Ward v. State.dissent (Dissenting)

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Cite as 2017 Ark. 136 SUPREME COURT OF ARKANSAS No. CR-98-657 Opinion Delivered: April BRUCE EARL WARD V. 17, 2017 MOTION TO RECALL THE APPELLANT MANDATE AND FOR STAY OF EXECUTION [PULASKI COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT NO. CR-89-1836] STATE OF ARKANSAS APPELLEE DISSENTING OPINION. SHAWN A. WOMACK, Associate Justice Bruce Earl Ward and Don William Davis filed their motions jointly, but this court has chosen to dispose of them separately. Due to the identical legal issues involved, I discuss the facts and legal arguments of both Ward and Davis in my dissent in Davis v. State, 2017 Ark. 135 (Womack, J., dissenting), handed down this same day. I dissent. WOOD, J., joins in this dissent.