Rhode Island Supreme Court Decisions 1991

Case Date
State v. Ducharme601 A.2d 93712/19/91
Driscoll v. Karroo Land Co., Inc.600 A.2d 72212/17/91
Boghossian v. Ferland Corp.600 A.2d 28812/12/91
Gorman v. Abbott Laboratories599 A.2d 136412/12/91
State v. Trepanier600 A.2d 131112/12/91
Pennsylvania General Ins. Co. v. Morris599 A.2d 104212/10/91
RI Student Loan Auth. v. Nels, Inc.600 A.2d 71712/10/91
Providence Gas Co. v. Malachowski600 A.2d 71112/09/91
State v. Correia600 A.2d 27912/05/91
State v. Mallett600 A.2d 27312/05/91
DeCiantis v. State599 A.2d 73412/04/91
Frank N. Gustafson & Sons, Inc. v. Walek599 A.2d 73012/04/91
Roberts-Robertson v. Lombardi598 A.2d 138011/22/91
Smith v. Anheuser-Busch, Inc.599 A.2d 32011/21/91
State v. Medeiros599 A.2d 72311/20/91
UXB Sand & Gravel v. ROSENFELD CONCRETE599 A.2d 103311/19/91
State v. Usenia599 A.2d 102611/18/91
DePasquale v. Harrington599 A.2d 31411/14/91
Lundgren v. Pawtucket Firefighters Ass'n595 A.2d 80807/31/91
State v. Houde596 A.2d 33007/29/91
Kennedy v. Tempest594 A.2d 38507/26/91
Lisi v. Several Attorneys596 A.2d 31307/26/91
State v. Messa594 A.2d 88207/24/91
State v. Simpson595 A.2d 80307/24/91
Sawyer v. Cozzolino595 A.2d 24207/24/91
LeFranc v. Amica Mut. Ins. Co.594 A.2d 38207/23/91
RI FEDERATION OF TEACHERS v. Sundlun595 A.2d 79907/23/91
Aetna Cas. & Sur. Co. v. Farr594 A.2d 37907/22/91
Pazienza v. Pazienza595 A.2d 23507/18/91
State v. Texter594 A.2d 37607/17/91
Salve Regina College v. Zoning Board of Review594 A.2d 87807/16/91
Saback v. Saback593 A.2d 45907/16/91
In Re Advisory Opinion593 A.2d 135607/02/91
State v. DiStefano593 A.2d 135107/02/91
Hall v. Nascimento594 A.2d 87407/02/91
Friedman v. Lee Pare & Associates, Inc.593 A.2d 135407/02/91
Doe v. Edward A. Sherman Pub. Co.593 A.2d 45707/02/91
City of East Providence v. McLaughlin593 A.2d 134507/01/91
DeCecco v. State593 A.2d 134206/28/91
State v. Purro593 A.2d 45006/27/91
State v. Neri593 A.2d 95306/25/91
In Re Advisory Opinion to the Governor (Depco)593 A.2d 94306/24/91
Worcester Textile v. McIntosh593 A.2d 7006/21/91
Providence Journal Co. v. Superior Court593 A.2d 44606/19/91
State v. Vanasse593 A.2d 5806/19/91
Ruggieri v. City of East Providence593 A.2d 5506/19/91
Inn Group Associates v. Booth593 A.2d 4906/18/91
Bartlett v. Amica Mut. Ins. Co.593 A.2d 4506/17/91
Conrad v. STATE OF RI-MED. CENTER-GEN. HOSP.592 A.2d 85806/12/91
Moretti v. Lowe592 A.2d 85506/10/91
State v. Pusyka592 A.2d 85006/10/91
Collins v. Fairways Condominiums Ass'n592 A.2d 14706/07/91
RHODE ISLAND LABORERS'D. COUN. v. State592 A.2d 14406/06/91
State v. Donato592 A.2d 14006/06/91
Kane v. WOMEN & INFANTS HOSP. OF RI592 A.2d 13706/05/91
Hometown Properties v. DEPT. ENV. MGT.592 A.2d 84106/05/91
Arcade Co. v. Kentco, Inc.592 A.2d 13506/04/91
Bamber v. Zoning Bd. of Review591 A.2d 122006/03/91
State v. Bonin591 A.2d 3805/30/91
Healey v. Healey591 A.2d 121605/29/91
State v. Porto591 A.2d 79105/24/91
Moreno v. NULCO Mfg. Corp.591 A.2d 78805/24/91
State Ex Rel. Webb v. Cianci591 A.2d 119305/23/91
Hillside Associates v. Stravato590 A.2d 10505/23/91
Manning Auto Parts, Inc. v. Souza591 A.2d 3405/22/91
Blanchette v. Stone591 A.2d 78505/22/91
Blackwell v. Bostitch Div. of Textron591 A.2d 38405/17/91
