Illinois Industrial Commission Decisions 1999

Case Date
Reliance Elevator Co. v. Industrial Comm'n1-98-2105WC12/20/99
Skidis v. Industrial Comm'n5-98-0419WC12/02/99
Freeman United Coal Mining Co. v. Industrial Comm'n5-98-0653WC11/03/99
Jackson v. Industrial Comm'n4-98-0383WC10/22/99
Becker v. Industrial Comm'n3-98-0889WC10/18/99
Efremidis v. Industrial Comm'n1-98-1347WC10/18/99
Smith v. Industrial Comm'n3-98-0827WC10/13/99
McDaneld v. Industrial Comm'n5-98-0564WC10/01/99
Dodson v. Industrial Comm'n5-98-0304WC09/29/99
Peabody Coal Co. v. Industrial Comm'n5-98-0759WC09/29/99
DeSalvo v. Industrial Comm'n1-98-2477WC08/31/99
Correct Construction Co. v. Industrial Comm'n1-98-4290WC08/31/99
Beaudette v. Industrial Comm'n1-98-2217WC08/29/99
Green v. Industrial Comm'n3-98-0009WC08/17/99
Zanger v. Industrial Comm'n4-98-0892WC08/05/99
Westinghouse Airbrake Co. v. Industrial Comm'n3-98-0470WC07/29/99
Contreras v. Industrial Comm'n1-98-1357WC07/27/99
Alexander v. Industrial Comm'n1-98-1628WC07/20/99
J & R Carrozza Plumbing Co. v. Industrial Comm'n1-98-2369WC07/20/99
Bennet Auto Rebuilders v. Industrial Comm'n1-98-3277WC07/13/99
Bechtel Group, Inc. v. Industrial Comm'n2-98-1015WC06/28/99
Radaszewski v. Industrial Comm'n1-98-1764WC06/15/99
Karastamatis v. Industrial Comm'n1-98-2327WC06/15/99
Campbell-Peterson v. Industrial Comm'n2-98-0765WC06/03/99
Nelson v. Industrial Comm'n1-98-0141WC06/01/99
Complete Vending Services, Inc. v. Industrial Comm'n2-98-1003WC05/26/99
Forest Preserve District v. Industrial Comm'n1-98-2705WC05/25/99
Segers v. Industrial Commission5-98-0208WC05/19/99
Siddens v. Industrial Comm'n4-98-0117WC04/23/99
Perry v. Industrial Comm'n2-98-0761WC04/20/99
Kendall County Public Defender's Office v. Industrial Comm'n2-98-0486WC04/19/99
Jensen v. Industrial Comm'n1-97-2967WC04/13/99
A.C. & S. v. Industrial Comm'n1-98-0700WC03/09/99
Waldorf Corp. v. Industrial Comm'n1-97-2248WC03/02/99
Messamore v. Industrial Comm'n4-97-1080WC01/22/99
Elliott v. Industrial Comm'n1-98-0250WC01/19/99

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