Kansas Supreme Court Decisions 2001

Case Docket Date
State v. Kleypas8092012/28/01
In re Gribble0952312/19/01
State v. Greene8093712/14/01
State v. Flournoy8404212/14/01
State v. Brown8460612/14/01
State v. Broyles8525612/14/01
State v. Brown8613012/14/01
State v. Livingston8623012/14/01
Whisler v. State8636512/14/01
Doty v. Frontier Communications, Inc.8676912/14/01
Rebarchek v. Farmers Co-op Elevator & Mercantile Ass'n8266212/07/01
State v. Cody8312612/07/01
State v. Kneil8393812/07/01
State v. Navarro8431112/07/01
State v. Hermosillo8519712/07/01
State v. Gholston8524412/07/01
McCormick v. Board of Shawnee County Comm'rs8549912/07/01
State v. Groschang8554412/07/01
State v. Jones8555512/07/01
State v. Owens8562112/07/01
State v. Vasquez8562412/07/01
Webber v. Automotive Controls Corporation8575112/07/01
State v. Gardner8596412/07/01
Loucks v. Gallagher Woodsmall, Inc.8598012/07/01
Canaan v. Bartee8640612/07/01
Yetsko v. Panure8652212/07/01
Speth v. State Farm Fire & Casualty Co.8670712/07/01
In re Coder8739212/07/01
In re Brown8756812/07/01
State v. Verge8247111/16/01
State v. Bradford8316511/16/01
State v. Holmes8436011/09/01
Creason v. Unified Gov't of Wyandotte County8546911/02/01
State v. McKinney8321710/26/01
State v. Diggs8392410/26/01
State v. Betts8411210/26/01
State v. Leitner8427510/26/01
State v. Dean8428510/26/01
State v. Sanders8484310/26/01
In re Flack8685510/26/01
In re Marriage of Phillips8519110/19/01
State v. Gilbert8543110/19/01
State v. Lofton8543410/19/01
In re Care and Treatment of Saathoff8547110/19/01
State v. McDonald8569610/19/01
Drake v. Kansas Dept. Of Revenue8570510/19/01
Skov v. Wicker8591610/19/01
Barrett v. U.S.D. No. 2598602210/19/01
Hartford Underwriters Ins. Co. V. Kansas Dept. Of Human Resources8626810/19/01
City of Pratt v. Stover8668410/19/01
In re Johnson8674610/19/01
In re Craig8679410/19/01
In re Rauch8688710/19/01
In re Phillips7640310/18/01
In re Friesen0913110/16/01
State v. Garcia7994809/28/01
State ex rel. Brant v. Bank of America8628009/28/01
State v. Robbins8267809/28/01
Smith v. Amoco Production Co.8407609/21/01
Nold v. Binyon8429209/21/01
Irvin v. Smith8506309/21/01
State v. Graham8509809/14/01
Ward v. Ward8535209/14/01
In re Swarts8638409/14/01
In re Morris6786609/10/01
In Re Brock8567208/15/01
State v. Plaskett8180407/27/01
State v. Hill8314707/20/01
Connelly v. Kansas Highway Patrol8433807/20/01
State v. Deiterman8444907/20/01
Fowler v. Criticare Home Health Services, Inc.8308507/13/01
State v. Hymer8325407/13/01
State v. McKay8361107/13/01
State v. Coleman8392307/13/01
Unrau v. Kidron Bethen Retirement Services, Inc.8417107/13/01
State v. Lessley8425807/13/01
In re Tax Appeal of Farm Credit Svcs. Of Central KS8440407/13/01
State v. Kraus8442907/13/01
State v. Walker8446007/13/01
Shelton v. DeWitte8448807/13/01
State v. Wimbley8461507/13/01
Carlson v. Burkhart8465307/13/01
Pruter v. Larned State Hosp.8486507/13/01
State v. Branning8487607/13/01
State v. Agosto8500207/13/01
State v. Davis8509607/13/01
State v. Mueller8543907/13/01
In re Marriage of Willenberg8570107/13/01
McCraw v. City of Merriam8612707/13/01
