Illinois Court of Appeals - Fourth Appellate District Decisions 2002

Case Date
Forrester v. Seven Seventeen HB St. Louis Redevelopment4-02-027812/16/02
Blumhorst v. Illinois Department of Employment Security4-02-003812/12/02
Reddy v. Illinois Department of Professional Regulations4-01-105512/12/02
People v. Allen4-00-078612/10/02
People v. Roberson4-01-102312/10/02
In re Guardianship of Muellner4-02-014812/10/02
People v. Bruer4-02-025912/10/02
In re Brandon E.H.4-01-025112/05/02
People v. Abdullah4-00-056812/02/02
People v. Olsson4-01-030512/02/02
People v. Cookson4-01-076512/02/02
In re: Zachariah Mc.,4-01-081612/02/02
People v. Johnson4-01-103912/02/02
People v. Lawton4-02-018912/02/02
People v. Luth4-01-016511/20/02
Lyon v. Department of Children & Family Services4-01-076011/20/02
City of Urbana v. Andrew N.B.4-01-077311/20/02
People v. Redwood4-02-002511/20/02
People v. Lappin4-02-013811/20/02
Applegate v. State of Illinois Department of Transportation4-01-058211/15/02
People v. Wharton4-00-076910/28/02
People v. Johnson4-01-073910/28/02
Prairie Rivers Network v. Illinois Pollution Control Board4-01-080110/24/02
People v. Callahan4-99-104310/18/02
Dahman v. Illinois Department of Human Rights4-01-067510/18/02
In re Brianna B.4-01-039110/16/02
Central Illinois Light Co. v. Illinois Department of Revenue4-01-094210/16/02
People v. Thoennes4-00-077610/09/02
People v. Staley4-01-048510/09/02
People v. Olivieri4-00-074110/04/02
Penn v. Gerig4-01-019610/04/02
Myers v. Bash4-01-096310/04/02
In re Marriage of Crook4-01-114710/04/02
People v. Moreno4-00-097209/04/02
Newsome v. Illinois Prison Review Board4-00-104109/04/02
In re Detention of Isbell4-00-040408/30/02
People v. Budzynski4-01-074008/23/02
In re: Marriage of Seitzinger4-01-074308/23/02
Harbour v. Melton4-01-093608/23/02
Commerce Bank v. Youth Services of Mid-Illinois Inc.4-01-099908/23/02
People v. Brown4-02-026108/23/02
Courson v. Danville School District No. 1184-00-019208/14/02
Caruth v. Quinley4-00-096008/14/02
People v. Ottinger4-01-090408/14/02
Thomas v. Hileman4-01-095008/14/02
Hogan v. Adams4-01-097408/14/02
Hunter v. Southworth Products Corp.4-01-115208/14/02
Mason v. Snyder4-01-087808/01/02
Dotson v. Former Shareholders of Abraham Lincoln Land and Cattle Co.4-01-098908/01/02
Harder v. First Capital Bank4-00-100507/29/02
City of Springfield v. Hashman4-01-000207/29/02
Bachman v. General Motors Corp.4-01-023707/29/02
People v. Campbell4-99-009907/26/02
Wakeland v. City of Urbana4-01-099107/26/02
Illinois Licensed Beverage Assoc. v. Advanta Leasing Services4-01-099807/26/02
People v. Granados4-01-1045,
People v. McCormick4-00-021407/17/02
People v. Campbell4-01-055107/17/02
People v. Montgomery4-01-070607/17/02
In re: Marriage of Roney4-01-078507/17/02
Myers v. Heritage Enterprises, Inc.4-01-100307/17/02
Anders v. Industrial Comm'n4-01-0839WC,
American Federation of State, County, & Municipal Employees, Council 31 v. Ryan4-02-052707/10/02
JMH Properties, Inc. v. Industrial Comm'n4-01-0852WC07/09/02
People v. James4-01-017707/03/02
Towne Realty, Inc. v. Shaffer4-01-059106/25/02
Mason Manufacturing, Inc. v. Industrial Comm'n4-01-0876WC06/21/02
People v. Avant4-00-018306/17/02
