Livick v. Gillette Company, et al, No. 07-2108 (1st Cir. 2008)

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United States Court of Appeals For the First Circuit No. 07-2108 JOHN W. LIVICK, Plaintiff, Appellant, v. THE GILLETTE COMPANY; THE GILLETTE COMPANY RETIREMENT PLAN, Defendants, Appellees. ERRATA SHEET The opinion of this Court issued on April 17, 2008, is corrected as follows: On page 2, last line: replace "Brunidge" with "Brundige" On page 5, lines 13-14: replace "Gillette's . . . ERISA" with "Gillette was in breach of its fiduciary duty to Livick under ERISA because of these "misrepresentations."" On page 5, lines 16-17: replace "both his years at Gillette and at Parker Pen" with "his years at both Gillette and Parker Pen." On page 11, note 5, line 3: add "29" before "C.F.R." On page 13, note 7, line 8: add an additional parenthesis after "1994" to read "(5th Cir. 1994))"