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Chesapeake Exploration, LLC v. Hyder (Opinion)
Date: January 29, 2016
Docket Number: 14-0302

Justia Opinion Summary: In general, an overriding royalty on oil and gas production must bear its share of postproduction costs unless the parties agree otherwise. The Hyder family leased 948 mineral acres to Chespeake Exploration, LLC. The Hyd...

Matthews v. Kountze Indep. Sch. Dist. (Opinion)
Date: January 29, 2016
Docket Number: 14-0453

Justia Opinion Summary: Middle school and high school cheerleaders, through their parents, sued Kountze Independent School District after the District prohibited them from displaying banners at school-sponsored events containing religious messa...

R.R. Comm’n of Texas v. Gulf Energy Exploration Corp. (Opinion)
Date: January 29, 2016
Docket Number: 14-0534

Justia Opinion Summary: In 2008, the Railroad Commission of Texas issued orders to plug a number of inactive offshore wells operated in the Gulf of Mexico. Gulf Energy Exploration Corporation was the lessee of the offshore area that included on...

Staley Family P’ship, Ltd. v. Stiles (Opinion)
Date: January 29, 2016
Docket Number: 14-0591

Justia Opinion Summary: This case involved two Collin County properties - the Staley Tract, which was landlocked, and the Stiles Tract, the property adjacent to the Staley Tract. Both properties were once part of an 1853 land grant from the Sta...

Hysaw v. Dawkins (Opinion)
Date: January 29, 2016
Docket Number: 14-0984

Justia Opinion Summary: More than fifty years ago, various real-property interests were distributed to three children under their mother’s will. Heirs of the original devisees argued over the proper construction of the will provisions and the q...

Occidential Chemical Corp. v. Jenkins (Opinion)
Date: January 8, 2016
Docket Number: 13-0961

Justia Opinion Summary: In 2006, Jason Jenkins was injured while using an acid-addition system at a chemical plant. The acid-addition was added to the plant in 1992 by Occidental Chemical Corporation. Occidental sold the plant to Equistar chemi...

Fischer v. CTMI, LLC (Opinion)
Date: January 8, 2016
Docket Number: 13-0977

Justia Opinion Summary: Ray Fischer transferred his business assets to CTMI, LLC pursuant to a written asset-purchase agreement. CTMI later filed a second amended petition alleging that portions of the asset-purchase agreement were unenforceabl...

J&D Towing, LLC v. Am. Alternative Ins. Corp. (Opinion)
Date: January 8, 2016
Docket Number: 14-0574

Justia Opinion Summary: J&D Towing, LLC, a towing company, owned only one tow truck that was rendered a total loss when a negligent motorist collided with the truck. J&D filed a claim with American Alternative Insurance Corporation (AAIC) under...

Sloan v. Law Office of Oscar C. Gonzalez, Inc. (Per Curiam)
Date: January 8, 2016
Docket Number: 14-1015

Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiff sued Defendants, attorneys Eric Turton and Oscar Gonzalez and the Law Office of Oscar C. Gonzalez, alleging that they misappropriated $75,000 in trust funds that Turton received after settling a case on Plainti...

In re RSR Corp. and Quemetco Metals Ltd., Inc. (Opinion)
Date: December 4, 2015
Docket Number: 13-0499

Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiffs filed suit against Defendant, alleging breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets. Concerned by Plaintiffs’ counsel’s (Counsel) exposure to certain documents as a result of Counsel working “close...

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