Maryland Court of Appeals Decisions 2005

Case Date
Attorney Grievance v. Ash390 Md. 34212/27/05
Attorney Grievance v. Kinnane390 Md. 32412/23/05
Attorney Grievance v. Lee390 Md. 34112/23/05
Attorney Grievance v. Maignan390 Md. 28712/22/05
Attorney Grievance v. Logan390 Md. 31312/22/05
MVA v. Iliano390 Md. 26512/16/05
Grandison v. State390 Md. 41212/16/05
Nasseri v. GEICO390 Md. 18812/15/05
Greenpoint v. Schlossberg390 Md. 21112/15/05
Attorney Grievance v. Theriault390 Md. 20212/15/05
Attorney Grievance v. Hook390 Md. 26412/15/05
Moore v. State390 Md. 34312/14/05
Stanley v. State390 Md. 17512/13/05
Board of Ed v. Norville390 Md. 9312/12/05
MVA v Weller390 Md. 11512/12/05
Kane v. Board of Appeals390 Md. 14512/12/05
Stouffer v. Pearson390 Md. 3612/08/05
Bernadyn v. State390 Md. 112/08/05
Daugherty v. Daugherty390 Md. 8812/08/05
Boyd v. Bell-Atlantic390 Md. 6012/08/05
Stoddard v. State389 Md. 68112/08/05
Benson v. State389 Md. 61512/07/05
Gilmer v. State389 Md. 65612/07/05
Baker v. State389 Md. 61412/05/05
Baker v. State389 Md. 61312/02/05
Attorney Grievance v. Leonhart389 Md. 61212/01/05
Lawson v. State389 Md. 57011/28/05
State v. Blythe390 Md. 32311/23/05
Baker v. State390 Md. 32211/23/05
Attorney Grievance v. Weiss389 Md. 53111/22/05
Attorney Grievance v. Kwarteng389 Md. 53011/21/05
Massey v. Dept. of Corrections389 Md. 49611/21/05
Simpkins v. Ford Motor389 Md. 42611/15/05
Attorney Grievance v. Cappell389 Md. 40211/15/05
Evans v. State389 Md. 45611/10/05
Hackley v. State389 Md. 38711/09/05
Debbas v. Nelson389 Md. 36411/09/05
Dept. of Public Safety v. Palmer389 Md. 44311/08/05
Whiting v. State389 Md. 33411/08/05
Attorney Grievance v. Davis389 Md. 33311/07/05
Attorney Grievance v. Johnson389 Md. 33211/04/05
Attorney Grievance v. Joe389 Md. 33111/01/05
Nnoli v. Nnoli389 Md. 31510/17/05
Harvey v. Marshall389 Md. 24310/14/05
Jordan v. Twelve Hills389 Md. 24210/12/05
Attorney Grievance v. Evans389 Md. 24110/11/05
Attorney Grievance v. Kovacic389 Md. 22310/11/05
Attorney Grievance v. Robertson389 Md. 23110/06/05
Landon v. Zorn389 Md. 18710/06/05
Royal Plaza v. Bonds389 Md. 18710/04/05
Attorney Grievance v. Parker389 Md. 14210/04/05
Comptroller v. Citicorp389 Md. 15610/04/05
Baker v. State389 Md. 12710/03/05
Attorney Grievance v. McClain389 Md. 12309/30/05
Attorney Grievance v. Page389 Md. 12209/29/05
Attorney Grievance v. Tousey389 Md. 12009/20/05
Attorney Grievance v. Rosenberg389 Md. 11909/20/05
Attorney Grievance v. Berger389 Md. 11809/20/05
Medical Mutual v. Davis389 Md. 9509/15/05
PSC v. Wilson389 Md. 2709/13/05
Design Kitchen v. Lagos388 Md. 71809/12/05
Lubin v. Agora389 Md. 109/12/05
Questar v. Pillar388 Md. 67509/09/05
Rausch v. Allstate388 Md. 69009/08/05
Uninsured Employers v. Danner388 Md. 64909/07/05
Moore v. State388 Md. 62309/07/05
Attorney Grievance v. Shryock388 Md. 62209/02/05
