Midiman v. Farmers Ins. Exchange (1999)

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[No. B121020. Second Dist., Div. Four. Dec 6, 1999.]

MIDIMAN et al., Plaintiffs and Appellants, v. FARMERS INSURANCE EXCHANGE, Defendant and Appellant.

[Modification of opinion ( 76 Cal. App. 4th 102 ).]


THE COURT- fn. †

It is ordered that the opinion filed herein on November 4, 1999, be modified in the following particulars:

1. On page 1 [76 Cal. App. 4th 102, advance report], in the main title, the name "Farmers Insurance Company" should be changed to: "Farmers Insurance Exchange."

2. On page 3, line 2 of the second full paragraph [76 Cal. App. 4th 107, advance report, 1st par., line 2], delete "Company." and add in its place the following word: "Exchange."

3. Under the Disposition heading on page 29 [76 Cal. App. 4th 123, advance report], line 2, after the word "respects." add the following sentence: "The trial court is directed to enter judgment in Farmers' favor."

There is no change in the judgment. [76 Cal. App. 4th 1061]

FN †. Before Epstein, Acting P. J., Hastings, J., and Curry, J.