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State v. Harris  
Date: May 24, 2017
Docket Number: A15-0711

Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant was found guilty of possession of a firearm by an ineligible person. The court of appeals reversed, concluding that the evidence was insufficient to support the conviction. The State petitioned for review, argu...

Brown v. State  
Date: May 24, 2017
Docket Numbers: A15-1402, A16-0648

Justia Opinion Summary: Appellant was convicted of first-degree murder committed for the benefit of a gang. The Supreme Court affirmed. The day before the postconviction statute of limitations expired, Appellant filed his second petition for po...

Leiendecker v. Asian Women United of Minnesota  
Date: May 24, 2017
Docket Number: A16-0360

Justia Opinion Summary: Minn. Stat. 554.02, a section of Minnesota’s anti-SLAPP law, is unconstitutional as applied to claims at law alleging torts. Petitioners sued Asian Women United of Minnesota (AWUM), a nonprofit organization, seeking to...

State v. Ali  
Date: May 17, 2017
Docket Number: A16-0553

Justia Opinion Summary: Appellant, a juvenile offender, challenged the district court’s imposition of three consecutive sentences of life imprisonment with the possibility of release after thirty years on each sentence for his three murder conv...

State v. Webster  
Date: May 10, 2017
Docket Number: A16-0894

Justia Opinion Summary: The Supreme Court affirmed Defendant’s conviction for first-degree felony murder rendered after a jury trial. The district court sentenced Defendant to life imprisonment with the possibility of release after thirty years...

Gilbertson v. Williams Dingmann, LLC  
Date: May 3, 2017
Docket Number: A16-0895

Justia Opinion Summary: Based on the plain language of Minn. Stat. 176.101, subd. 1(i), the Supreme Court held that an offer to return to work with the same employer is not “consistent with” an employee’s rehabilitation plan stating that the em...

Harmon v. Commissioner of Revenue  
Date: May 3, 2017
Docket Number: A16-0973

Justia Opinion Summary: This tax dispute arose out of a failed real estate investment that resulted in significant tax consequences for Germaine Harmon, the widow of one of the original investors. Harmon challenged the Commissioner of Revenue’s...

State v. Boecker  
Date: April 26, 2017
Docket Number: A15-1058

Justia Opinion Summary: In 2015, Appellant was charged with two counts of first-degree driving while impaired (DWI). Appellant contested the use of his 1998 conviction for criminal vehicular operation resulting in substantial bodily harm to enh...

State v. Mosley  
Date: April 26, 2017
Docket Number: A16-1385

Justia Opinion Summary: After a bench trial, Appellant was convicted of three counts of first-degree premeditated murder. The Supreme Court affirmed on direct appeal. Appellant then filed a pro se petition for postconviction relief, arguing tha...

Peterson v. City of Minneapolis  
Date: April 12, 2017
Docket Number: A15-1711

Justia Opinion Summary: Respondent worked as a police officer for Appellant City of Minneapolis. When the City transferred Respondent from his position with the Violent Offender Task Force to another police unit Respondent was fifty-four years...

State v. Guzman  
Date: April 12, 2017
Docket Number: A15-1773

Justia Opinion Summary: A grand jury indicted Appellant for first-degree premeditated murder. After a jury trial, Appellant was found guilty as charged. The district court sentenced Appellant to life imprisonment without the possibility of rele...

Lo v. Commissioner of Revenue  
Date: April 12, 2017
Docket Number: A16-0918

Justia Opinion Summary: In 1999, Yik Lo created H.K.D. Lo, Inc. Yik and his wife, Yau Lo, operated several restaurants through H.K.D., the last of which they sold in 2005. In approximately 2004, Yik and Yau’s son, Kee Lo, opened a restaurant ca...

LaPoint v. Family Orthodontics, P.A.  
Date: April 5, 2017
Docket Number: A15-0396

Justia Opinion Summary: After Nicole LaPoint applied for a job with Family Orthodontics, the company’s owner, Dr. Angela Ross, offered LaPoint a job as an orthodontic assistant. When LaPoint told Dr. Ross that she was pregnant, Family Orthodont...

Wilbur v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co.  
Date: April 5, 2017
Docket Number: A15-1438

Justia Opinion Summary: Appellant suffered injuries after being hit by another driver. The at-fault driver’s liability insurer paid Appellant $100,000, the full amount available under the policy. Appellant made a settlement demand on State Farm...

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