Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal Decisions

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Recent Cases

Case Docket Date
Jose Martinez Flores v. State4D08-386607/16/14
Kendrick C. Silver v. State4D11-33507/16/14
We Help Community Development Corporation v. Ciras, LLC4D11-143707/16/14
and 4D13-871-Javarous Dawson v. State4D11-242807/16/14
Mitchell Landis v. State4D12-198907/16/14
Robert Maine v. State4D12-449107/16/14
Palm Beach Park Centre 4, LLC v. Town of Palm Beach4D13-199307/16/14
Andrew J. Andrist and Douglas S. Stanhope v. Stephen P. Spleen4D13-281807/16/14
Harvey M. Hill v. State4D13-367207/16/14
Rocco James Napoli v. Susan Campbell Napoli4D14-23407/16/14
Calvin E. Suggs, Jr. v. State4D14-37307/16/14
C.C.-R., the mother v. Department of Children & Families4D14-40307/16/14
Arlene Donovan v. Florida Peninsula Insurance Company4D11-464807/09/14
Larry Claycomb v. State of Florida4D12-183407/09/14
Joan Herring v. Christopher Rinaldi, etc., et al.4D12-335807/09/14

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