Paul Price, Dennis Dowhy v. State of New Jersey, Deparment of Personnel, Lindaanselmini, Commissioner of Personnel, Anthony J. Cimino,retired Director of Personnel, Ms. Kerry Perretta, Directorof Department of Personnel-state of New Jersey, Robertmaurer, Retired Director of Deparment of Personnel, Stevegordon, John Kraus, Chris Levy, John Does, Jane Does, 1-100,, Who Had Responsibility to Perform Necessary, Sundry Dutiesto Create, Conduct, Conclude, Properly, 101 F.3d 691 (3d Cir. 1996)

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US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit - 101 F.3d 691 (3d Cir. 1996) Oct 17, 1996

Appeal From: D.N.J., No. 94-cv-05256,

Irenas, J.