New Jersey Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics Decisions 1977

Case Date
Nationwide Group Legal Services Planacp383-112/29/77
Stopping Payment on Attorney's Trust Check To Selleracp384-112/29/77
Laymen Representing Applicants Before Planning Boards or Boards of Adjustmentcua21-112/22/77
Successor to Deceased Attorney - Publishing Notice to Contact Clientsacp382-112/08/77
Announcements To Clients of Former Employeracp380-111/10/77
Conflict of Interest Former Deputy Attorney General; Employment by Firm Opposing Stateacp381-111/10/77
Do-It-Yourself No-Fault Divorce Kitscua20-110/06/77
Conflict of Interest Representing Ex-wife vs. Ex-husband Partner Previously with Opposing Firmacp378-109/22/77
Office Relationship Municipal Magistrate, School Board Solicitoracp376-108/11/77
Conflict of Interest Municipal Defender of Police Officers Private Municipal Practiceacp377-108/11/77
Conflict of Interest School Attorney Representing Teachers in Other Districtsacp372-107/21/77
Conflict of Interest Suing For Husband-Driver and Wife-Passenger-Also Child Victimacp373-107/21/77
Conflict of Interest Environment Commission Member Before Municipal Agenciesacp374-107/21/77
Judge Sitting Where Counsel is Brother of Partneracp375-107/21/77
Conflict of Interest State Civil Rights Examiner in Federal Civil Rights Practiceacp371-106/23/77
Conflict of Interest Township Committeeman Suing Board of Education; Wife, Elected Member of Boardacp369-106/02/77
Conflict of Interest Municipal Solicitor Defending Local Offendersacp370-106/02/77
Conflict of Interest Suing Former Client in Unrelated Matteracp367-105/12/77
Conflict of Interest Prosecuting Attorney - Mother, Juvenile Court Clerkacp368-105/12/77
Revealing Client's Confidences in Action for Feesacp365-104/07/77
Conflict of Interest Municipal Prosecutor; Partner, Zoning Board Attorneyacp366-104/07/77
Attorney-Client Privilege Revealing Client's Resources to Welfare Agencyacp364-102/03/77
Office Relationships - Municipal Court Judge, Municipal Prosecutor, County Assistant Prosecutoracp359-101/06/77
Conflict of Interest Firm's Representing Defendants Investigated While Associate on Prosecutor's Staffacp361-101/06/77
Conflict of Interest Representing Labor Union and Member Tooacp362-101/06/77
PBA Attorney's Private practice Where Police Member is Witnessacp320-101/01/77

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