Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal Decisions

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Recent Cases

Case Docket Date
MCG Financial Services, L.L.C., d/b/a Approved Associates, also d/b/a NHC Hospitality Consultants & Accountants, Inc. and Joel Mason v. Technogroup, Inc., d/b/a accelerated Business Solutions4D13-147009/24/14
Paul David Wilder v. State4D13-186509/24/14
Real Estate Mortgage Network, Inc. v. Richard Night and Janet Knight4D13-188009/24/14
2010-3 SPR Venture, LLC v. Melissa A. Garcia, etc., Boca Gardens Homeowners Association, Inc., Capital One Bank, Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, etc.4D13-199209/24/14
Howard Fitzgerald Orr v. State4D13-480009/24/14
Brian W. Arend v. State4D14-248809/24/14
Advanced Chiropractic And Rehabilitation Center v. United Automobile Insurance Company4D11-480109/17/14
Gibson Paul v. State4D12-241809/17/14
Geico General Insurance Company v. Kelly Paton4D12-460609/17/14
Norrell Sutherland and Nadina Sutherland v. Brian Allison, Deputy Perez and Ric L. Bradshaw, in his official capacity as Sheriff of Palm Beach County, Florida4D13-157309/17/14
Safeco Insurance Company of Illinois v. Christine A. Beare4D13-310409/17/14
Marisa Oliveira Almedia v. JP Morgan Chase Bank4D13-363909/17/14
Derek Kudson v. Monique Drobnak4D13-371409/17/14
Renette Gabriel and Jean Robert Dorestin v. Citizens Property Insurance Corporation4D13-383009/17/14
Delseta M. Heslop v. The Townhomes of Plantation Condominium Association, Inc.4D13-480309/17/14

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