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Lowrey v. LMPS & LMPJ, Inc. (Opinion on Application)  
Date: December 13, 2016
Docket Number: 153025

Justia Opinion Summary: On a snowy night, plaintiff Krystal Lowrey went with friends to defendant Woody’s Diner for drinks to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. While exiting the diner, she fell on the stairs and injured herself. She brought this pre...

Yono v. Dept. of Transportation (Opinion - Leave Granted)  
Date: July 27, 2016
Docket Number: 150364

Justia Opinion Summary: Helen Yono brought an action in the Court of Claims against the Department of Transportation, seeking damages for injuries sustained when she stepped into a depression in a parallel-parking space and fell. The Department...

Ronnisch Construction Group, Inc. v. Lofts on the Nine, LLC (Opinion - Leave Granted)  
Date: July 26, 2016
Docket Number: 150029

Justia Opinion Summary: At issue in this case was whether plaintiff, Ronnisch Construction Group (RCG), could seek attorney fees under section 118(2), MCL 570.1118(2), of the Construction Lien Act (CLA) from defendant Lofts on the Nine, LLC (LO...

Hecht v. National Heritage Academies, Inc. (Opinion - Leave Granted)  
Date: July 26, 2016
Docket Number: 150616

Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant, National Heritage Academies, Inc., was a company that owned and operated a number of public, independently operated schools, including Linden Charter Academy (LCA) located in Flint, Michigan. Plaintiff, Craig...

Arbuckle v. General Motors, LLC (Opinion on Application)  
Date: July 15, 2016
Docket Number: 151277

Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiff Clifton Arbuckle sustained a work-related back injury while working for General Motors Corporation (GM), and in May 1993 began receiving a disability pension. He retired that month and was subsequently awarded...

Innovation Ventures, LLC v. Liquid Manufacturing, LLC (Opinion - Leave Granted)  
Date: July 14, 2016
Docket Number: 150591

Justia Opinion Summary: In 2007, plaintiff Innovation Ventures, LLC engaged defendants Andrew Krause and K & L Development of Michigan (K & L Development) to design, manufacture, and install manufacturing and packaging equipment for the product...

In re Certified Question (Deacon v. Pandora) (Opinion on Application)  
Date: July 6, 2016
Docket Number: 151104

Justia Opinion Summary: Peter Deacon, individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated, brought an action in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California against Pandora Media, Inc., which operated an Inte...

Bernardoni v. City of Saginaw (Opinion on Application)  
Date: July 1, 2016
Docket Number: 152097

Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiff was walking on a sidewalk in defendant city when she was injured after tripping on a 2.5-inch vertical discontinuity between adjacent sidewalk slabs. She sued defendant, alleging inter alia that the sidewalk’s...

Kozak v. City of Lincoln Park (Opinion on Application)  
Date: June 30, 2016
Docket Number: 152514

Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiff Barbara Kozak alleged she was injured while crossing Kings Highway in Lincoln Park when she tripped over a three-inch elevation differential between the two slabs of concrete that met at the centerline of the s...

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