12 F.3d - Volume 12 of the Federal Reporter, 3rd Series

Opinions 1001 - 1075 of 1075

United States of America, Appellee, v. Thomas L. Root, Appellant
Date: January 7, 1994
Citation: 12 F.3d 1116
United States of America, Appellant, v. Maurice Kemp, Appellee
Date: January 14, 1994
Citation: 12 F.3d 1140
Dynaquest Corp., et al., Appellants v. United States Postal Service
Date: January 18, 1994
Citation: 12 F.3d 1144
Federal Insurance Company, Subrogee of Mutual Group, Ltd.,n.r.g. America Holding Company D/b/a Philadelphiareinsurance Company, N.r.g. American Holding Company D/b/an.r.g. American Life, Wertheim Schroder & Co., Inc., Painewebber Group, Inc., Goldman Sachs & Company, Scudder,stevens & Clark, Inc., Pitcairn Private Bank, the Palmiericompany, 1838 Investment Advisors, Eastern Telelogic, Markgoldman, As Executor of the Estate of Herbert Goldman,joseph Fillmore, Paul Marino, William Wall, Edward F.mannino, Patricia J. Myers, Lewis Cohen, Jay Alchin, Marykenney, Richard Atcavage; Vigilant Insurance Company,subrogee of Edward F. Mannino & Associates, P.c., Bernardheinzen, Philip Leicht, George Hundt, Joseph L. Pyle, Juliana. Brodsky, John Davison, Jr., Paul M. Yeakel; Suninsurance Office, Ltd., Subrogee of George M. Ross, Timothysennatt, Robert Allen, Thaddeus R. Shelly, Iii, Clarence A.mcgowan, Jr., Fielding Lamason, Glenn Partridge, Williamthorkelson, Iii, William Mccoy, George Hawke, Kathleenmacgregor, Brian Gibbons, Michael Satzburg; the Continentalcorporation, Subrogee of Bazelon & Less, Gregory Alexander,esquire, Robert Mclean, Sharon Mcgeehan and Dennis Dean;aetna Life and Casualty Insurance Company, Subrogee Ofprudential Insurance Company; Pennsylvania Manufacturers'association, Subrogee of M. Kowalchik and Associates; Westamerican Insurance Company, Subrogee of Elliott, Bray &riley, P.c.; Royal Insurance Company, Subrogee of Meridianbancorp, Inc., Pegalis & Wachsman, P.c., Donald Goldberg,esquire, the Royal Bank of Pennsylvania; Usf & Gcorporation, Subrogee of John Gerard Devlin, Esquire;american Home Assurance Company, Subrogee of Barnes & Noblebookstores, Inc. D/b/a B. Dalton Bookstore, Barnes & Noblebookstores, Inc. D/b/a Barnes & Noble Book Store; Nationalunion Fire Insurance Co. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,subrogee of Prudential Insurance Company; Allianzinternational Insurance Company, Ltd., Subrogee of Goldmansachs & Company; Underwriters at Lloyd's of London,subrogee of Prudential Insurance Company; One World Tradecenter; Sun Insurance Company, Subrogee of U.S. Lifecorporation; Marine Indemnity Insurance Company, Subrogeeof U.S. Life Corporation v. Richard I. Rubin & Co., Inc.; E/r Associates; Equitablelife Assurance Society of the United States; Usa Oneassociates; Usa One B.v.; Usa Two B.v.; Rodin Investmentadministration Company; Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds;usa Holdings B.v.; Equitable Real Estate Investmentmanagement, Inc.; Jones Lange Wootton Usa; Pan Americanoffice Investments, Inc.; Balis & Co., Inc.; Marsh &mclennan Companies, Inc.; Nason and Cullen, Inc.;american Building Maintenance Company of New York; Pennsprinkler Company, Inc.; Delmont Fire Protection Service,inc.; National Guardian Security Services Corporation; M &m Equipment Company; Joseph F.x. Griffin; Giacomini,s.p.a.; Sheward Henderson Associates; Beer Associates;buten, M. & Sons, Inc., T/a "buten the Paint and Paper People" v. Halprin Supply Company, Inc.; Sierra Fire Equipment Co.;underwriters Laboratories, Inc.; Premier Industrialcorporation; Task Force Tips, Inc.; Maris Equipmentcompany; the Energy Consortium, Inc.; Honeywell, Inc.;pyrotrol Systems, Inc., Division of Potter Electric Signalcompany; Webster Automation Systems, Inc.; John Asheassociates, Inc.; H.b. Frazer and Co., Inc.; Mmr/foleydivision of Matthews-mccracken-rutland Corp., Third-partydefendants.usa Holding Bv and Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds,appellants in No. 93-1157.in Re One Meridian Plaza Fire Litigation. Eight Cases.john M. Corcoran; and C.w.d. Enterprises Ltd., D/b/a Chris'cafe and Bar; Ejay Travel, Inc., Plaintiffs Forthemselves and All Others Similarly Situated v. Richard I. Rubin & Co., Inc.; E/r Associates, T/a Onemeridian Plaza; Equitable Life Assurance Society of Theunited States; Usa One Associates; Usa One B.v.; Usa Twob.v.; Pan American Office Investments, Inc.; Rodininvestment Administration Company; Algemeen Burgerlijkpensioenfonds; Equitable Real Estate Investment Management,inc.; Aetna Casualty & Surety Company; Aetna Lifeinsurance Company; Jo
Date: December 28, 1993
Citation: 12 F.3d 1270