Vermont Supreme Court Decisions 2011

Case Date
Summary In re HS-1222011 VT 13812/22/11
Summary Handverger v. City of Winooski and O'Brien2011 VT 13412/15/11
Summary Vermont v. Robitaille2011 VT 13512/15/11
Summary Wilson v. Wilson2011 VT 13312/12/11
Summary Vermont v. Carrolton2011 VT 13112/02/11
Summary Handverger v. City of Winooski and O'Brien2011 VT 13011/29/11
Summary Lay v. Pettengill2011 VT 12711/23/11
Summary Kennery v. Vermont2011 VT 12111/23/11
Summary Colson v. Vermont League of Cities & Towns2011 VT 12911/18/11
Summary In re R.W. and N.W.2011 VT 12411/18/11
Summary Knutsen v. Cegalis2011 VT 12811/15/11
Summary SEC America, LLC v. Marine Electric Systems, Inc.2011 VT 12511/10/11
State v. Amidon2011 VT 12611/08/11
Summary Puppolo v. Donovan & O'Connor, LLC2011 VT 11911/07/11
Summary Vermont v. Therrien2011 VT 12011/04/11
Summary Vermont v. Kenvin2011 VT 12311/04/11
Summary Glassford v. BrickKicker2011 VT 11811/04/11
Summary Garbitelli v. Town of Brookfield2011 VT 12211/04/11
Summary Billings v. Billings2011 VT 11610/14/11
Summary DeSantis v. Pegues2011 VT 11410/07/11
Summary In re Appeal of Morrill House, LLC and Smith Variance2011 VT 11709/30/11
Summary Rutanhira v. Rutanhira2011 VT 11309/30/11
Summary Pease v. Windsor Dev. & Review Bd2011 VT 10309/29/11
Summary White v. Harris2011 VT 11509/29/11
Summary Chickanosky v. Chickanosky2011 VT 11009/22/11
Summary In re SP Land Co., LLC2011 VT 10409/22/11
Summary Porter v. AT&T Mobility, LLC2011 VT 11209/19/11
Summary Vermont v. Weisler2011 VT 9609/16/11
Summary Vermont v. Charland2011 VT 10709/16/11
Summary Vermont v. Wetter2011 VT 11109/16/11
Summary ProSelect Insurance Co. v. Levy2011 VT 10909/13/11
Summary Bradford Oil Co. v. Stonington Insurance Co.2011 VT 10809/09/11
Summary Southwick v. City of Rutland2011 VT 10509/09/11
Summary Vermont v. Bol2011 VT 9909/09/11
Summary Vermont v. Lamonda2011 VT 10109/08/11
Summary Towslee v. Callanan2011 VT 10609/08/11
Summary Vermont v. F.M.2011 VT 10009/07/11
Summary McGoff v. Acadia Insurance Co.2011 VT 10209/01/11
State v. Thompson2011 VT 9808/31/11
Summary In re The Estates of Herbert Allen, Edward Allen and Edna Allen 2011 VT 9508/19/11
Summary Whippie v. O'Connor2011 VT 9708/15/11
Summary Cote v. Cote2011 VT 9208/12/11
Summary Iannarone v. Limoggio2011 VT 9108/12/11
Summary Vermont v. Herrick2011 VT 9408/12/11
McNally v. Dept. of PATH2011 VT 9308/11/11
State v. Jones, Jr.2011 VT 9008/10/11
Bostock v. City of Burlington2011 VT 8908/09/11
Summary In re JLD Properties of St. Albans, LLC2011 VT 8708/05/11
Summary RBS Citizens, N.A. v. Ouhrabka2011 VT 8608/05/11
Blanchard v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., and Connecticut River Development Corp.2011 VT 8508/05/11
Cheney v. City of Montpelier2011 VT 8008/05/11
Summary Blue v. Dept. of Labor2011 VT 8407/28/11
State v. Smith2011 VT 8307/28/11
Summary U.S. Bank National Association v. Kimball2011 VT 8107/22/11
Summary Vermont v. Kinney2011 VT 7407/22/11
Crocker v. Crocker2011 VT 8207/18/11
In re Search Warrants2011 VT 8807/18/11
Summary Nordlund v. Van Nostrand2011 VT 7907/15/11
In re Strouse, Esq.2011 VT 7707/15/11
Summary In re Rinkers, Inc.2011 VT 7807/13/11
Summary Hazlett v. Toomin2011 VT 7307/12/11
Summary In re Times and Seasons, LLC2011 VT 7607/08/11
Summary In re Estate of Alden2011 VT 6407/08/11
