769 F.2d - Volume 769 of the Federal Reporter, 2nd Series

Mary Doe, Appellant, v. United States of America, Appellee
Date: July 1, 1985
Citation: 769 F.2d 174
United States of America, Appellee, v. Sheila M. Bailey, Appellant
Date: August 5, 1985
Citation: 769 F.2d 203
38 Fair Empl.prac.cas. 1054,38 Empl. Prac. Dec. P 35,712
Date: May 4, 1981
Citation: 769 F.2d 210
United States of America, Appellee, v. Marc S. Kelley, Appellant
Date: August 7, 1985
Citation: 769 F.2d 215
United States of America, Appellee, v. Danny W. Krauth, Appellant
Date: July 29, 1985
Citation: 769 F.2d 473
United States of America, Appellee, v. Harvey T. Mclain, Appellant
Date: August 29, 1985
Citation: 769 F.2d 500
In Re Raymond C. Grabiak, et al
Date: August 9, 1985
Citation: 769 F.2d 729
In Re Cordis Corporation, Petitioner
Date: July 10, 1985
Citation: 769 F.2d 733
In Re Loew's Theatres, Inc
Date: August 9, 1985
Citation: 769 F.2d 764
Isaac Davis v. William W. Giles, Appellant,robert M. Chambers, et al
Date: August 16, 1985
Citation: 769 F.2d 813
Plaintiff v. Defendant
Date: July 30, 1985
Citation: 769 F.2d 829
10 Soc.sec.rep.ser. 344, Medicare&medicaid Gu 34,851bedford County Memorial Hospital; Buchanan Generalhospital; Community Hospital of Roanoke Valley; Franklinmemorial Hospital; Giles Memorial Hospital; Johnstonmemorial Hospital; King's Daughters' Hospital; Lee Countycommunity Hospital; Lonesome Pine Hospital; Lynchburggeneral-marshall Lodge Hospital; Memorial Hospital;memorial Hospital of Martinsville & Henry County; Pagememorial Hospital; R.j. Reynolds-patrick County Memorialhospital; Roanoke Memorial Hospital; Russell County Healthfacilities; Shenandoah County Memorial Hospital; Smythcounty Community Hospital; Southampton Memorial Hospital;stonewall Jackson Hospital, Inc.; Tazewell Communityhospital; Twin County Community Hospital; Virginia Baptisthospital; Waynesboro Community Hospital; Wythe Countycommunity Hospital; and Wytheville Hospital Corporation, Appellees, v. Health and Human Services, Appellant.alexandria Hospital; Chesapeake General Hospital; Culpepermemorial Hospital, Inc.; the Fauquier Hospital; Generalhospital of Virginia Beach; Greensville Memorial Hospital;hampton General Hospital; Loudoun Memorial Hospital;louise Obici Memorial Hospital; Mary Immaculate Hospital;mary Washington Hospital; National Hospital Fororthopaedic; Norfolk Community Hospital;northampton-accomack Memorial; Portsmouth General Hospital;potomac Hospital; Prince William Hospital; Richmondcommunity Hospital; Richmond Memorial Hospital; St. Mary'shospital of Richmond, Inc.; Southside Community Hospital;tidewater Memorial Hospital; Whittaker Memorial Hospital;williamsburg Community Hospital, Appellees, v. Margaret M. Heckler, Secretary of Health and Human Services,appellant
Date: October 22, 1985
Citation: 769 F.2d 1017
Douglass v. Hustler Magazine, Inc.
Date: August 22, 1985
Citation: 769 F.2d 1128
In Re American Pouch Foods, Inc., Debtor-appellant
Date: July 30, 1985
Citation: 769 F.2d 1190
Lake River Corp. v. Carborundum Co.
Date: August 9, 1985
Citation: 769 F.2d 1284
United States of America, Appellee, v. Ben M. Hogan Co., Inc., Appellant
Date: September 20, 1985
Citation: 769 F.2d 1293
In Re Grand Jury Investigation.bruce Harvey, Appellant
Date: May 14, 1985
Citation: 769 F.2d 1485
No. 84-7366
Date: September 3, 1985
Citation: 769 F.2d 1520
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