Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals Decisions 2002

Case Docket Date
State vs. Richard Alan HawkinsE2002-01095-CCA-R3-CD12/30/02
State vs. Michael SpadafinaW2001-02554-CCA-R3-CD12/23/02
State vs. David PalmerW2001-02515-CCA-R3-CD12/16/02
State vs. Paul HayesW2001-02637-CCA-R3-CD12/09/02
State vs. Ruben KnightE2001-02874-CCA-R3-CD12/02/02
State vs. Olivia WilliamsE2002-00687-CCA-R3-CD11/25/02
Milton Lee Cooper vs. StateE2001-01527-CCA-R3-PC11/18/02
State vs. Johnny/Sarah OwensW2001-01397-CCA-R3-CD11/11/02
State vs. Markus WilloughbyW2002-00096-CCA-R3-PC11/04/02
State vs.Aaron SmithM2001-02532-CCA -R3-CD10/28/02
Willie Ensley vs. Howard Carlton & StateE2002-00878-CCA-R3-PC10/21/02
State vs. Nelson FosterE2002-00323-CCA-R3-CD10/14/02
State vs. Tommy HenryE2002-00166-CCA-R3-CD10/07/02
State vs. Adrian PattersonM2001-0191-CCA-R3-CD09/30/02
State vs. Jonathan ThorntonE2001-02491-CCA-R3-CD09/30/02
State vs. Jonathan BlanchardE2001-00314-CCA-R3-CD09/23/02
State vs. William McLeodM2001-03070-CCA-R3-CD09/16/02
State vs. Ivan CummingsM2001-00407-CCA-R3-CD09/09/02
State vs. Larenzo HarrisW2001-02626-CCA-R3-CD09/02/02
State vs. Ernest Willie MaysM2001-02446-CCA-R3-CD08/26/02
Gregory Thompson vs. Ricky BellM2001-02460-CCA-OT-CO08/19/02
State vs. Luis RamonW2001-00389-CCA-R3-CD08/12/02
State vs. Lavaya Demond LeeE2001-00053-CCA-R3-CD08/05/02
State vs. Bobby Gene GoodsonE2001-00925-CCA-R3-CD07/29/02
State vs. Debra ThomasW2001-02039-CCA-R3-CD07/22/02
State vs. Clyde ScivallyM2001-02261-CCA-R3-CD07/15/02
David Boese vs. StateE2001-00035-CCA-R3-PC07/08/02
State vs. James Robert LawsonE2001-01415-CCA-R3-CD07/01/02
State v. Rhynuia BarnesM2001-00631-CCA-R3-CD06/24/02
State vs. Frederick Devill RiceE2000-02389-CCA-R3-CD06/17/02
State vs. Timothy McGloryM2001-01998-CCA-R3-PC06/10/02
State vs. Michael HarveyW2001-01164-CCA-R3-CD06/03/02
State vs. Jermaine PaineW2001-01564-CCA-R3-PC05/27/02
State vs. Scotty DeWayne RobinsonE2001-02342-CCA-R3-CD05/20/02
Robert Freeman vs. StateM2000-00904-CCA-R3-PC05/13/02
State vs. Montea WilsonW2001-00748-CCA-R3-CD05/06/02
State vs. Robert Carl Harbison, Jr.M2001-00421-CCA-R3-CD04/29/02
State vs. Nakia RumphW2001-02066-CCA-R3-PC04/22/02
State vs. Albert YarbroughW2001-01150-CCA-R3-CD04/15/02
Martin Walker vs. StateM2001-00328-CCA-R3-CO04/08/02
State vs. Johnny GarrettM2001-00540-CCA-R3-CD04/01/02
Patrick Simpson vs. StateM2001-02021-CCA-R3-CO03/25/02
State vs. Antoine WilliamsonW2001-01400-CCA-R3-CD03/18/02
Michael Wells vs. StateM2000-02987-CCA-R3-PC03/11/02
State v. Hobert Dean DavisE2000-02879-CCA-R3-CD03/04/02
State vs. James MosesW2001-01394-CCA-R3-PC02/25/02
State vs. Thaddeus MorrisW2001-01691-CCA-R3-CD02/18/02
State vs. Yvette Somerville - W2001-00902-CCA--R3-CD View Henry County - The defendant, Yevette Somerville, was convicted of theft of property valued under $500, a Class A misdemeanor, and was sentenced to eleven months, twenty-nine days in the county jail. As her sole issue on appeal, the defendant argues that the State's failure to inquire about and preserve potentially exculpatory evidence violated her due process rights under the United States and Tennessee Constitutions. Having reviewed the entire record, we conclude that the loss of the evidence did not unfairly prejudice the defendant's case. Accordingly, we affirm the judgment of the trial court. State vs. Mark CaldwellE2001-00321-CCA-R3-CD02/11/02
State vs. Joel M. PuentesM2001-01115-CCA-R3-CD02/04/02
State vs. Khanh LeW1998-00637-CCA-R3-CD01/28/02
Bequir Potka, Fatmir Agolli, Stavri Popa & Epison Pulaha vs. State - M2000-02305-CCA-R9-C0 View Davidson County - We granted the defendants' application for interlocutory appeal, see Tenn. R. App. P. 9, to review the trial court's disqualification of defense counsel based upon conflicting interests in counsel's representation of all four defendants. Because we conclude that the lower court acted within its discretion in disqualifying counsel from multiple representation, we affirm. State vs. Joe StewardM2001-02431-CCA-RM-CD01/21/02
State vs. Darrell ScalesM2000-03150-CCA-R3-CD01/14/02
State vs. Jerry Ray DavidsonM1998-00105-CCA-R3-CD01/07/02
State vs. Angela BrightE2000-03146-CCA-R3-CD01/01/02

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