Tennessee Supreme Court Decisions 2012

Case Docket Date
Summary Thompson v. Memphis City Schs. Bd. of Educ.W2010-02631-SC-R11-CV12/21/12
Summary Keen v. StateW2011-00789-SC-R11-PD12/20/12
David Keen v. State of Tennessee (Dissenting)W2011-00789-SC-R11-PD12/20/12
Summary State v. BurdickM2010-00144-SC-R11-CD12/18/12
Summary Mayfield v. Mayfield M2010-01383-SC-R11-CV12/03/12
Summary State v. CaudleM2010-01172-SC-R11-CD11/27/12
Summary BSG, LLC v. Check Velocity, Inc.M2011-00355-SC-R11-CV11/20/12
Summary Hughes v. New Life Dev. Corp.M2010-00579-SC-R11-CV11/19/12
Board of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court of Tennessee v. Thomas Ewing CowanE2012-00377-SC-R3-BP11/19/12
Summary Jackson v. SmithW2011-00194-SC-R11-CV11/16/12
Summary In re Estate of ChastainE2011-01442-SC-R11-CV11/16/12
M. Josiah Hoover, III v. Board of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court of TennesseeE2011-02458-SC-R3-BP11/16/12
Summary State v. BeelerE2010-00860-SC-R11-CD11/15/12
Summary State v. WagnerM2010-00992-SC-R11-CD10/12/12
Summary State v. EcholsE2009-01697-SC-R11-CD10/10/12
Summary Renteria-Villegas v. Metro. Gov't of Nashville & Davidson County M2011-02423-SC-R23-CQ10/04/12
Summary Myers v. Amisub (SFH), Inc.W2010-00837-SC-R11-CV10/04/12
Summary Hodge v. CraigM2009-00930-SC-R11-CV10/01/12
Summary State v. RussellM2010-00852-SC-R11-CD10/01/12
Summary Heyne v. Metro. Nashville Bd. of Pub. Educ.M2010-00237-SC-R11-CV09/27/12
Fred T. Hanzelik v. Board of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court of TennesseeE2011-01886-SC-R3-BP09/27/12
Summary State v. BiseE2011-00005-SC-R11-CD09/26/12
Allison Louise Battles v. Andrew Bruce BattlesM2011-01762-COA-R3-CV09/26/12
Summary Chapman v. Davita, Inc.M2011-02674-SC-R10-WC09/21/12
Summary Akers v. Prime Succession of Tenn., Inc.E2009-02203-SC-R11-CV09/21/12
Summary Ready Mix, USA, LLC v. Jefferson CountyE2010-00547-SC-R11-CV08/30/12
Ready Mix, USA, LLC v. Jefferson County, Tennessee (Concurring)E2010-00547-SC-R11-CV08/30/12
Summary State v. Lowe-KelleyM2010-00500-SC-R11-CD08/28/12
Summary Himmelfarb v. AllainM2010-02401-SC-S10-CV08/28/12
Summary State v. DonaldsonM2010-00690-SC-R11-CD08/24/12
Summary Garrison v. Bickford E2010-02008-SC-R11-CV08/22/12
Summary State v. FarmerW2009-02281-SC-R11-CD08/22/12
Summary Perkins v. Metro. Gov't of Nashville & Davidson CountyM2010-02021-SC-R11-CV08/22/12
State of Tennessee v. Michael Farmer and Anthony Clark (Concurring)W2009-02281-SC-R11-CD08/22/12
Summary Word v. Metro Air Servs., Inc.M2011-02675-SC-R9-WC08/21/12
Summary Mann v. Alpha Tau Omega FraternityW2010-02316-SC-R11-CV07/03/12
William S. Lockett, Jr. v. Board of Professional ResponsibilityE2011-01170-SC-R3-BP07/03/12
Summary Gerdau Ameristeel, Inc. v. RatliffW2011-00381-SC-R3-WC06/07/12
Summary State v. WilliamsonW2011-00049-SC-R11-CD05/31/12
Summary In re Estate of Trigg M2009-02107-SC-R11-CV05/30/12
Summary Clark v. Sputniks, LLCM2010-02163-SC-R11-CV05/30/12
Summary Gamble v. Sputniks, LLCM2010-02145-SC-R11-CV05/30/12
Summary State v. SextonE2008-00292-SC-DDT-DD05/29/12
Summary Stewart v. SchofieldM2010-01808-SC-R11-CV05/25/12
Summary Mitchell v. Fayetteville Pub. Utils.M2011-00410-SC-R3-WC05/08/12
Troy Mitchell v. Fayetteville Public Utilities (Dissenting)M2011-00410-SC-R3-WC05/08/12
Summary Waddle v. ElrodM2009-02142-SC-R11-CV04/24/12
Summary State v. GomezM2008-02737-SC-R11-CD04/24/12
Summary Wilson v. StateM2009-02241-SC-R11-CO04/20/12
Summary Rogers v. Louisville Land Co.E2010-00991-SC-R11-CV04/19/12
Summary Giggers v. Memphis Hous. Auth.W2010-00806-SC-R11-CV04/02/12
Summary Discover Bank v. Morgan E2009-01337-SC-R11-CV03/27/12
Summary SNPCO, Inc. v. City of Jefferson CityE2009-02355-SC-R11-CV03/26/12
Summary Allstate Ins. Co. v. TarrantE2009-02431-SC-R11-CV03/26/12
Allstate Insurance Company v. Diana Lynn Tarrant et al. (Dissenting)E2009-02431-SC-R11-CV03/26/12
Summary State v. WhiteM2009-00941-SC-R11-CD03/09/12
Summary State v. WatkinsM2009-00348-SC-R11-CD03/09/12
Summary State v. CrossE2008-02792-SC-R11-CD03/09/12
Summary Williamson v. Baptist Hosp. of Cocke County, Inc.E2010-01282-SC-WCM-WC02/28/12
Summary Redwing v. Catholic Bishop for the Diocese of MemphisW2009-00986-SC-R11-CV02/27/12
Summary Mills v. Fulmarque, Inc.W2010-00933-SC-R11-CV02/24/12
Calvin Gray Mills, Jr. et al. v. Fulmarque, Inc. (Dissenting)W2010-00933-SC-R11-CV02/24/12
Summary Wlodarz v. StateE2008-02179-SC-R11-CO02/23/12
Stephen Bernard Wlodarz v. State of Tennessee (Concurring)E2008-02179-SC-R11-CO02/23/12
Summary Hale v. Ins. Co. of the State of Pa.M2011-00504-SC-WCM-WC02/16/12
Summary Keith v. Western Express, Inc.M2011-00653-SC-WCM-WC02/16/12
Summary State v. ThomasonW2007-02910-SC-R11-CD01/20/12
Summary State v. RichardsonM2010-01360-SC-R11-CD01/20/12
Summary In re DeAndre C.W2011-00037-SC-R11-JV01/19/12
Summary Brown v. RolandM2009-01885-SC-R11-CV01/18/12

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