In re Appointment of a Temp. Guardian for Baby Boy B

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Cite as 2012 Ark. 90 SUPREME COURT OF ARKANSAS No. 11-356 IN RE APPOINTMENT OF A TEMPORARY GUARDIAN FOR BABY BOY B., A MINOR Opinion Delivered March 1, 2012 APPEAL FROM THE FAULKNER COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT, [NO. PR-2010-418] HON. MICHAEL A. MAGGIO, JUDGE, APPEAL MOOT. PAUL E. DANIELSON, Associate Justice J.E.M. appeals from the circuit court s judgment in which it found that his consent to the adoption of his putative son, Baby Boy B., was not required under Arkansas Code Annotated ยง 9-9-206 (Repl. 2009). The judgment was entered in both the guardianship and adoption proceedings involving Baby Boy B., and a petition for adoption by G.F.J. and S.L.J. was eventually granted. The instant appeal involving the guardianship proceeding is identical to the appeal involving the adoption proceeding submitted simultaneously to this court, in that the same judgment is challenged and the same points on appeal are raised. Because the issues in this appeal are disposed of by our decision in In re Adoption of Baby Boy B., a Minor, 2012 Ark. 92, delivered this same day, the instant appeal is moot. Appeal moot.