February 1984 Seventh Circuit US Court of Appeals Cases

  Case Date
Drummond (jimmy) v. Greer (james) 729 F.2d 1465 02/29/84
Perez (ruben Paramo) v. Immigration and Naturalization Service, Smith (williamfrench), Moyer (a.d.) 729 F.2d 1465 02/29/84
U.S. v. Gifford (david Grant) 729 F.2d 1465 02/29/84
U.S. v. Keys (michael Curtis) 729 F.2d 1465 02/29/84
Bates (robert M.) v. United Airlines, Inc., Westervelt (edward C.) 729 F.2d 1465 02/28/84
Eddie L. Peppers, Petitioner, v. Railroad Retirement Board, Respondent 728 F.2d 404 02/28/84
Florentine Partnership v. First National Bank of Highland Park and Central State Bank 729 F.2d 1465 02/28/84
Jenkins (dane Lamar) v. Lane (michael P.) 729 F.2d 1465 02/28/84
Lancaster (frederick) v. Thompson (james) 729 F.2d 1465 02/28/84
Merit Insurance Company, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Leatherby Insurance Company A/k/a Western Employersinsurance Company, Defendant-appellee 728 F.2d 943 02/28/84
State of Indiana, Department of Public Instruction; Andharold H. Negley, As Superintendent of Publicinstruction of the State of Indiana, Petitioners, v. Terrel H. Bell, As United States Secretary of Education;united States Department of Education; and Unitedstates Education Appeal Board, Respondents 728 F.2d 938 02/28/84
34 Fair Empl.prac.cas. 273,33 Empl. Prac. Dec. P 34,186,15 Fed. R. Evid. Ser v. 205forrest F. Mccluney, Plaintiff-appellant, Cross-appellee, v. Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co., Defendant-appellee, Cross-appellant 728 F.2d 924 02/27/84
Abdallah W. Tamari, Ludwig W. Tamari, Farah Tamari,co-partners D/b/a Wahbe Tamari & Sons Co., Plaintiffs, v. Bache & Co. (lebanon) S.a.l., a Lebanese Corporation,defendant-appellee.appeal of Robert P. Howington, Jr., et al 729 F.2d 469 02/27/84
American Can Company, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Ishwar Mansukhani, et al., Defendants-appellants 728 F.2d 818 02/27/84
Bill Williams, Petitioner-appellant, v. Jack R. Duckworth, Warden, and the Indiana Attorney General,respondents-appellees 724 F.2d 1439 02/27/84
Wilson (albert L.) v. Patmon (cecil) 729 F.2d 1465 02/27/84
Drago (jacquelyn), Mc Nair (mary) v. Indiana State Police Department, Jeffries (john) 729 F.2d 1465 02/24/84
Jackie N. Beach and Julia M. Beach, Husband and Wife,plaintiffs-appellants, v. Owens-corning Fiberglas Corp., Defendant-appellee 728 F.2d 407 02/24/84
Johnston (john R.) v. Thirtacre (marvin) 729 F.2d 1465 02/24/84
United States of America Ex Rel. Lavada Woollums, Petitioner-appellant, v. James Greer, Warden, Respondent-appellee 728 F.2d 918 02/24/84
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. James Harris and Richard Gray, Defendants-appellants 729 F.2d 441 02/24/84
William Heirens, Petitioner-appellee, v. Larry Mizell, et al., Respondents-appellants 729 F.2d 449 02/24/84
Dr. Joseph Carpenter, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System,defendant-appellee 728 F.2d 911 02/23/84
Moore (willie), Guyon (melvin B.) v. Smith (william F.) 729 F.2d 1465 02/23/84
Prairie Central Railway Company, Petitioner, v. Interstate Commerce Commission and United States of America,respondents,andillinois Central Gulf Railroad Company and Patrick W.simmons, Intervening Respondents 728 F.2d 907 02/23/84
U.S. Ex Rel Shannon (john Sr.) v. Derobertis (richard), Hartigan (neil F.) 729 F.2d 1465 02/23/84
U.S. v. Salguero (isaias) 729 F.2d 1465 02/23/84
Eloise Beard, As Administratrix of the Estate of Jeff Beard,deceased, Plaintiff-appellant, v. William M. O'neal, et al., Defendants-appellees 728 F.2d 894 02/22/84
Peter M. Roberts, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Sears, Roebuck & Co., Defendant-appellant 723 F.2d 1324 02/22/84
10-dix Building Corp. v. Somerfield (robert & Ronald) 729 F.2d 1464 02/21/84
Devine (james E.) v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue 729 F.2d 1465 02/21/84
James Redding, Jamal Ali Akbar A/k/a James I. Benson, Donaldwoodruff, Donald Jones, Paul William Tedder,melvin Nalls, and Jeffrey Armstrong,plaintiffs- Appellees, Cross-appellants, v. James Fairman, Capt. Wheat, Capt. Hosier, Capt. Shehorn,capt. Poe, Capt. Wenzelman, Lt. Martinez, Lt. Foster, Lt.delos Santos, Mary Catherine Noonan, Kent Mills, Ferdklaren, Larry Livingston, R.k. Hanson, Terry Williams, Hughjohnson, Diane Marion, John Kammerman, and Five Unknownmembers of the Institutional Adjustment Committee,defendants-appellants, Cross-appellees 717 F.2d 1105 02/21/84
