8 F.3d - Volume 8 of the Federal Reporter, 3rd Series

Opinions 1001 - 1077 of 1077

United States of America, Appellee, v. Gerald Fleming, Appellant
Date: October 21, 1993
Citation: 8 F.3d 1264
B.b.,* Appellant, v. Continental Insurance Company, Appellee
Date: February 23, 1994
Citation: 8 F.3d 1288
United States of America, Appellee, v. Arnold F. Hohn, Appellant
Date: November 8, 1993
Citation: 8 F.3d 1301
Charles Ramey, Appellant, v. United States of America, Appellee
Date: December 29, 1993
Citation: 8 F.3d 1313
Robert L. Dowell, an Infant Under the Age of 14 Years Whosues by A.l. Dowell, His Father As Next Friend,plaintiff-appellant,vivian C. Dowell, a Minor, by Her Father A.l. Dowell, Asnext Friend; Edwina Houston Shelton, a Minor, by Hermother, Gloria Burse; Gary Russell, a Minor, by His Father,george Russell; Stephen S. Sanger, on Behalf of Himself Andall Others Similarly Situated; Yvonne Monet Elliot Anddonnoil S. Elliot, Minors, by Their Father Donald Elliot;diallo K. Mcclarty, a Minor, by His Mother Donna R.mcclarty; Donna Chaffin and Floyd Edmun, Minors, by Theirmother Glenda Edmun; Chelle Luper Wilson, a Minor, by Hermother Clara Luper; Donna R. Johnson, Sharon R. Johnson,kevin R. Johnson and Jerry D. Johnson, Minors, by Theirmother Betty R. Walker; Lee Maur B. Edwards, a Minor, Byhis Mother Elrosa Edwards; Nina Hamilton, a Minor, by Herfather Leonard Hamilton; Jamie Davis, a Minor, by Hismother Etta T. Davis; Romand Roach, a Minor, by His Mothercornelia Roach, on Behalf of Themselves and All Othersimilarly Situated Black Children and Parents or Guardiansof Black Children, Plaintiffs-intervenors-appellants, v. the Board of Education of the Oklahoma City Public Schools,independent District No. 89, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Apublic Body Corporate; Jack F. Parker, Superintendent Ofthe Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Public Schools; M.j. Burr,assistant Superintendent of the Oklahoma City, Oklahomapublic Schools; Melvin P. Rogers; Phil C. Bennett;william F. Lott; Mrs. Warren F. Welch; Foster Estes,members of the Board of Education of Oklahoma City Schools,independent District No. 89, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma;william C. Haller, County Superintendent of Schools Ofoklahoma County, Oklahoma, Defendants-appellees,jenny Mott Mcwilliams, a Minor, and David Johnsonmcwilliams, a Minor, Sue by William Robert Mcwilliams, Theirfather and Next Friend, on Behalf of Themselves and Allothers Similarly Situated; Renee Hendrickson, a Minor,bradford Hendrickson, a Minor, Teresa Hendrickson, a Minor,cindy Hendrickson, a Minor, Who Sues by Donna P.hendrickson, As Mother and Next Friend of Each of Saidminors, and Donna P. Hendrickson, Individually, Forthemselves and All Others Similarly Situated,defendants-intervenors-appellees,david Webster Verity, a Minor by and Through His Nextfriend, George L. Verity; George L. Verity, and Ellenverity, for Themselves and All Others Similarly Situated;taejemo Danzie, a Minor, by and Through Mrs. A.j. Danzie,her Next Friend; Mrs. A.j. Danzie, for Themselves and Allothers Similarly Situated, Intervenors
Date: November 4, 1993
Citation: 8 F.3d 1501