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Disciplinary Board v. Foster
Date: May 8, 2015
Citation: 2015 ND 114
Docket Number: 20150143

Disciplinary Board v. Fahrenholtz
Date: May 7, 2015
Citation: 2015 ND 113
Docket Numbers: 20150080, 20150082

Adams v. Adams
Date: May 4, 2015
Citation: 2015 ND 112
Docket Number: 20140259

Justia Opinion Summary: Sandra Adams appealed an amended supplemental judgment dividing the marital estate between her and John Adams. On appeal, Sandra argued the district court's property division was not equitable, because the court erred in...

Estate of Johnson
Date: May 1, 2015
Citation: 2015 ND 110
Docket Number: 20140173

Justia Opinion Summary: Jeanne Johnson died in June 2010. Her survivors included her children, Sandra Mark, Stuart Johnson, and Steven Johnson, and her grandson, Scott Johnson. Her will was admitted to informal probate, and Mark was appointed p...

Disciplinary Board v. Carpenter
Date: May 1, 2015
Citation: 2015 ND 111
Docket Number: 20140254

Carnes v. Snider
Date: May 1, 2015
Citation: 2015 ND 109
Docket Number: 20140345

State v. Blackcloud
Date: April 29, 2015
Citation: 2015 ND 108
Docket Number: 20140229

Matter of Loy
Date: April 28, 2015
Citation: 2015 ND 92
Docket Number: 20140111

Justia Opinion Summary: Respondent-appellant Garrett Loy was convicted in 2004 of gross sexual imposition. In 2005, Loy pleaded guilty to a separate charge of gross sexual imposition and his probation from his 2004 conviction was revoked. Loy w...

Moe v. North Dakota
Date: April 28, 2015
Citation: 2015 ND 93
Docket Number: 20140185

Justia Opinion Summary: In 2005, David Moe was convicted of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, possession with intent to manufacture psilocybin, possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, and two counts of possession of...

Hall v. Malloy
Date: April 28, 2015
Citation: 2015 ND 94
Docket Number: 20140196

Justia Opinion Summary: At issue in this case was the number of mineral acres owned by Todd Hall in a tract of land in Dunn County as a result of a conveyance from Harry L. Malloy to Todd Hall's predecessor in interest, Edwin Hall. Todd Hall cl...

Mowan v. Berg
Date: April 28, 2015
Citation: 2015 ND 95
Docket Number: 20140201

Justia Opinion Summary: Brittney Berg appealed a district court judgment awarding primary residential responsibility of the parties' minor child to Darin Mowan. Berg and Mowan, who never married, had a child born in 2012. Mowan resided in Minot...

North Dakota v. Holkesvig
Date: April 28, 2015
Citation: 2015 ND 105
Docket Numbers: 20140209, 20140210

Justia Opinion Summary: In 2008, Randy Holkesvig was charged with stalking, a class A misdemeanor, and with violation of a disorderly conduct restraining order, another class A misdemeanor. In June 2008, Holkesvig pleaded guilty to the stalking...

North Dakota v. Gonzalez
Date: April 28, 2015
Citation: 2015 ND 106
Docket Number: 20140213

Justia Opinion Summary: In January 2004, Garron Gonzalez pled guilty to two counts of gross sexual imposition, both class A felonies. He was sentenced to five years' incarceration, with all but 130 days suspended for five years, and five years'...

Howard v. North Dakota
Date: April 28, 2015
Citation: 2015 ND 102
Docket Number: 20140233

Justia Opinion Summary: In 2012, a jury found Leron Howard guilty of murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Howard appealed, arguing there was insufficient evidence to support the verdicts and the district court erred by using a multi-county j...

Viscito v. Christianson
Date: April 28, 2015
Citation: 2015 ND 97
Docket Number: 20140252

Justia Opinion Summary: Matthew Viscito, Mary Lynn Berntson, and Florence Properties, LLC (collectively "Viscito") appeal from a district court judgment of dismissal without prejudice, which awarded Kevin Christianson, Pace's Lodging Corporatio...

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