National Labor Relations Board v. Lincoln Hills Nursing Home, Inc., Leaseholding Company &tell City Distributors 729 F.2d 1465 02/21/84
Berry (eldridge) v. Schweiker (richard S.) 729 F.2d 1464 02/17/84
Delores Devines, et al., Plaintiffs-appellees, Cross-appellants, v. Henry W. Maier, et al., Defendants-appellants, Cross-appellees 728 F.2d 876 02/17/84
Foster (walter) v. Smith (eddie) 729 F.2d 1464 02/17/84
Jafree (syed Iqbal) v. U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 729 F.2d 1464 02/17/84
United States of America Ex Rel. Theodore Bacon, Petitioner-appellant, v. Richard Derobertis, Respondent-appellee 728 F.2d 874 02/17/84
Antonelli (michael C.) v. Doyle (timothy) 729 F.2d 1464 02/16/84
Karstein (walter Wolfgang), Karnstein (walter William) v. Pewaukee School Board 729 F.2d 1464 02/16/84
Rohrer, Hibler & Replogle, Inc., a Delaware Corporation,plaintiff-appellant, v. Dr. Robert D. Perkins, Defendant-appellee 728 F.2d 860 02/16/84
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Lloyd Taylor, Defendant-appellant 728 F.2d 864 02/16/84
Beard (gloria) v. Spartan Printing Company, Graphic Arts International Union,local 210-b 729 F.2d 1464 02/15/84
Kavanaugh (matthew John) v. Sperry Univac 729 F.2d 1464 02/15/84
U.S. v. Mcduff (robert) 729 F.2d 1464 02/15/84
William E. Korf, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Ball State University; Board of Trustees, of Ball Stateuniversity; Robert P. Bell, Individually and in Hiscapacity As President of Ball State University; Willparker, Individually and in His Capacity As President of Theboard of Trustees of Ball State University; Frank A.bracken, Individually and in His Capacity As Vice-presidentof the Board of Trustees of Ball State University; James P.garretson, Individually and in His Capacity As Secretary Ofthe Board of Trustees of Ball State University; Dorothy S.o'maley, Individually As in Her Capacity As Assistantsecretary of the Board of Trustees of Ball State University;james W. Parks, Individually and in His Capacity As Amember of the Board of Trustees of Ball State University;jack Peckinpaugh, Individually and in His Capacity As Amember of the Board of Trustees of Ball State University;t. Edwin Schouweiler, Individually and in His Capacity As Amember of the Board of Trustees of Ball State University;christy A. Swing, Individually and in Her Capacity As Amember of the Board of Trustees of Ball State University,defendants-appellees 726 F.2d 1222 02/15/84
National Labor Relations Board v. Phil Smidt & Son, Inc 729 F.2d 1464 02/14/84
People Organized for Welfare and Employment Rights(p.o.w.e.r.), Walter Tunis, and Clarence Propst,plaintiffs-appellees, v. James R. Thompson, Governor of the State of Illinois,jeffrey C. Miller, Director of the Illinois Department Ofpublic Aid, and E. Allen Bernardi, Director of the Illinoisdepartment of Labor, Defendants-appellants,michael Lavelle, Chairman of the Board of Electioncommissioners of the City of Chicago, Cornealdavis and James R. Nolan, Commissioners,defendants-appellees 727 F.2d 167 02/14/84
Piscopo (vincent) v. Amoco Oil Company 729 F.2d 1464 02/14/84
David Saxner and Alfred Cain, Jr., Plaintiffs-appellees,cross-appellants, v. Charles Benson, et al., Defendants-appellants, Cross-appellees 727 F.2d 669 02/13/84
United States of America Ex Rel. Larry Cosey, Petitioner-appellee, v. Dennis Wolff and Neil F. Hartigan, Respondents-appellants 727 F.2d 656 02/13/84
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Richard A. Lauchli, Defendant-appellant 724 F.2d 1279 02/13/84
Gerald Paul Esposito, Petitioner-appellant, v. Ira Mintz, Superintendent, Respondent-appellee 726 F.2d 371 02/10/84
Medtronic, Inc., a Minnesota Corporation, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Intermedics, Inc., a Texas Corporation, and Intermedicsillinois, Inc., a Texas Corporation, Defendants-appellants 725 F.2d 440 02/10/84
