In re Brown (Per Curiam)

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PER CURIAM On thc reconlnretrdation of thc Suprenre Court Comnrittee on ProGssior-ral Conduct, we hcreby acccpt thc voluntary surrcnder, in licu of probable disbarnient procccdir-rgs, of the Brown, of Lcawood, Krnsas, to practicc law in the Statc of Arkansas. liccr-rsc ofJanrcs Scott Mr. Brorvlt wls indictcd ott thc Glony chargc oiconspir.rcy to conrnrit rvire in att cxtettsivc fi-artdtrlent flrrrtncial schenrc L)istrict of Missouri. In l-ris antcncJed ancl nrrril tiaud in the United States I)istrict Cotrrt. Eristcrrr pctition to strrrcndcr his law licensc, filccJ rvith tiris cotrrt otr-ftttrc 19,2011, Mr. Brorvn statcd that hc rvishcs to arroid thc cxpensc, stress,:rnd publicitv of a fbntral disbarnrct-tt procecdins. Thc rl;ur)c ofJanrcs Scott Brorvn shall bc rcnrovcd fl-onr tl-rc rcgistry of licensecl ettorl)cys. and hc is barrcd and cnjoincd fionr cneaging in the pmctice of larv in thc State of Arkansas. It is so orderccl .