Connecticut Superior Court Decisions 2004

Biercevicz v. Liberty Mut. Ins. Co.
Date: November 23, 2004
Citation: 865 A.2d 1267
Docket Number: CV-00 0160988S
State v. Tomasso
Date: November 19, 2004
Citation: 878 A.2d 413
Docket Number: CV 04-4004293S
Duffy v. Town of Wallingford
Date: November 1, 2004
Citation: 862 A.2d 890
Docket Number: CV-00 0274683S
State v. Zapadka
Date: September 27, 2004
Citation: 873 A.2d 270
Docket Number: CR-03 0078263S
Date: June 23, 2004
Citation: 856 A.2d 530
Docket Number: CV-03 0349261S
In Re Heather L.
Date: March 30, 2004
Citation: 877 A.2d 27
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