Miederhoff (thomas E.) v. Secretary of Health and Human Services 729 F.2d 1464 02/10/84
Casselberry (allen) v. General Services Administration 729 F.2d 1464 02/09/84
Jacob Egerstaffer, Petitioner-appellee, Cross-appellant, v. Thomas Israel, Respondent-appellant, Cross-appellee 726 F.2d 1231 02/09/84
James C. O'byrne, et al., Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Cheker Oil Company and Marathon Oil Company, Defendants-appellees 727 F.2d 159 02/09/84
Sutliff, Incorporated, Debtor, Ellingsen-maclean Oilcompany, Land O'lakes Inc., and Thomas S. Utschig,trustee, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Donovan Companies, Inc., Kenneth Kamp, Garrow Oilcorporation, and William Garrow, Defendants-appellees 727 F.2d 648 02/09/84
In the Matter of Chaseley's Foods, Inc., D/b/a Vic's Superfoods, Debtor.appeal of Daniel L. Freeland, Trustee 726 F.2d 303 02/08/84
Richard Lee Owen, Petitioner-appellant, v. Jack Duckworth, Respondent-appellee 727 F.2d 643 02/08/84
West (robert) v. Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Company 729 F.2d 1464 02/08/84
33 Fair Empl.prac.cas. 1497,33 Fair Empl.prac.cas. 1883,33 Empl. Prac. Dec. P 33,984alfred Ekanem, et al., Plaintiffs-appellants, v. the Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County,indiana, et al., Defendants-appellees 724 F.2d 563 02/07/84
Douglas J. Feela, Petitioner-appellant, v. Thomas Israel and Bronson Lafollette, Respondents-appellees.maurice Sabin, Petitioner-appellant, v. Thomas Israel and Bronson Lafollette, Respondents-appellees 727 F.2d 151 02/07/84
Matterhorn, Inc., Plaintiff-appellee, v. Ncr Corporation, Defendant-appellant 727 F.2d 629 02/07/84
Sulzberger (earl) v. Landau & Heyman, Inc 729 F.2d 1464 02/07/84
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Phanuel J. Hamilton, Defendant-appellant 726 F.2d 317 02/07/84
Dawson (le Roy) v. Continental Machinery and Engineering Company, Inc 729 F.2d 1464 02/06/84
Kamp (douglas) v. Broglin (george M.), Pearson (linley) 729 F.2d 1464 02/06/84
Larry Zapp, et al., Plaintiffs-appellants, v. United Transportation Union and Consolidated Railcorporation, Defendants-appellees 727 F.2d 617 02/06/84
Marshall (myles Walter) v. Israel (thomas R.), Cady (elmer O.) 729 F.2d 1464 02/06/84
Padie (roger ) v. Kerr (larry) 729 F.2d 1464 02/06/84
Robinson (beatrice L.) v. Thompson (governor James) 729 F.2d 1464 02/06/84
Sequoia Books, Inc., an Illinois Corporation, D/b/a Denmarkii, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Charles Mcdonald, Individually and in His Capacity Assheriff of the County of Kendall, Illinois, Etal., Defendants-appellees 725 F.2d 1091 02/06/84
Spreck (roger), Spreck (barbara) v. Chamora (gene), Smith (jim) 729 F.2d 1464 02/06/84
U.S. v. Matook (thomas C.) 729 F.2d 1464 02/06/84
U.S. v. Payton (george James) 729 F.2d 1464 02/06/84
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. James W. Mcdonald, Defendant-appellant 723 F.2d 1288 02/06/84
Young (joseph) v. Quinlan (john J. Jr.) 729 F.2d 1464 02/06/84
33 Fair Empl.prac.cas. 1700,33 Empl. Prac. Dec. P 34,149lorraine Le Beau, et al., and Equal Employment Opportunitycommission, Appellants, v. Libbey-owens-ford Company, and Local 19, United Glass Andceramic Workers, Appellees 727 F.2d 141 02/03/84
33 Fair Empl.prac.cas. 1476,33 Fair Empl.prac.cas. 1816,33 Empl. Prac. Dec. P 33,977wayne Wakeen, Individually and on Behalf of All Otherssimilarly Situated, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Hoffman House, Inc., Hoffman House Restaurants, Inc., Andthe Pillsbury Company, Defendants-appellees 724 F.2d 1238 02/02/84
U.S. v. Freeland (robert L. Jr.) 729 F.2d 1464 02/02/84
Crane (claire), Crane (arnold), Crane (claire) D/b/a Clairecrane Construction Company v. Edward Hines Lumber Company 729 F.2d 1464 02/01/84
Gooden (eddie) v. O'leary (michael) 729 F.2d 1464 02/01/84
Grant, Wright & Baker, Inc., v. Gt Chemical Products, Inc., Kopit (john B.), Sellman (gilbert) 729 F.2d 1464 02/01/84
In the Matter of Lhd Realty Corporation, Debtor.appeal of National Life Insurance Company 726 F.2d 327 02/01/84
Nahrstadt (raymond C. Jr.) v. Hayes Boiler & Mechanical Inc., Mooney (richard J.) 729 F.2d 1464 02/01/84
Qualls (robert) v. U.s 729 F.2d 1464 02/01/84