New Jersey Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics Decisions 1976

Case Date
Office Relationships - Municipal Court Judge, Municipal Prosecutor, County Assistant Prosecutoracp359-212/30/76
Practicing before Local Bodies Appointed by Parent or before Parent Board Memberacp360-112/30/76
Conflict of Interest Suing Administrator Previously Representedacp358-112/23/76
Conflict of Interest - Consultation with Wife Precluding Representation of Husbandacp356-112/02/76
Conflict of Interest Representing Plaintiff and His Insureracp357-112/02/76
Conflict of Interest Freeholder's Partner Assistant County Counselacp355-111/18/76
Conflict of Interest Deputy Surrogate Probate Consultant Advertising Specialtyacp354-111/04/76
Conflict of Interest Suing Former Client in Unrelated Matteracp352-109/23/76
Conflict of Interest Waiver by Public Bodyacp353-109/23/76
Conflict of Interest - Former Attorney for Reciprocal Wills Representing Husband Against Wifeacp350-109/02/76
Conflict of Interest Municipal Attorney Representing Police Officer on Probable Cause In Municipal Courtacp351-109/02/76
Conflict of Interest Health Board Attorney Handling Homeowners' Pollution Actionacp344-108/12/76
Municipal Judge Serving as School Board Attorney; Associates Participating in Politicsacp345-108/12/76
Conflict of Interest Husband, School Board Attorney, Labor Negotiator; Wife, Non-Tenure Teacheracp346-108/12/76
Threatening Criminal Prosecution to Aid Civil Actionacp347-108/12/76
Attorney's Fee as Will Witnessacp348-108/12/76
Conflict of Interest Appealing Client's Municipal Court Conviction Defending Municipality in Civil Actionacp349-108/12/76
Conflict of Interest Attorney Defending Himself in Rent Action by Former Clientacp343-107/29/76
Conflict of Interest Former Deputy Attorney General Now Employed by Firm Opposing Stateacp339-107/08/76
Conflict of Interest Criminal Appeal by Former Assistant Prosecutor's Firmacp340-107/08/76
Conflict of Interest Attorney Husband of Real Estate Salespersonacp341-107/08/76
Conflict of Interest Former Associate of Firm Suing Physician New Representing Physician in Different Actionacp342-107/08/76
Attorney Helping to Organize Prepaid Legal Services Groupacp335-107/01/76
Conflict of Interest Attorney Representing his Title Searcher under Investigation; Claim of Privilege for Attorneyacp336-107/01/76
Municipal Attorney Reviewing Deeds Required by Planning Boardacp337-107/01/76
Engagement by Collection Agency Suing Debtors of Its Customersacp338-107/01/76
Corporate Appearances Before Zoning Boards of Adjustment and Planning Boards - Supplement to Unauthorized Practice of Law Committeecua19-106/10/76
Office Letterhead with Attorney's Name and "and Associates"; Listing Paralegals and Administrator; with or without Legal Identificationacp330-106/03/76
Counseling Service Consultant Retained Privately by Clientacp331-106/03/76
Availability as Consultant in Law Journal and Lawyers Diaryacp332-106/03/76
Insurance Company Defending Defendant and Third-Party Defendant; Attorney Representing Both Insuredsacp333-106/03/76
Conflict of Interest Representing Husband Against Former Client Wifeacp334-106/03/76
Conflicts of Interest Attorney's Employment by Formerly Adversarial Employeracp329-105/20/76
Husband, Municipal Attorney; Wife, School Board Member DR 5-101; DR 9-101acp328-104/29/76
Borough Attorney's Disclosure of Attorney-Mayor's Misconduct DR 1-103acp324-104/08/76
Conflict of Interest Adjustment Board Member Prosecuting Municipal Court Appealacp325-104/08/76
Investing Trust Fundsacp326-104/08/76
Confidential Communication to School Board Attorney by Board Memberacp327-104/08/76
Conflict of Interest Casual Confidences Previously Made by Opposing Spouseacp323-103/25/76
Paralegal Employees - Identification with Law Firmsacp296-202/12/76
Conflict of Interest - Attorney Member of Adjustment Board Suing Municipalityacp322-102/12/76
Practicing Before Planning Board Member, Present or Past Clientacp363-101/06/76

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