankton,south Dakota, As South Dakota S & Ls, As Stockholders Ofwpsc, As Employers of the Directors and Members of Theexecutive Committee of Wpsc, and As Principals of Theiragents, Wpsc, Bjordahl and Brown; and Midwest Federalsavings & Loan Association, a North Dakota Savings and Loanas Principal of Its Agents, Defendants-appellees
Date: February 2, 1987
Citation: 810 F.2d 1518
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