New Hampshire Supreme Court Decisions 1996

Case Docket Date
Appeal of Judy Lalime (New Hampshire Compensation Appeals Board) 95-544,
Estate of Marcia S. Frederick a/k/a Marcie S. Frederick v. James W. Frederick, Jr. 95-515,
Helene Gisonni v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company94-76612/30/96
Eugene R. & Deborah A. O'Brien v. Continental Insurance Company94-77712/30/96
In re Guardianship of Joshua R. Simard95-56112/30/96
Erica U. Bodwell & a. v. Troy Brooks95-77212/23/96
The State of NH v. Glendon P. Drewry, Jr.96-26612/23/96
The State of NH v. David A. Ross (Modifications)95-44012/20/96
The State of NH v. Joel Frost94-79512/18/96
The State of NH v. Brian Chick95-40312/18/96
South Down Recreation Association v. Philip and Carole Moran95-37212/10/96
The State of NH v. Duane Crate95-73812/10/96
Maxine W. Snow v. American Morgan Horse Association, Inc.94-79412/05/96
Union Leader Corporation v. City of Nashua95-18512/05/96
Sullivan County Regional Refuse Disposal District v. Town of Acworth95-57712/05/96
Lynn Hayes a/k/a Lynn Duncan v. Newspapers of NH, Inc. d/b/a Valley News 96-253,
Kim Wilkie v. Richard Silva 96-219,
Appeal of the House Legislative Facilities Subcommittee & a. (NHPELRB)95-16411/21/96
New England Telephone and Telegraph Company & a. v. City of Franklin & a.95-31811/21/96
Appeal of Estate of James Balamotis (NH Compensation Appeals Board)95-42511/21/96
The State of NH v. John E. MacLeod, Sr.95-47811/18/96
William O'Brien v. Heidi O'Brien95-67311/18/96
The State of NH v. Todd A. Ferguson95-80111/18/96
Appeal of Denise Kehoe (New Hampshire Compensation Appeals Board)95-31611/13/96
Joanne T. Hudon & a. v. City of Manchester95-35911/13/96
Arthur Whitcomb, Inc. d/b/a Twin Mountain Sand & Gravel v. Town of Carroll95-30911/13/96
Jerry Barrows v. Ralph Boles & a. , Barco Development Corporation v. Ralph Boles & a.92-25411/07/96
The State of NH v. David A. Ross95-44011/07/96
Thomas J. Walsh v. Amica Mutual Insurance Company95-12910/29/96
In re Taryn D. & a.95-58210/29/96
Frances and Wayne Johnson v. City of Laconia96-20410/29/96
The State of NH v. Richard Janes, Jr.94-20110/24/96
Lisa T. Alexander & a. v. Blackstone Realty Associates & a.94-71010/24/96
The State of NH v. Karl Hoyt95-33810/24/96
Jane L. Milette v. NH Retirement System95-28709/30/96
Appeal of Tammy M. Sutton (NH Compensation Appeals Board)95-42309/30/96
The State of NH v. Philip Fitanides95-44709/30/96
Town of Pelham v.Browning Ferris Industries of NH, Inc. & a.95-57109/30/96
Douglas Maville & a. v. Peerless Insurance Company95-21209/25/96
Brother Records, Inc. & a. v. HarperCollins Publishers & a.95-21409/25/96
Deanna & William Bradley & a. v. City of Manchester & a. , Deanna & William Bradley & a. v. Planning Board of the City of Manchester95-24009/25/96
Appeal of Ashland Electric Department (NHPUC)95-26009/25/96
Maureen Matarese v. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company95-26508/29/96
State of NH v. Richard Castine95-40208/15/96
Town of Plaistow v. James and Karen Riddle95-74308/15/96
Appeal of AFSCME Local 365795-01908/12/96
Ettlingen Homes, Inc. v. Town of Derry & a.95-11508/12/96
Fleet Bank - NH v. Christy's Table, Inc & a.94-68708/12/96
State of NH v. Claudio Berrocales94-61108/07/96
Stewart F. Grossman v. David W. Murray94-63408/07/96
State of NH v. Brian Scott Smith94-68308/07/96
H. Bruce Hartgers v. Town of Plaistow & a.94-46208/02/96
State of NH v. Diomedes Jesus Quezada95-03008/02/96
State of NH v. Velvet Weeks94-31108/02/96
The Housing Partnership v. Town of Rollinsford94-78607/29/96
Petition of Bruce Herron95-16907/29/96
State of NH v. Bruce Searles94-74507/24/96
State of NH v. James Bernard94-80207/24/96
Richard L. Rodman v. Bonnie Young94-83007/24/96
State of NH v. James Aubuchont94-52407/19/96
James Bohan v. James and Carol Ritzo94-69607/19/96
