264 F.3d - Volume 264 of the Federal Reporter, 3rd Series

Freddie Hamilton, Administratrix of the Goods, Chattels, and Credits of Njuzi Ray, Deceased, and Individually, Katina Johnstone, Administratrix of the Goods, Chattels, and Credits of David Johnstone, Deceased, and Individually, Diane Benjamin, As Administratrix of the Estate of Donald Boyd, Deceased, and Individually, Delores Boyd, As Administratrix of the Estate of Donald Boyd, Deceased, and Individually, Anne Cargill, As Administratrix of the Estate of David Cargill, Deceased, and Individually, Veronica Costa, As Administratrix of the Estate of Christopher Malachi, Deceased, and Individually, Frances Davis, As Administratrix of the Estate of Frankie Davis, Deceased, and Individually, Mary Konapacki, As Independent Administrator of the Estate of Amy Elizabeth Merkes, Deceased, and Individually, Shuji Matsuura, As Personal Representative of the Estate of Go Matsuura, Deceased, and Individually, Alice Norris, As Independent Administrator of the Estate of Rolanda Lakesia Marshall, Deceased, and Individually, Yvonne Pope As Administratrix of the Estate of Stepfone Herbin, Deceased, and Individually, Michael Robbins, Maria Santana, As Administratrix of the Estate of Robert Robles, Deceased, and Individually, Andrea Slade-lewis, As Administratrix of the Estate of Damon Slade, Deceased, and Individually, Adrienne Stanford, Asadministrator to Collect of the Estate of Damien Anthony Stanford, Deceased, and Individually, Koici Sunada, As Representative of the Estate of Kei Sunada, Deceased, and Individually, Veronica Trott, As Administratrix of the Estate of Leroy Michael Sabb, Deceased, and Individually, Thomas Vandenberk, As Administrator to Collect the Estate of Thomas C. Vandenberk Ii, Deceased, and Individually, and Diane Zaretsky, As Administratrix of the Estate of Marvin Zaretsky, Deceased, and Individually, Plaintiffs,gail Fox and Stephen Fox, Plaintiffs-appellees, v. Beretta U.s.a. Corp., Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc., American Arms, Inc., and Colt's Manufacturing Co., Inc., Defendants-appellants,
Date: June 8, 1999
Citation: 264 F.3d 21
In Re: Cendant Corporation Litigation,
Date: February 11, 1992
Citation: 264 F.3d 201
Joseph George Nara, Appellant v. Frederick Frank
Date: August 30, 2001
Citation: 264 F.3d 310
United States of America, Appellee v. Keith Mathis, Appellant
Date: August 30, 2001
Citation: 264 F.3d 321
In Re: Orthopedic Bone Screw Product Liability Litigation (mdl No. 1014)j.t. Bradley and Kathy W. Bradley, Appellants in No. 00-3899regina M. Luellen and Eurston Luellen, Sr., Appellants in No. 00-3900randal Jon Uribe, Appellant in No. 00-3901mitchell H. Walker and Kim S. Walker, Appellants in No. 00-3902jose Morfin, Appellant in No. 00-3903mary K. Mullen Schmelter and Kurt Allen Schmelter, Appellants in No. 00-3904rita Jan Mcgill and Gary Mcgill, Appellants in No. 00-3905louis H. Mcdowell, Jr. and Patricia Mcdowell, Appellants in No. 00-3906edward Briscoe, Gloria Briscoe, Dale Lewis Tamborella and Angela Tamborella, Appellants in No. 00-3907james E. Doiron and Katherine Doiron, Appellants in No. 00-3908jeannette Wade and Edwin Wade, Appellants in No. 00-3909leila Hartwell, William J. Hartwell, Jennifer J. Still and Robert Still, Appellants in No. 00-3910fitz A. Reid, Etta A. Reid, Lillie Aycock, David Lindsey Brook and Mary Jane Brook, Appellants in No. 00-3911gary L. Drake, David Louviere and Laura