State v. Capuano591 A.2d 3505/17/91
Mauricio v. Zoning Bd. of Review590 A.2d 87905/16/91
RI Court Reporters Alliance v. State591 A.2d 37605/14/91
Misurelli v. State, Dept. of Transp.590 A.2d 87705/14/91
632 Metacom Assoc. v. PUB DENNIS591 A.2d 37905/14/91
Tona, Inc. v. Evans590 A.2d 87305/13/91
State v. Tavares590 A.2d 86705/10/91
Lallier v. Lallier591 A.2d 3105/08/91
Tierney v. Conley590 A.2d 86505/08/91
Filosa v. Courtois Sand and Gravel Co.590 A.2d 10005/07/91
State v. Bertram591 A.2d 1405/06/91
Oladapo v. Charlesgate Nursing Corp.590 A.2d 40505/03/91
Federici & Associates v. Lantini589 A.2d 120205/02/91
Anthony Corrado, Inc. v. MENARD & CO.589 A.2d 120105/02/91
Bierman v. Shookster590 A.2d 40205/01/91
State v. Louro589 A.2d 119705/01/91
RUMFORD PROPERTY & LIABILITY v. Carbone590 A.2d 39804/30/91
Golderese v. Suburban Land Co.590 A.2d 39504/30/91
State v. Pailon590 A.2d 85804/30/91
Edmons v. Bisbano-Edmons590 A.2d 9704/26/91
Aetna Cas. & Sur. Co. v. Grabbert590 A.2d 8804/23/91
State v. Marquis588 A.2d 105304/18/91
Dionne v. Baute589 A.2d 83304/17/91
State v. Gomes590 A.2d 39104/16/91
Verdecchia v. Johnston Town Council589 A.2d 83004/16/91
Bourque v. Dettore589 A.2d 81504/11/91
Vito v. Dept. of Environmental Mgt.589 A.2d 80904/11/91
Izen v. Winoker589 A.2d 82404/11/91
Dolcy v. RI Joint Reinsurance Ass'n589 A.2d 31304/09/91
Outlet Communications, Inc. v. State588 A.2d 105004/04/91
Ferro v. Volkswagen of America, Inc.588 A.2d 104704/01/91
Baker v. ICA Mortg. Corp.588 A.2d 61603/29/91
Longtin v. D'Ambra Const. Co., Inc.588 A.2d 104403/29/91
State v. Grossi588 A.2d 60703/28/91
Charland v. Country View Golf Club, Inc.588 A.2d 60903/28/91
Doe v. LaBrosse588 A.2d 60503/27/91
State v. Maggs588 A.2d 60103/21/91
Aetna Cas. & Sur. Co. v. Graziano587 A.2d 91603/14/91
State v. Chase588 A.2d 12003/14/91
In Re State Employees'unions587 A.2d 91903/14/91
Vose v. Broth. of Correctional Officers587 A.2d 91303/11/91
Miccolis v. Amica Mut. Ins. Co.587 A.2d 6703/01/91
State v. Ranieri586 A.2d 109403/01/91
Medeiros v. Yashar588 A.2d 103802/26/91
State v. Kennedy586 A.2d 108902/22/91
Westcott Construction Corp. v. City of Cranston586 A.2d 54202/21/91
Newbay Corp. v. Annarummo587 A.2d 6302/20/91
State v. Brown586 A.2d 108502/19/91
Jordan v. Jordan586 A.2d 108002/18/91
State v. Damiano587 A.2d 39602/18/91
Jerry's Supermarkets v. Rumford Ins.586 A.2d 53902/14/91
Ellis v. Rhode Island Public Transit Authority586 A.2d 105502/11/91
Alfano v. Landers585 A.2d 65102/05/91
Liberty Mut. Ins. Co. v. Janes586 A.2d 53602/04/91
Halliwell Assoc. v. Ce Maguire Serv.586 A.2d 53002/01/91
State v. Bowling585 A.2d 118101/31/91
State v. Lambrechts585 A.2d 64501/28/91
Aetna Cas. and Sur. Co. v. Curley585 A.2d 64001/25/91
East Side Prescription v. Ep Fournier585 A.2d 117601/25/91
Akroyd v. RI DEPT. OF EMPLOYMENT SEC.585 A.2d 63701/23/91
Logan Equipment v. PROFILE CONST. CO.585 A.2d 7301/18/91
LUTZ ENGINEERING v. Industrial Louvers585 A.2d 63101/18/91
Riffenburg v. Riffenburg585 A.2d 62701/16/91
Falvey v. Women and Infants Hosp.584 A.2d 41701/10/91
Verity v. Danti585 A.2d 6501/04/91
Ratcliffe v. COASTAL RESOURCES MGT.584 A.2d 110701/03/91
Jackvony v. Poncelet584 A.2d 111201/03/91

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