Summary Trombly Plumbing & Heating v. Quinn2011 VT 7007/06/11
Summary In re Ronald Combs2011 VT 7507/06/11
Summary Allen-Pentkowski v. Dept. of Labor2011 VT 7107/06/11
Summary In re Shenandoah LLC2011 VT 6807/01/11
Summary Rheaume v. Pallito2011 VT 7207/01/11
Summary In re Tyler Self-Storage Unit Permits2011 VT 6606/23/11
Summary Mountain View Community School, Inc. v. City of Rutland2011 VT 6506/23/11
Summary Vermont v. Simmons2011 VT 6906/23/11
In re Macero, Esq.2011 VT 6706/20/11
Summary Vermont v. Boglioli2011 VT 6006/16/11
Summary Houle v. Ethan Allen, Inc.2011 VT 6206/14/11
Summary In re LeClair2011 VT 6306/13/11
Summary In re Estate of Lovell2011 VT 6106/10/11
Summary In re Guite2011 VT 5806/10/11
Summary Vermont v. Charbonneau2011 VT 5705/27/11
Summary Vermont v. Sommer2011 VT 5905/27/11
Summary In re Estate of Orville Tucker2011 VT 5405/20/11
Summary Smalley v. Stowe Mountain Club, LLC2011 VT 5105/20/11
Summary Southwick v. City of Rutland2011 VT 5305/20/11
Summary Vermont v. Faham2010 VT 5505/18/11
Summary Vermont v. de Macedo Soares2011 VT 5605/17/11
Summary Tibbetts v. Michaelides2011 VT 5205/16/11
Summary Herring v. Herring2011 VT 3805/05/11
Summary Vermont v. Lampman2011 VT 5005/02/11
Summary Ketchum v. Town of Dorset2011 VT 4904/29/11
Summary Price v. Town of Fairlee2011 VT 4804/29/11
Summary Trinder v. Connecticut Attorneys Title Insurance Co.2011 VT 4604/22/11
Summary Vermont v. Myers2011 VT 4304/22/11
Summary Lenoci v. Leonard2011 VT 4704/21/11
Summary Downtown Barre Development v. GU Markets of Barre, LLC2011 VT 4504/20/11
In re Melvin Fink2011 VT 4204/15/11
State v. Rounds2011 VT 3904/15/11
Summary Vermont v. Russell2011 VT 3604/11/11
State v. Sheperd2011 VT 4404/11/11
Lang McLaughry Real Estate LLC v. Hinsdale2011 VT 2904/07/11
State v. Erwin2011 VT 4104/07/11
Sullivan v. Stear2011 VT 3704/07/11
Summary Stephens III v. Applejack Art Partners, Inc.2011 VT 4004/05/11
In re Neisner, Jr.2011 VT 3504/05/11
Summary Vermont v. Sanville2011 VT 3403/29/11
Louko v. McDonald2011 VT 3303/18/11
Piper v. Dept. of Labor2011 VT 3203/18/11
Chase v. Agency of Human Services, et al.2011 VT 3103/08/11
In re K.M.M.2011 VT 3003/04/11
In re Jean Brett2011 VT 2802/25/11
Coutu v. Town of Cavendish, Vermont Transportation Board and Vermont Agency of Transportation2011 VT 2702/25/11
In re Soon Kwon2011 VT 2602/23/11
Yustin v. Dept.of Public Safety2011 VT 2002/23/11
State v. Connor2011 VT 2302/22/11
Samis v. Samis2011 VT 2102/18/11
State v. Albarelli2011 VT 2402/18/11
In re Hodgdon2011 VT 1902/10/11
State v. Koons, Jr.2011 VT 2202/10/11
State v. Memoli2011 VT 1502/10/11
Weiler v. Hooshiari2011 VT 1602/10/11
State v. Stamper2011 VT 1802/07/11
State v. Rooney2011 VT 1402/04/11
Zorn v. Smith2011 VT 1002/04/11
Kelly-Whitney v. Kelly-Whitney2011 VT 1201/31/11
State v. Rutter2011 VT 1301/31/11
Anderson and Anderson v. Johnson, Schoenberg, et al.2011 VT 1701/31/11
Arnold v. Palmer and Shea2011 VT 801/31/11
In re M.A.2011 VT 901/28/11
State v. Barron2011 VT 201/28/11
Campbell v. Stafford and Fletcher Allen Health Care, Inc.2011 VT 1101/27/11
In re Barry (Clyde's Place) NOV2011 VT 701/21/11
State v. Miles2011 VT 601/20/11
State v. Hoch2011 VT 401/14/11
State v. Quist2011 VT 501/14/11
Mahoney, et al. v. Tara, LLC2011 VT 301/12/11
In re Laberge Moto-Cross Track2011 VT 101/06/11

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