Rexroad v. City of Springfield4-01-067406/17/02
Champaign Township v. County of Champaign4-01-091106/17/02
In re Chyna B.4-01-115906/17/02
Cooper v. Illinois State University4-01-064406/11/02
People v. Jackson4-00-091006/07/02
Mefford v. White4-01-042106/07/02
People v. Jenkins4-01-048306/07/02
Redwood v. Lierman4-01-061206/07/02
Nichols v. Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's London4-01-072106/07/02
People v. Hillsman4-00-087305/17/02
Kinzinger v. Tull4-01-010105/17/02
Daugherty v. Burns4-01-079505/17/02
In re: Marriage of Ludwinski4-01-085305/17/02
People v. Terry4-00-043505/13/02
Krohe v. City of Bloomington4-01-022905/13/02
People v. Shanklin4-01-084705/13/02
People v. Travis4-00-077104/30/02
Fischer v. Senior Living Properties, L.L.C.4-01-049604/30/02
Boehm v. Ramey4-01-064204/30/02
In re: Marriage of Means4-01-092404/30/02
Maffett v. Bliss4-01-056904/23/02
Brandt v. Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center4-01-064104/23/02
People v. Hancock4-01-067804/23/02
In re E.M.4-01-081904/23/02
Shields Pork Plus, Inc. v. Swiss Valley Ag Service4-01-023904/16/02
People v. Hughes4-01-025604/16/02
In re Estate of Hurst4-01-052804/16/02
Terry v. Watts Copy Systems, Inc.4-01-068904/16/02
People v. Bramlett4-00-099104/16/02
Prairie Eye Center Ltd. v. Butler4-01-000504/16/02
Shannon v. Boise Cascade4-01-014304/16/02
Kleczek v. Jorgensen4-01-029504/10/02
Nationwide General Insurance Co. v. Shapo4-01-052404/10/02
Trust No. 1105 v. People ex rel. Little4-01-069004/10/02
In re Marriage of Stopher4-01-080404/10/02
Dickson v. West Koke Mill Village Partners4-01-063204/09/02
In re Marriage of Deem4-01-054603/15/02
City of Springfield v. Industrial Comm'n4-00-0562WC02/25/02
People v. Freed4-01-083102/20/02
Sisbro, Inc. v. Industrial Comm'n4-01-0007WC02/08/02
People v. Brown4-99-073502/06/02
People v. Beler4-00-008802/06/02
People v. Milligan4-00-035902/06/02
In re Marriage of Murphy4-01-029202/06/02
Copeland v. McLean4-01-056702/06/02
Rainbow Apartments v. Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board4-00-070301/30/02
People v. Lewis4-00-074601/29/02
People v. Kruger4-00-094801/29/02
Mars, Inc. v. Heritage Builders of Effingham, Inc.4-01-035201/29/02
People v. Johnson4-00-027101/24/02
People v. Herring4-00-033901/24/02
People v. Sutton4-00-071901/24/02
Illinois Education Ass'n v. Illinois State Board of Education4-01-022501/24/02
Scroggins v. Scroggins4-01-023201/24/02
Rice v. Board of Trustees4-01-032701/24/02
People v. Fulkerson4-01-034501/24/02
In re Marriage of Craig4-01-058301/24/02
In re Jesus R.4-99-086301/16/02
People v. Jackson4-00-032501/16/02
Graves v. Chief Legal Counsel of the Illinois Department of Human Rights4-00-092501/16/02
People v. Love4-00-094201/16/02
In re M.F.4-01-016401/16/02
City of Quincy v. Diamond Construction Co.4-01-032801/16/02
People v. Ledesma4-99-028001/14/02
Broadnax v. Morrow4-00-017601/14/02
People v. Reeves4-00-031701/14/02
In re N.S.4-00-057501/14/02
People v. George4-00-060701/14/02
People v. Neylon4-00-093601/14/02
Jacksonville Savings Bank v. Kovack4-01-073001/14/02
People v. Washington4-00-033401/10/02

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