Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal Decisions

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Recent Cases

Case Docket Date
Dwight Parker v. State4D10-465307/23/14
Keith Lines v. State4D11-93107/23/14
and 4D12-4312-Sharon P. Talbot v. Margaret A. Rosenbaum4D11-433807/23/14
Michael Haspel v. State4D12-31707/23/14
Dominique Wright v. State4D12-112407/23/14
Leroy Mackey v. State4D12-157307/23/14
Adam Justin Steele v. Charity Noel Love4D12-350707/23/14
, 4D12-3813, 4D12-3814 and 4D12-4174-Jimmy Smith v. State4D12-381207/23/14
John Ferretti v. State4D12-427507/23/14
Garry Augustus Sheppard v. State4D12-457407/23/14
Marcus Kennard Lewis v. State4D12-458707/23/14
The Florida Philharmonic Orchestra, Inc., v. Phillip Bradford; Robert Williams Moving & Storage, Inc., and Fisher Aucton Co., Inc.4D13-37607/23/14
Ezra Mostowicz v. Scott J. Israel, Sheriff of Broward County4D13-205507/23/14
Kathleen A. Ryan, John D. Ryan and Jennifer A. Ryan v. Wells Fargo Bank4D13-215507/23/14
and 4D13-4076-Amelia Arzoumanian and Mark P. Aruzoumanian v. Clearvue Opportunity XV, LLC, Litton Loam Services and U.S. Bank National Association4D13-331707/23/14

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