William and Lois Stevens v. Town of Goshen94-70307/19/96
State of NH v. Mark Newell94-66207/16/96
State of NH v. Philip G. Hood95-06307/16/96
State of NH v. Edward Pinkham95-06807/16/96
Rodriguez v. Webb d/b/a Bob's Heavy Equipment94-53407/11/96
Appeal of James Cooper94-63507/11/96
Appeal of Kevi G. Barry & a.94-43407/11/96
Federal National Mortgage Association v. Town of Fremont94-84507/02/96
In re Angel N.94-87807/02/96
State of NH v. Ronald S. Anderson95-05107/02/96
State of NH v. Karin Daoud94-15006/27/96
Edward Whitcomb v. Peerless Insurance Co. & a.94-42306/27/96
State of NH v. Charles Jackson95-17806/27/96
Dana Commercial Credit Corp. v. Hanscom's Truck Stop, Inc.95-06906/11/96
Robert J. Thomas v. George R. Finger & a.95-15506/11/96
State of NH v. Michael Richardson95-30806/11/96
State of NH v. Gordon J. MacRae94-84106/06/96
Fothergill v. Seabreeze Condos at Hampton94-84306/06/96
Carol J. Barton v. Kimberly A. Hayes95-00406/06/96
State of NH v. Denise Lesnick95-01106/06/96
Appeal of Sullivan County (NH PELRB)94-27906/03/96
State of NH v. Tracy S. Taylor94-51806/03/96
Appeal of Mascoma Valley Regional School District94-72506/03/96
State of NH v. Ronald Schultz, Jr.94-76306/03/96
State of NH v. James Roach94-51605/29/96
Andrew Conforti & a. v. City of Manchester94-70905/29/96
State of NH v. Leo Vadnais94-57805/29/96
David Rothbart v. Susan A. Rothbart94-62005/29/96
Ashland School District v. NH DCYF94-502,
State of NH v. Scott Bergen95-55305/23/96
State of NH v. Kenneth Burgess94-60005/23/96
In re Thomas M. and Michael M.95-28505/23/96
Rose-Anna Turner v. St. Paul P&L94-33005/16/96
Prime Financial Group v. Stephen Masters94-40305/16/96
Unit Owners Assoc. v. Martin Carrier94-52105/16/96
St. Joseph Hospital v. Thomas Rizzo and Virginia Savard94-268,
Appeal of Public Service Company of NH95-61005/13/96
Basbanes' CaseLD-94-005,
Petition of Troy E. Brooks 95-001,
Roland Bronson v. The Hitchcock Clinic92-57605/08/96
State of NH v. John Melcher95-36905/08/96
Clint J. Ellsworth v. Wendy Heath95-73105/08/96
Petition of Troy E. BrooksMC-95-00105/08/96
Community TV Corp. v. Towns of Belmont & Meredth94-86304/17/96
Hampton Beach Casino, Inc. v. Town of Hampton94-85304/17/96
Samuel & Martha Weaver v. Royal Insurance Co.94-82504/17/96
Paul J. Harper, M. D. v. Healthsource New Hampshire, Inc.95-53504/09/96
Town of Swanzey v. Wesley J. Liebeler94-74304/09/96
Marie T. Higgins v. Cushman S.Colby, C.P.A., P.A. & a.94-83104/09/96
State of NH v. Michael Russo94-67104/04/96
Charles W. Richmond v. White Mountain Recreation Association, Inc.94-69304/04/96
State of NH v. Joseph Giles94-74103/12/96
State of NH v. Russell C. Hokanson94-86803/12/96
City of Portsmouth v. Richard Schlesinger & a95-39903/12/96
Dennis S. Roberts v. General Motors Corporation95-34803/12/96
State of NH v. Antonio Marti94-63703/07/96
William R. Mason v. Raymond P. Smith94-66003/07/96
Appeal of NH Department of Employment Security94-68103/07/96
State of NH v. Douglas Goodwin94-86702/15/96
Michael Nutbrown v. Mount Cranmore, Inc.95-08902/15/96
State of NH v. David Guenzel95-11902/15/96
State of NH v. Gilberto Natalcolon95-22602/15/96
Appeal of Mark S. Griffin94-58802/12/96
Glen Condo. Dev. v. James Rosatto & a94-59402/12/96
State of NH v. Razial Kochvi94-61202/12/96
Appeal of Leigh Williamson94-63102/12/96
Snow's Case 95-001,
Arthur A. and Shirley E. Geiss v. Claire B. Bourassa & a.94-36302/07/96
Key Bank of Maine v. John H. Latshaw, Sr. & a94-52902/07/96
Philip J. Weeks v. St. Paul Fire & Insurance Company94-56002/07/96
The State of New Hampshire v. Ezequiel Berrocales94-57302/07/96
Snow's CaseJD-95-00102/07/96
Kathy O'Donnell v. Moose Hill Orchards, Inc. & a.94-10701/31/96
Appeal of Erlon Elliott94-36001/31/96
David W. Taber v. Town of Westmoreland & a.94-47801/31/96

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