Oregon Supreme Court Decisions 2008

Case Docket Date
State v. BrineyS05556712/31/08
Necanicum Investment Co. v. Employment Dept.S05523112/31/08
Waldner v. StephensS05535112/31/08
Garrison v. Dept. of Rev.S05585212/31/08
State v. DavisS05307112/31/08
Cuff v. Department of Public Safety StandardsS05564912/18/08
State v. CastillejaS05547212/18/08
State v. KuznetsovS05548712/18/08
Hughes v. WilsonS05532612/18/08
Liles v. Damon Corp.S05473412/11/08
Powers v. QuigleyS05492512/11/08
In re KochS05563112/11/08
West Linn Corporate Park v. City of West Linn (Certified Question) ADVANCE SHEETS 2008 # 26BV: 345 Or SUPREME COURTS05632212/10/08
Le Claire v. Myers (Ballot Title Certified)S05661111/26/08
Taylor v. Ramsay-Gerding Construction Co.S05560911/06/08
State v. McGee (Alternative Writ Issued)S05646710/31/08
Gonzales v. Farmers Ins. Co.S05448610/23/08
State v. Dominguez-CoronadoS05625610/23/08
Mid-Century Ins. Co. v. PerkinsS05465210/16/08
Knepper v. BrownS05515510/09/08
Barbara Parmenter Living Trust v. LemonS05497110/09/08
In re SchenckS05458510/09/08
v. Norman (S056157) (S056508) (Order)State10/03/08
Loosli v. City of SalemS05550910/02/08
State v. CastillejaS05547209/18/08
McDowell Welding & Pipefitting v. US Gypsum Co.S05462609/18/08
State ex rel Juv. Dept. v. J. W.S05584009/18/08
Marcum v. Adventist Health System/WestS05543109/16/08
State v. MillerS05494008/14/08
State v. JohnsonS05508508/14/08
State v. PenaS05565508/14/08
Peeples v. LampertS05443708/14/08
State v. HagbergS05499707/31/08
Necanicum Investment Co. v. Employment Dept.S05523107/24/08
Scott v. State Farm Mutual Auto. Ins.S05531807/24/08
v. Myers (S055744) (Ballot Title Certified)Chamberlain07/23/08
Dept. of Rev. v. FarisS05545807/17/08
In re CobbS05458407/17/08
Fort Vannoy Irrigation v. Water Resources Comm.S05535607/10/08
Caruthers v. Myers (Ballot Title Certified)S05574507/07/08
American Fed. Teachers v. Oregon Taxpayers UnitedS05440307/03/08
State v. RobbinsS05539607/03/08
State v. Rodriguez-CastilloS05460707/03/08
In re Knappenberger (Order)S05482107/02/08
Frazzini v. Myers (S055927)S05592706/27/08
Frazzini v. Myers (S055933)S05593306/27/08
Frazzini v. Myers (Mandamus)S05603306/27/08
State v. ZweigartS05215006/26/08
Farmers Ins. Co. v. McHale (Mandamus)S05603406/24/08
Boyer v. Salomon Smith BarneyS05519206/19/08
Caruthers v. MyersS05574506/19/08
Chamberlain v. Myers (S055744)S05574406/19/08
Chamberlain v. Myers (S055743)S05574306/19/08
Farmers Ins. Co. v. McHale (Mandamus)S05603406/11/08
In re KnappenbergerS05482106/05/08
State v. FriesS05513605/30/08
Yugler v. MyersS05574605/30/08
Gafur v. Legacy Good Samaritan HospitalS05517505/15/08
In re Gunter (Petition for Reconsideration)S05357905/09/08
Ivanov v. Farmers Ins. Co.S05419905/08/08
Christiansen v. Providence Health SystemS05473105/08/08
Corey v. DLCDS05499505/08/08
Bjorndal v. WeitmanS05483705/08/08
State v. PachmayrS05520605/08/08
Nakashima v. Board of EducationS05415605/08/08
Lowe v. Philip Morris USA, Inc.S05437805/01/08
State v. David Allen Frey (Peremptory Writ) ADVANCE SHEETS 2008 # 10BV: 344 Or SUPREME COURTS05594605/01/08
M&S Market, Inc. v. Dept. of Rev.S05475404/17/08
Sizemore v. Myers (Ballot Title Certified)S05574004/16/08
State v. Van Dyke, Sidney Davis (Peremptory Writ)S05563404/10/08
Wolf v. Oregon Lottery CommissionS05468103/27/08
State v. EvansS05471003/27/08
In re GunterS05357903/27/08
State v. Pena (Mandamus)S05565503/26/08
Rogers v. Myers (Order)S05542503/21/08
Harris v. SunigaS05454903/20/08
Wallach v. Allstate Ins. Co.S05370203/20/08
State v. Lee (Peremptory Writ)S05572603/19/08
T. R. v. Boy Scouts of AmericaS05407103/13/08
Goddard v. Farmers Ins. Co.S05340503/06/08
State v. SaundersS05482203/06/08
Farr v. Myers (Order)S05529202/29/08
Mid-Century Ins. Co. v. PerkinsS05465202/28/08
Rogers v. MyersS05542502/28/08
Hughes v. PeaceHealthS05344702/22/08
State v. JacobS05417302/22/08
State v. Contreras-Hernandez (Peremptory Writ)S05572702/22/08
Cascade Health Solutions v. PeaceHealth (Certified Question)S05569402/20/08
Johnson v. Mult. Co. Dept. Community JusticeS05469702/14/08
Howell v. Willamette Urology, P. C.S05509902/14/08
Thomas Creek Lumber and Log Co. v. Dept. of Rev.S05469402/14/08
In re WollheimS05552402/14/08
Miranda v. Mathews (Peremptory Writ)S05545902/14/08
Martin v. Myers (Order)S05561902/13/08
Barrett v. BellequeS05462202/07/08
George v. CourtneyS05566302/02/08
Williams v. Philip Morris Inc.S05180501/31/08
Gwin v. LynnS05523401/31/08
Boldt and BoldtS05471401/25/08
State v. LonerganS05456101/25/08
State v. CamarenaS05433001/25/08
Behurst v. Crown Cork & Seal USA, Inc. (Certified Question)S05550001/23/08

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