Attorney Grievance v. Brandes388 Md. 62008/16/05
Rhaney v. UMES388 Md. 58508/15/05
Gatewood v. State388 Md. 52608/15/05
Downes v. Downes388 Md. 56108/15/05
Smith and Mack v. State388 Md. 46808/12/05
Reichs Ford Road v. State Highway388 Md. 50008/12/05
Moore v. State388 Md. 44608/11/05
Doe v. Pharmacia388 Md. 40708/11/05
Wynn v. State388 Md. 42308/11/05
Gray v. State388 Md. 36608/10/05
General Motors v. Seay388 Md. 34108/10/05
Taylor v. State388 Md. 28508/10/05
Medical Mutual v. Goldstein388 Md. 29908/09/05
Sweeney v. Savings First Mortgage388 Md. 31908/09/05
Attorney Grievance v. Liniak388 Md. 29808/08/05
Attorney Grievance v. Blum08/08/05
In Re: Anthony W.388 Md. 25108/01/05
Lopez-Sanchez v. State388 Md. 21407/28/05
Attorney Grievance v. Cherry-Mahoi388 Md. 12407/21/05
PG v. Local Government388 Md. 16207/21/05
National Union Fire v. Bramble388 Md. 19507/21/05
Young v. State388 Md. 9907/19/05
Solberg v. Majerle388 Md. 28107/18/05
Gonzales v. State388 Md. 6307/15/05
Johnson v. Nationwide388 Md. 8207/15/05
Mason v. Lynch388 Md. 3707/15/05
Attorney Grievance v. Partridge387 Md. 68207/08/05
Ross v. Board of Elections387 Md. 64906/23/05
Attorney Grievance v. Zakroff387 Md. 60306/23/05
Greenbriar v. Brooks387 Md. 68306/22/05
Beyond v. Realtime388 Md. 106/22/05
Attorney Grievance v. Pennington387 Md. 56506/22/05
Lightolier v. Hoon387 Md. 53906/21/05
Attorney Grievance v. Kreamer387 Md. 50306/21/05
In Re: Billy W.387 Md. 40506/13/05
Salvagno v. Frew388 Md. 60506/10/05
State v. Allen387 Md. 38906/10/05
Application of Sanderson387 Md. 35206/09/05
Board of Education v. Bradford387 Md. 35306/09/05
Brown v. Culbertson387 Md. 50106/09/05
CSX v. Miller387 Md. 35106/07/05
Goff v. State387 Md. 32706/06/05
South Easton v. Easton387 Md. 46806/04/05
Attorney Grievance v. Zuckerman387 Md. 32606/02/05
Manor Country Club v. Flaa387 Md. 19705/18/05
In Re: Ashley E.387 Md. 26005/17/05
Attorney Grievance v. Scroggs387 Md. 23805/16/05
WMATA v. Seymour387 Md. 21705/13/05
Consumer Protection v. Morgan387 Md. 12505/13/05
Johnson v. Baltimore387 Md. 105/12/05
Remes v. Montgomery County387 Md. 5205/12/05
Bryant v. Social Services387 Md. 3005/12/05
Attorney Grievance v. Lee387 Md. 8905/12/05
In Re: Billy W.386 Md. 67505/11/05
Yivo Institute v. Zaleski386 Md. 65405/11/05
Thomas v. Gladstone386 Md. 69305/11/05
Gorge v. State386 Md. 60005/10/05
Attorney Grievance v. Jordan386 Md. 58305/10/05
Aviation Administration v. Noland386 Md. 55605/10/05
Empire v. Hardy386 Md. 62805/10/05
Attorney Grievance v. Weiskopf386 Md. 65205/10/05
Attorney Grievance v. Leffler386 Md. 62705/10/05
Attorney Grievance v. Glenn386 Md. 65305/10/05
De La Puente v. Frederick County386 Md. 50505/05/05
Attorney Grievance v. Helt386 Md. 50304/29/05
Attorney Grievance v. Cooke386 Md. 50404/29/05
Attorney Grievance v. Walsh386 Md. 50104/29/05
