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Recent Cases

Case Date
Matter of Collins v New York State Bd. of Elections2014 NY Slip Op 0592808/21/14
Matter of Conti v Clyne2014 NY Slip Op 0592908/21/14
Matter of VanSavage v Jones2014 NY Slip Op 0593008/21/14
Matter of Maher v New York State Bd. of Elections2014 NY Slip Op 0593108/21/14
Matter of Sloan v Kellner2014 NY Slip Op 0593208/21/14
Matter of Crockett2014 NY Slip Op 0591608/21/14
Matter of Kurpiers2014 NY Slip Op 0591708/21/14
People v Ortolaza2014 NY Slip Op 0566408/07/14
People v Densmore2014 NY Slip Op 0566508/07/14
Matter of Moore v New York State Dept. of Corrections & Community Supervision2014 NY Slip Op 0566608/07/14
People v Becker2014 NY Slip Op 0566708/07/14
Flemming v State of New York2014 NY Slip Op 0566808/07/14
Matter of Gallo v Village of Bronxville Police Dept.2014 NY Slip Op 0566908/07/14
Matter of Schuss v Delta Airlines, Inc.2014 NY Slip Op 0567008/07/14
Matter of Fraser v NYC Schools Constr. ROCIP2014 NY Slip Op 0567108/07/14

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