In re Ark. Rules of Civ. P. --Summons Form (Per Curiam)

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PER CURIAM Wc adopted a rcvisccl civil sttnrmons lorm and proof of scrvice cflective-friy 1.2012. Scc 1rr rc Arknttstts Rulcs of Ciuil Proccdure,2012 Ark.236 (per ctrriuni). It rv:rs llccessary to ntakc sevcral correctiot-ts to thosc docunrcnts. Thc lonns have bccn corrcctec'l on thc Arkansas .|urlicrary rvcbsitc, and thc corrcctecl lonns arc publishcd bclor,v. FORM OF SUMMONS Tltc Supretrtc Corttt olArkarts:rs adoptcd thc follor,vine lornr oisrrnur)()ns tor irsc in all cascs in u,'l-rich pcrsortll scrvicc is to bc had purstrant to l\trlc +(c). (d). and (c) of the Arkaltsas l\ulcs of Civil Proccdurc. The fornr incorporatcs a proofoiscn,icc to irc rrucic by a sherift, dcptrty shcrifl, or othcr pcrson,.rs.rppropriatc, in:rccordancc rvrth I\ulc -{(g). Thc fbnr ttray be trrodified as rtccdcd in special circunxtances. Adclitional norices. if rcquircd. shoulcl bc inscrted rn thc appropriate spacc. This fbrnr is r-rot fbr usc in cascs of constnrctive scrvicc pursu:lnt to l\r-rlc 4(f). The adoption ofthis fornris in conrpli.rncc rvith Rulc -l(b) rnd cloes not nrodify or ;rnrcnd any part of that nrlc. Effective Jruly 1,2012 Corrected as of August 14,2012 I)IVISION fCivil, l)robate, ctc.] I)elbndant [dcfcndant's nanre and addrcssl A lawstrit has bccrr filcd against yotl. Tl-re rclief de nrandcd is statcd in the attachecl colrplair-rt. Witl-rin 30 days after scrvice of this sunurlons on you (not cotrnting the day you reccivccl it)-or 60 dlys if votr rt'c itrc.trccr.rtet-l in any jail, pcnitcntiary, or othcr corrcctiolal Ilcility ilr Arkrnsas-yotl tllr.lst fllc rvith thc clcrk of this cotrrt a rvritten alrswer to thc colrplai,t or a nrotion untler Rrrlc 12 of the Arkansas Rtrlcs of Civil Proccdurc. Thc ans'uvcr or tttotiott trtttst also be scrvccl on the plaintifl or plaintiffs attorley, rvhosc ,all1c and :rddrcss ;lrc: Ifyou firil to respottd rvithirr thc rppliclble tinrc pcriod, juilerricnt by deLiult r-rray bc c,tc-rcd against 1,otr fbr thc rclicf dcnruni'lccl in thc conrpiaint. Address of Clerk's Ofiice [Signature of Clerk or Deputy Clerk] Datc ISEALl (name of This surrlralons is for No. Defendant). I persor-rally delivered sulllnrons Ipl.rcc Ion thc and cor"nplaint ] I lclt thc slunn)ons ancl conrplaint to the individtral at [date l; or in the proxinrity of the individual b,v aftcr l-rc/shc rcfused to reccivc it r,vhen I oflercd it to hinr/l-re r; OT tr I left thc stlnLllrons .tttd cottiplailtt abode at itt thc inclrvitlu;r1's du,elling housc or usttrrl pl.rcc of Iac-ldrcssl rvith [datc l; or I dchvcrcd the sttttitttotts ,tttc'l cotttpl;titlt ttr [nernc oi ofsunrnrorts or-r bchalf individtrall, au agcnt autliorized by appoint or by larv to rcceive scrvicc Idatel; or oi Inanrc of defcndantl on D tr I anr thc plaintiff or;rn attorncy of rccord for the plaintiffin a lawsttit, :rnd I servccl the sLrnlnlons ancl cor-nplaint on the dcfbndant by certificd tnail, rctttrn reccipt reqtlested, restrictcd delivery, as shown by thc attachcd sigr-red rctttrn rcccipt. -3- tr the plaintiffor attorney of record for the plaintiff in this lawsttit, and I nrailed a copy of the summons and complaint by first-class mail to the deGndant together with two I copies an"r of a notice and acknowledgnlent and received the acknourledgnlcnt fonn r,vithin twenty days after thc datc of niailing. tr Other [specifyl: tr I was unable to cxccute servicc bccausc: My fee is $ -4- attached notice and I COUNTY, ARKANSAS )a te: By' [signature of server] [printed nanre, title, and badgc nunrber] To be cornpleted if service is by a person other than a sheriff or deputy sheriff: Date: By, [signaturc ofserver] fprinted nanrel Address: l)honc: Not:rry l)rrblic Atltliriorr,r l in lblrr r:rtiorr rcgrrdirrg scrvicc or,ltrcn lptcd -5-