M. Louviere, Appellants in No. 00-3912andrew Jackson Key and Linda C. Key, Appellants in No. 00-3913paul David Schneider and Linda Gale Schneider, Appellants in No. 00-3914esperanza Prida and Jorge Prida, Appellants in No. 00-3915reyes Basilio and Consolacion Basilio, Appellants in No. 00-3916ruth Rogoff, Appellant in No. 00-3917juan Perez and Maria I. Perez, Appellants in No. 00-3918brian Mcpherson and Kim Mcpherson, Appellants in No. 00-3919audrey Collins, Appellant in No. 00-3920jessie H. Elliott, Jr., Appellant in No. 00-3921arvie Jernigan, Appellant in No. 00-3922lafiro Max Benavides and Irene Benavides, Appellants in No. 00-3925john Workman, Appellant in No. 00-3926thomas Craig Mcgowan and Lori L. Mcgowan, Appellants in No. 00-3927max E. Dick, Sr., Appellant in No. 00-3928rhonda Renee P. Lawrence and William J. Lawrence, Appellants in No. 00-3929raymond C. Cummings and Barbara Ann Cummings, Appellants in No. 00-3930larry Dale Spooner and Terri Spooner, Appellants in No. 00-3931william P. Arinder, Betty Arinder, Newman Hearn and Deena Reese, Appellants in No. 00-3932randy W. Mckenzie and Kimberly Sue Mckenzie, Appellants in No. 00-3933karen A. Dunn and Robert T. Dunn, Appellants in No. 00-3934bruce Austin and Frances Austin, Appellants in No. 00-3935joan Barton and Joseph Barton, Appellants in No. 00-3936joseph Collura and Josephine Collura, Appellants in No. 00-3937helene Phyllis Cohen, Appellant in No. 00-3938joanne Conley Brown, Appellant in No. 00-3939connie Ray Baxley, Jr., Angie Baxley, Dick Habour, Brenda Sue Harbour, Terry Glen Johnson, Sr., Gerald Dewayne Jones and Sherry Lynn Jones, Appellants in No. 00-3940jonathan Bruce Holley, Elise Holley, Jerry Frank Wetz and Alice Wetz, Appellants in No. 00-3941leverne Anthony, Individually, and As Administrator of the Estate of Joseph Douglas Anthony, Sr., Appellant in No. 00-3942fred B. Basham and Claudia F. Basham, Appellants in No. 00-3943stanley P. Eagle, Sr. and Ladonna M. Eagle, Appellants in No. 00-3944charles E. Porter, Sr., Carol Jourdan Porter, Raymond Richard and Goldie P. Richard, Appellants in No. 00-3945randall L. Metzler, Appellant in No. 00-3946lawrence Damion Hickey, Appellant in No. 00-3947patricia A. Orlick and Robert Orlick, Appellants in No. 00-3948kathy Stockdale and George Stockdale, Appellants in No. 00-3949phillip W. Worrell and Janice Ann Worrell, Appellants in No. 00-3950john H. O'connell and Patricia O'connell, Appellants in No. 00-3951clifford Burt and Barbara Sue Burt, Appellants in No. 00-3952chester Allen Morris and Yolan Sybil Morris, Appellants in No. 00-3953salvatore Cali and Genie Cali, Appellants in No. 00-3954dean W. Devine and Theresa Devine, Appellants in No. 00-3955jason Leigh, Appellant in No. 00-3956shirley Baker, Appellant in No. 00-3957richard Cullen, Appellant in No. 00-3958aline Frances Sears, Albert James Sears, Iii, John L. Davis and Louise E. Davis, Appellants in No. 00-3959mary Alma Valdez and Alexander Valdez, Appellants in No. 00-3960anthony Wilbur Kyle and Dixie K. Kyle, Appellants in No. 00-3961edward Allen, Roxana
Date: October 10, 2001
Citation: 264 F.3d 344
In the Matter Of: Synthroid Marketing Litigation
Date: August 31, 2001
Citation: 264 F.3d 712
In Re: John Campbell, Petitioner
Date: September 5, 2001
Citation: 264 F.3d 730
United States of America, Appellee, v. Paul Melvin Letts, Appellant
Date: August 31, 2001
Citation: 264 F.3d 787
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