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PHI Financial Services, Inc. v. Johnston Law Office, P.C.
Date: June 10, 2016
Citation: 2016 ND 114
Docket Number: 20150301

Justia Opinion Summary: Johnston Law Office, P.C. appealed an order compelling discovery and finding it in contempt of court. PHI Financial Services, Inc., ("PHI") sued Johnston for alleged fraudulent transfers relating to a federal crop paymen...

Disciplinary Board v. Ward
Date: June 10, 2016
Citation: 2016 ND 115
Docket Number: 20150354

Disciplinary Board v. Ward
Date: June 9, 2016
Citation: 2016 ND 113
Docket Number: 20150337

Norman v. State
Date: June 8, 2016
Citation: 2016 ND 112
Docket Number: 20150298

North Dakota v. Musselman
Date: June 7, 2016
Citation: 2016 ND 111
Docket Number: 20150250

Justia Opinion Summary: According to testimony at the suppression hearing, in October 2013, Fargo Police Officer Matt Christensen received information from a department detective that defendant-appellant Chili Musselman would be traveling from...

Disciplinary Board v. Enget
Date: June 6, 2016
Citation: 2016 ND 110
Docket Number: 20160139

Holkesvig v. VandeWalle
Date: June 2, 2016
Citation: 2016 ND 107
Docket Number: 20150246

Justia Opinion Summary: This case was another in an endless stream of repetitive actions stemming from Randy Holkesvig's 2008 stalking charge to which he pled guilty. Under a negotiated plea agreement, Holkesvig pled guilty to stalking in excha...

Holkesvig v. Maring
Date: June 2, 2016
Citation: 2016 ND 109
Docket Number: 20150247

Holkesvig v. Edison
Date: June 2, 2016
Citation: 2016 ND 108
Docket Number: 20150266

Rath v. Rath
Date: June 2, 2016
Citation: 2016 ND 105
Docket Number: 20150336

Justia Opinion Summary: Mark and Kayla Rath were divorced in January 2013. Kayla was awarded primary residential responsibility of the couple's children. Mark was awarded supervised parenting time. Mark filed a motion for an order to show cause...

Jury v. Barnes County Municipal Airport Authority
Date: June 2, 2016
Citation: 2016 ND 106
Docket Number: 20150374

Justia Opinion Summary: Lori Jury appealed a district court's order denying her motion to vacate a summary judgment. Jury argued the district court should have provided notice of the summary judgment hearing independent of the notice provided b...

Vogel v. Marathon Oil Corporation
Date: May 31, 2016
Citation: 2016 ND 104
Docket Number: 20150154

Justia Opinion Summary: Sarah Vogel appealed a district court judgment dismissing without prejudice her complaint against Marathon Oil Company. Marathon operated the Elk USA 11-17H well in Mountrail County. The well began producing in 2011 and...

Holverson v. Lundberg
Date: May 31, 2016
Citation: 2016 ND 103
Docket Number: 20150313

Justia Opinion Summary: Susan Lundberg, as Trustee of the Gabriel J. Brown Trust, appealed the grant of summary judgment quieting title in a tract of land to Greg Holverson, directing the Trust to convey the land to Holverson, and dismissing th...

City of Bismarck v. Sokalski
Date: May 26, 2016
Citation: 2016 ND 94
Docket Number: 20150151

Justia Opinion Summary: Barbara Sokalski appealed after a jury convicted her of driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. After review of the arguments she made on appeal, the North Dakota Supreme Court concluded the district court did...

Thompson v. North Dakota
Date: May 26, 2016
Citation: 2016 ND 101
Docket Number: 20150157

Justia Opinion Summary: Ronald Thompson appealed an order denying his application for post-conviction relief. In 1991 Thompson was charged with gross sexual imposition and received a court appointed defense lawyer. In 1992 Thompson pled guilty...

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