971 F.2d - Volume 971 of the Federal Reporter, 2nd Series

Opinions 501 - 517 of 517

United States of America, Appellee, v. Michael R. Griess, Appellant
Date: October 22, 1992
Citation: 971 F.2d 1368
White v. Samsung Electronics America, Inc.
Date: August 19, 1992
Citation: 971 F.2d 1395
Carlton Johnson, by Sharon Johnson As His Next Friend;stonewall Jackson Smith, Deceased, by and Through Friedasmith and John Smith; Melissa Camp, Deceased, by Andthrough Cheparney Camp; and the Spina Bifida Association Ofamerica; Plaintiffs-appellants,andsharon Johnson; and the Association for Persons with Severehandicaps, Individually and on Behalf of Otherssimilarly Situated, Plaintiffs, v. Webb Thompson, M.d., Chief of Staff and Medical Director,oklahoma Children's Memorial Hospital, in His Individual Andofficial Capacities; Jerry D. Razook, M.d., Attendingassistant Professor of Pediatrics, Pediatric Cardiologyservice, Oklahoma Children's Memorial Hospital, in Hisindividual Capacity; Gregory Herbeck, M.d., Interndepartment of Pediatrics, Oklahoma Children's Memorialhospital, in His Individual Capacity; Cynthia Houdesheldt,m.d., in Her Individual Capacity; Richard H. Gross, M.d.,in His Individual Capacity; William R. Burkett, Pattyeaton, Reginald Barnes, W.e. Farha, Joseph W. Stafford, Janehartley, Virginia Kidd, John E. Orr, Wayne C. Chandler,members, Oklahoma Commission for Human Services; Robertbonar, Administrator, Children's Hospital of Oklahoma;andrew A. Lasser, C.e.o., Oklahoma Medical Center; Rondorris, Chief Operation Officer, Oklahoma Medical Center;laura Tull, R.n.; Ruth Tatyrek, M.s.w.; John Stuemky,m.d.; Michael P. Morris, M.d.; Benjamin Demps, Jr.,director, Oklahoma Department of Human Services; J. Andrewsullivan, M.d.; David Yngve, M.d.; William E. Barnes,m.d.; Harriet Coussons, M.d.; and Alan Olson, M.d.,defendants-appellees,andthomas Pratt, M.d., J. Patrick Livingston, M.d., and W.j.craig, M.d., in Their Individual Capacities, Defendants
Date: August 6, 1992
Citation: 971 F.2d 1487