California Workers' Compensation Appeals Board Decisions 2008

Maria Tapia v. Skill Master Staffing; and Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, SB Surgery Center
Date: September 17, 2008
Citation: 73 Cal. Comp. 1338
Docket Number: ADJ 4564224 (LBO 0322121)
Dee Anne Ramirez v. Drive Financial Services; and One Beacon Insurance Co.
Date: September 9, 2008
Citation: 73 Cal. Comp. 1324
Docket Number: ADJ4579659 (AHM 0089109)
In Re the Matter of Ramon B. Pellicer
Date: July 8, 2008
Citation: 73 Cal. Comp. 1065
Docket Number: Misc. No. 251
Scott Boughner v. CompUSA, Inc.: and Zurich North America
Date: June 2, 2008
Citation: 73 Cal. Comp. 854
Docket Number: SFO 0491230
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