In re Ark. Sup. Ct. Comm. on Crim. Practice

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Cite as 2012 Ark. 31 SUPREME COURT OF ARKANSAS Opinion Delivered January 26, 2012 IN RE ARKANSAS SUPREME COURT COMMITTEE ON CRIMINAL PRACTICE PER CURIAM Hon. Stephen Tabor of Fort Smith, Circuit Judge, 12th Judicial Circuit, is appointed to our Committee on Criminal Practice for a three-year term to expire on January 31, 2015. We thank Judge Tabor for accepting appointment to this important committee. Hon. Duncan Culpepper of Prescott, Circuit Judge, 8th-N Judicial Circuit; Hon. Grisham Phillips of Benton, Circuit Judge, 22nd Judicial Circuit; Hon. Marion Humphrey of Little Rock, Circuit Judge, Retired; Vada Berger, Esq., of Little Rock; Ellen Reif, Esq., of Little Rock; and Jack Lassiter, Esq., of Little Rock are reappointed to the Committee on Criminal Practice for three-year terms to expire on January 31, 2015. We thank them for their continued service. We express our gratitude to Circuit Judge Robin Green of Bentonville, whose term has expired, for her years of dedicated service to the committee.