Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal Decisions

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Recent Cases

Case Docket Date
Michael Roundtree v. State4D12-49808/27/14
Louis Baccari v. State4D12-158608/27/14
William G. Fagan v. State4D13-278308/27/14
Ray Tremaine Bennett v. State4D13-314808/27/14
Michelle Scheller v. Salvatore Sollecito4D13-405508/27/14
B.B., the father v. Department of Children And Families4D14-100708/27/14
V.C.B. and E.G.B. v. Sultan Shakir4D14-129208/27/14
Hector Rosa v. State4D14-149608/27/14
Neil Brown v. Esther Mittelman4D14-174808/27/14
Michael Schull v. State4D14-240608/27/14
James Tindal v. State4D11-459308/20/14
John Henry v. State4D12-77908/20/14
Christina Prinz v. State4D12-210308/20/14
Judy Rodrigo v. State Farm Florida Insurance Company4D12-341008/20/14
Michelle Gerbino v. Isle of Paradise B, Inc., Gus Nasiell, Jean-Paul and Marie Berthiaume, Kasey and Kevin McClung and Anthony Vitale4D12-454708/20/14

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