In re Retirement of Justice James H. Gunter Jr. (Per Curiam)

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Cite as 2012 Ark. 426 SUPREME COURT OF ARKANSAS Opinion Delivered November 8, 2012 IN RE THE RETIREMENT OF JUSTICE JAMES H. GUNTER, JR. PER CURIAM Upon his retirement as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Arkansas, the court expresses its appreciation to Justice Jim Gunter for his dedicated service to the State of Arkansas and his work as associate justice on this court. Prior to joining the Supreme Court in 2005, Justice Gunter practiced law in Hope, Arkansas, served as Prosecuting Attorney for the 8th Judicial Circuit from 1977 to 1982, as Chancery Judge for the 8th Judicial Circuit from 1983 to 1990, and as Circuit-Chancery Judge from 1993 to 2004. During his career on the trial bench, Justice Gunter was elected by his colleagues as President of the Arkansas Judicial Council. He served on numerous committees and boards, including the Amendment 80 Committee, which was tasked with implementing the changes required by this historic amendment. He also served on the 1993 Child Support Guidelines Committee, and served on the Judicial Retirement Board. While on the Supreme Court, he served as the liaison justice to our Criminal Practice Committee and Criminal Jury Instructions Committee. This court will especially miss Justice Gunter s invaluable business acumen, which he brought to financial issues that we faced both in cases and in judicial branch business affairs. Over the years, Justice Gunter has provided many students with the opportunity to learn more about the law and our appellate court system through his extern program, which he has enthusiastically encouraged and supported. His willingness to guide and mentor students will be greatly missed. On behalf of the State of Arkansas, we thank Justice Gunter for his many contributions to the justice system and the community. We wish him all the best in his retirement. _________________________________ Chief Justice Jim Hannah _________________________________ Associate Justice Donald Corbin _________________________________ Associate Justice Robert Brown _________________________________ Associate Justice Paul Danielson _________________________________ Associate Justice Karen Baker _________________________________ Associate Justice Courtney Goodson