In re Cramer8660907/13/01
In re Cleland8661007/13/01
The Wichita Eagle Beacon Co. v. Owens8713206/13/01
Halley v. Barnabe8329306/08/01
State v. Smith8369106/08/01
Mitchell v. Liberty Mut. Ins. Co.8483506/08/01
State v. Albright8402906/01/01
State v. Penn8427806/01/01
State v. Amos8458306/01/01
State v. Luna8467306/01/01
Bain v. Artzer8467806/01/01
State v. Higgenbotham8481306/01/01
Colorado Interstate Gas Co. V. Beshears8505206/01/01
State v. Ferguson8595606/01/01
In re Habeas Corpus Application of Pierpoint8607906/01/01
In re Johanning8641606/01/01
In re Rishel8652706/01/01
State v. Moore8241106/01/01
State v. Zabrinas8243006/01/01
City of Wichita v. Maddox8261806/01/01
BIGS v. City of Wichita8316806/01/01
State v. Deal8327606/01/01
State v. Medrano8334106/01/01
State v. McCarty8338806/01/01
State v. Ramos8348006/01/01
Johnson v. State8349506/01/01
State v. Bolton8371606/01/01
State v. Gould8264105/25/01
In re Carson0335605/04/01
In Re Islas8203704/27/01
GT, Kansas, L.L.C. v. Riley County Register of Deeds8369204/27/01
State v. Thompkins8387204/27/01
State v. Saenz8405404/27/01
State ex rel Stovall v. Meneley8457304/27/01
Employers Reinsurance Corp. V. Ks Comm'r of Insurance8511004/20/01
In re Tweedly8622004/20/01
In re Boaten8622104/20/01
In re Farrell8625504/20/01
State v. Hooker, Jr.8268604/20/01
Boyles v. City of Topeka8316104/20/01
State v. Crume, Jr.8336104/20/01
State v. Scott8364704/20/01
State v. Lopez8400704/20/01
State v. Alvidrez8452204/20/01
State v. McGill8457004/20/01
State v. Schwarm8465204/20/01
Fischer v. SRS8468104/20/01
Glaser v. Emporia USD No. 2538472604/20/01
Reno County Comm'rs v. Akins, et al.8474904/20/01
State v. Jones8481004/20/01
Schmidt v. Ks Bd. Of Technical Professions8493404/20/01
State v. Murry8501104/20/01
Krantz v. Univ. Of Kansas, et al.8502104/20/01
Matjasich and Hanson v. Ks Dept. Of Human Resources8509504/20/01
Prager v. State8371403/23/01
State v. Crum8357403/16/01
In re L.A.8379303/16/01
Heiland v. Dunnick8131903/09/01
State v. Manning8244703/09/01
State v. Sophophone8264703/09/01
State v. Donesay8267903/09/01
State v. Pink8292003/09/01
In re Arabia8300403/09/01
State v. Jackson8308403/09/01
State v. Cuchy8317603/09/01
State v. Caenen8320803/09/01
State v. Gray8343003/09/01
State v. Murphy8345203/09/01
Zimmerman v. Mahaska Bottling Co.8355403/09/01
Adams v. Via Christi Regional Med. Center8394703/09/01
Parsons v. Bruce8464503/09/01
Petty v. City of El Dorado8466503/09/01
In re Zimmerman8548703/09/01
In re Lund8604003/09/01
In re Yoe1540002/14/01
In re Kraushaar8326302/13/01
Kansas Dept. Of SRS v. Paillet8295002/02/01
State v. Evans8445801/26/01
State v. Sandifer8461101/26/01
State v. Martin8462101/26/01
Friesen-Hall v. Colle8496701/26/01
In re Gershater8499401/26/01
In re Brock8567201/26/01
In re Lockett8576601/26/01
State v. Jones8224301/26/01
State v. Engles8320401/26/01
State v. Hayes8364501/26/01
State v. Bey8378701/26/01
Reifschneider v. Kansas State Lottery8397201/26/01
Carlson v. Ferguson8435501/26/01
In re Davisson8142701/18/01
In re Bennett8216801/12/01

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