Attorney Grievance v. Pistolas386 Md. 50204/29/05
Owens-Illinois v. Cook386 Md. 46804/26/05
Walther v. Sovereign Bank386 Md. 40104/20/05
State v. Glass386 Md. 40104/18/05
Attorney Grievance v. Mitchell386 Md. 38604/15/05
Attorney Grievance v. Zuckerman386 Md. 34104/13/05
Cain v. State386 Md. 32004/12/05
In Re: Adoption of Victor A.386 Md. 28804/12/05
Attorney Grievance v. Prichard386 Md. 23804/11/05
Cotton v. State386 Md. 24904/11/05
Bienkowski v. Brooks386 Md. 51604/11/05
Brewer v. Brewer386 Md. 18304/08/05
Piper Rudnick v. Hartz386 Md. 20104/08/05
Rios v. Montgomery County386 Md. 10404/07/05
Boas v. Gonzales386 Md. 17904/07/05
Attorney Grievance v. Richardson386 Md. 17804/07/05
Spain v. State386 Md. 14504/07/05
MMTA v Property & Casualty386 Md. 8804/06/05
Attorney Grievance v. Rodgers386 Md. 8704/05/05
Attorney Grievance v. Dickerson386 Md. 8604/05/05
Smith v. Lead386 Md. 1204/04/05
Renbaum v. Custom Holding386 Md. 2804/04/05
Mohan v. Norris386 Md. 6304/04/05
Medley v. State386 Md. 304/01/05
Evans v. State386 Md. 204/01/05
Attorney Grievance v. Sobo386 Md. 103/31/05
Attorney Grievance v. Steinberg385 Md. 69603/18/05
Ragland v. State385 Md. 70603/18/05
Attorney Grievance v. Bourexis385 Md. 72703/18/05
Attorney Grievance v. Brisbon385 Md. 66703/17/05
Afamefune v. Suburban Hospital385 Md. 67703/17/05
Attorney Grievance v. James385 Md. 63703/16/05
State v. Manck385 Md. 58103/15/05
State v. Campbell385 Md. 61603/15/05
Schwartz v. DNR385 Md. 53403/14/05
Kushell v. DNR385 Md. 56303/14/05
Hart v. Swaroop385 Md. 51403/14/05
Duckworth v. Deane385 Md. 50903/11/05
Polakoff v. Turner385 Md. 46703/11/05
Gleneagles v. Hanks385 Md. 49203/11/05
Gwin v. MVA385 Md. 44003/10/05
McDermott v. Dougherty385 Md. 32003/10/05
Attorney Grievance v. Stanley385 Md. 31903/09/05
State v. Burris385 Md. 31803/09/05
Attorney Grievance v. Bowytz385 Md. 28002/15/05
State v. Price385 Md. 26102/14/05
Roary v. State385 Md. 21702/11/05
Battee v. APG385 Md. 25802/11/05
Wilson v. Crane385 Md. 18502/10/05
Cooley v. State385 Md. 16502/10/05
In Re: Samone H.385 Md. 28202/09/05
Boyle v. Park and Planning385 Md. 14202/09/05
Anderson v. State385 Md. 12302/09/05
Application of Costanzo385 Md. 12202/09/05
Rockwood v. Uninsured Employers385 Md. 9902/08/05
State v. Snowden385 Md. 6402/07/05
Attorney Grievance v. Robertson385 Md. 6302/07/05
Williams v. State385 Md. 5002/04/05
Attorney Grievance v. Ellison384 Md. 68802/04/05
Hoffman v. Stamper385 Md. 102/04/05
Attorney Grievance v. Keller384 Md. 68702/02/05
Jones v. State384 Md. 66901/20/05
DeSantis v. State384 Md. 65601/19/05
Brogden v. State384 Md. 63101/18/05
Dehn v. Edgecombe384 Md. 60601/14/05
Comptroller v. Phillips384 Md. 58301/13/05
Cannon v. Cannon384 Md. 53701/12/05
Baker v. State384 Md. 53701/11/05
Attorney Grievance v. Ashworth384 Md. 53601/05/05

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