Oregon Supreme Court Decisions 2007

Case Docket Date
Clarke v. OHSUS05386812/28/07
Gordon v. Board of ParoleS05440012/28/07
State v. ShaffS05442512/28/07
State v. WheelerS05454312/28/07
Farr v. MyersS05529212/28/07
Meyer v. Myers (Order)S05510512/26/07
Wolf v. Myers (Order)S05526412/21/07
State v. McDonnellS04936812/20/07
State v. FultsS05460912/13/07
State v. BarberS05466112/13/07
Sharps v. Dept. of Rev.S05457912/13/07
Engweiler v. Board of ParoleS05415312/13/07
State v. RamirezS05426712/13/07
State v. KnightS5442312/06/07
Wolf v. MyersS5526412/06/07
State ex rel Neidig v. Superior National Ins. Co.S5431511/29/07
Hunnicutt v. Myers (Order)S5500211/28/07
Johnson v. SwaimS5460311/23/07
Wolfe v. Myers (Order)S5526611/21/07
State v. RutleyS5309611/08/07
Keisling/Lutz v. MyersS5516111/08/07
Hunnicutt/Stacey v. MyersS5500211/08/07
Grisby v. Progressive Preferred Ins. Co.S5419611/08/07
Meyer v. MyersS5510311/08/07
Smith v. Board of ParoleS5359611/08/07
Mannix v. Myers (Order)S5510711/01/07
Farmer v. Balwin (Certified Question)S5518710/31/07
Tauman v. Myers (Order)S5487810/26/07
Logan v. D. W. Sivers Co.S5425110/18/07
Gwin v. Lynn (Mandamus)S5523410/18/07
Strunk v. PERBS5059310/11/07
State v. IceS5224810/11/07
Bailey v. Lewis Farm, Inc.S5391610/11/07
Gall v. Dept. of Rev.S5458010/11/07
Tauman v. MyersS5487810/11/07
North Marion Sch. Dist. #15 v. Acstar Ins. Co.S5366210/11/07
Howell v. Willametter Urology, P.C. (Mandamus)S5509910/04/07
Jordan v. SAIFS5384408/30/07
Owens v. Guisto (Mandamus)S5518808/27/07
State v. ScottS5448208/23/07
Catuthers v. Myers (Order Certifying Ballot TitleS5453008/21/07
State v. Barnes (Mandamus)S5500108/17/07
Joarnt v. Autozone, Inc.S5390208/16/07
Grisby v. Progressive Preferred Ins. Co.S5419608/09/07
Caruthers v. Myers (S54528)S5452808/02/07
Caruthers v. Myers (S54529)S5452908/02/07
Johnson v. SAIFS5373407/26/07
Towers v. Myers (Ballot Title Dismissed)S54816,
State v. OruetaS5431407/19/07
Terhune v. Myers (Order)S5422007/11/07
State v. MurrayS5352306/28/07
ETU, Inc. v. Environmental Quality CommissionS5363406/28/07
Baker v. City of LakesideS5392506/28/07
In re FitzhenryS5344306/28/07
State v. SandersS5305606/21/07
Terhune v. MyersS5422006/21/07
Towers v. Myers (Order)S54816,
Towers v. Myers (Order)S54816,
Wilson v. Tri-County Metro. Trans. Dist.S5274106/07/07
Costco Wholesale Corp. v. City of BeavertonS5377706/07/07
Towers v. Myers (Order)S5475606/05/07
State v. BurlesonS5437706/01/07
State v. BrayS5225106/01/07
Wetherell v. Douglas CountyS5343705/24/07
Mastriano v. Board of ParoleS5354305/24/07
Tauman v. Myers (Order)S5429905/22/07
State v. HessS5114105/10/07
State v. Howard/DawsonS5342904/26/07
Stacey v. Myers (Order)S5452704/25/07
State v. JohnsonS5131304/19/07
State v. BirchfieldS5336304/19/07
Sizemore/Terhune v. MyersS5420104/13/07
Tauman v. MyersS5429904/12/07
Carey v. Lincoln Loan Co.S5324204/12/07
Crandon Capital Partners v. ShelkS5317004/12/07
In re OchoaS5415204/12/07
Stacey v. Myers (Ballot Title Referred for Modification)S5452704/10/07
Terhune v. Myers (Order)S5428704/09/07
State v. SandovalS5345703/29/07
Wynne v. Dept. of Rev.S5273803/29/07
Stacey v. Myers (Order)S5421903/23/07
Terhune v. MyersS5428703/23/07
Fidanque v. MyersS5431003/23/07
Hunnicutt v. MyersS5435503/23/07
In re MendigurenS5435603/23/07
Pelikan v. Myers (Order)S5420303/20/07
Stacey v. Myers (S54218)S5421803/08/07
Ware v. HallS5333703/08/07
Stacey v. Myers (S54219)S5421903/08/07
In re LevieS5331103/08/07
State v. CrosbyS5329503/01/07
Pelikan/Tauman v. MyersS5420302/23/07
In re ReddenS5357802/23/07
In re FadeleyS5336802/23/07
State v. D. O. B. (Mandamus)S5437702/21/07
State v. GuzekS4527202/15/07
State v. WarnerS5288002/15/07
Terhune v. MyersS5348702/15/07
Teacher Standards and Practices v. BergersonS5284202/08/07
Bailey v. LampertS5315402/08/07
Stogsdill v. Board of ParoleS5345802/08/07
Tauman v. Myers (Order)S5428901/23/07
State v. HankinsS5243801/19/07
Knapp v. City of JacksonvilleS5262401/19/07
In re BaloccaS5338001/19/07
State v. Orueta (Mandamus)S5431401/10/07
Honeyman v. Myers (Order)S5407801/09/07

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