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Bess v. State  
Date: September 14, 2016
Docket Number: 09S02-1609-CR-484

Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant pleaded guilty to one count of child solicitation as a Level 5 felony. The offense carried a sentencing range of one to six years, with three years being the advisory sentence. The trial court sentenced Defenda...

D.A. v. State  
Date: September 1, 2016
Docket Number: 48S02-1604-MI-183

Justia Opinion Summary: D.A. filed a petition for the expungement of several criminal conviction records. The trial court granted the petition and ordered the expungement of certain records related to D.A.’s convictions. Thereafter, Petitioner...

In the Matter of: Harold E. Bean
Date: September 1, 2016
Docket Number: 49S00-1601-DI-2
Day v. State  
Date: August 29, 2016
Docket Number: 24S05-1606-CR-358

Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant and his wife were on the brink of divorce when Defendant screamed in his wife’s face and spat in her eye. Defendant was found guilty of B-misdemeanor disorderly conduct for knowingly or intentionally engaging i...

Burnell v. State  
Date: August 23, 2016
Docket Number: 29S02-1512-CR-707

Justia Opinion Summary: Kristy Burnell’s driver’s license was administratively suspended on the grounds that Burnell failed to submit to a chemical test. Burnell sought judicial review. The trial court declined to set aside the suspension, conc...

R.S. v. Marion County Dep’t of Child Servs. & Child Advocates, Inc.  
Date: August 16, 2016
Docket Number: 49S04-1606-JT-350

Justia Opinion Summary: After Child was found to be a child in need of services as to Mother and Father, Department of Child Services filed a petition to terminate Father’s parental rights. After a termination hearing, the trial court concluded...

Weaver v. State  
Date: August 4, 2016
Docket Number: 32S04-1608-CR-415

Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant was convicted for refusing to identify himself to a law enforcement official. A majority of the court of appeals reversed, concluding that there was insufficient evidence to support the conviction. One judge di...

In re Hon. William I. Garrard  
Date: August 3, 2016
Docket Number: 98S00-1607-JD-381

Justia Opinion Summary: Respondent, Senior Judge William I. Garrard, was arrested and convicted for operating while intoxicated endangering a person. As a result of his conviction, the Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications brought a jud...

State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co. v. Jakubowicz  
Date: July 26, 2016
Docket Number: 45S05-1605-CT-253

Justia Opinion Summary: Carol Jakubowicz and her two minor sons were involved in a car accident with Ronald Williams that resulted in injuries to the Jakubowiczs. Jakubowicz filed suit on behalf of herself and her sons against Williams. More th...

In the Matter of: Joseph C. Lehman
Date: July 21, 2016
Docket Number: 20S00-1507-DI-431
Jay Classroom Teachers Ass’n v. Jay School Corp.  
Date: July 21, 2016
Docket Number: 49S05-1603-PL-113

Justia Opinion Summary: Pursuant to 2011 amendments to statutes addressing collective bargaining for teachers and their employees, when parties failed to reach a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) regarding salaries and wages, the Indiana Ed...

In the Matter of: Timohty S. Durham
Date: July 20, 2016
Docket Number: 49S00-1212-DI-672
Victor Roar v. State of Indiana
Date: July 12, 2016
Docket Number: 49S02-1607-CR-372
Bradley v. State  
Date: July 7, 2016
Docket Number: 49S05-1602-CR-83

Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant was arrested and charged with several drug-related offenses. Defendant filed a motion to suppress all evidence seized as a result of a search of his home conducted without a warrant. The trial court largely den...

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