January 1998 Sixth Circuit US Court of Appeals Cases

  Case Date
Chrysler International Corporation, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Cherokee Export Company, Defendant-appellant 134 F.3d 738 01/30/98
William C. Lewis, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Acb Business Services, Inc., Defendant-appellee (96-3093/3498),american Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.;james P. Connors, Defendants-appellees (96-3498) 135 F.3d 389 01/30/98
William Pogor and Janet Pogor, Plaintiffs-appellees, v. Makita U.s.a., Inc., a New York Corporation and Makitaelectric Works, Ltd., a Japanese Business Entity,jointly and Severally, Defendants-appellants 135 F.3d 384 01/30/98
American Nuclear Resources, Inc., Petitioner, v. United States Department of Labor, Respondent 134 F.3d 1292 01/29/98
Clyde N. Griffith, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Wal-mart Stores, Inc., Defendant-appellee 135 F.3d 376 01/29/98
Morehead Marine Services, Inc.; Cna Insurance Companies, Petitioners, v. Vernon E. Washnock; Director, Office of Workers'compensation Programs, United States Department Oflabor, Respondents 135 F.3d 366 01/29/98
Sheila Kaye Jewell, Administratrix of the Estate of Gregoryl. Jewell, Deceased; Sheila Kaye Jewell, Individually;stacey Jewell Lemon, Guardian for Brittney Jewell, a Minor;stacey Jewell Lemon, Individually, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Csx Transportation, Inc., Defendant-appellee 135 F.3d 361 01/29/98
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Gordon J. Baird, Jr., Defendant-appellant 134 F.3d 1276 01/28/98
Lisa Dean, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Motel 6 Operating L.p.; Motel 6 G.p., Inc.; Accor Northamerica Corporation; and Accor S.a., Defendants-appellees 134 F.3d 1269 01/27/98
Glenn R. Black, M.d., Plaintiff-appellee, v. Barberton Citizens Hospital, Defendant-appellant 134 F.3d 1265 01/23/98
Prod.liab.rep. (cch) P 15,119robert S. Springston, Plaintiff-appellant/cross-appellee, v. Consolidated Rail Corporation, Defendant-appellee/cross-appellant,general Motors Corporation, Defendant-appellee 130 F.3d 241 01/22/98
Tommy Williams, Plaintiff-appellant, v. the Nashville Network and Gaylord Entertainment Company,defendants-appellees 132 F.3d 1123 01/22/98
United States Ex Rel. Lyle Compton, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Midwest Specialties, Inc., M-s Enterprises, Inc., Richard D.kennedy, Kim D. Haman, David Cooper, and Brodyosborne, Defendants-appellants 142 F.3d 296 01/22/98
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Bharesh D. Dedhia, Defendant-appellee 134 F.3d 802 01/22/98
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Willie Don Daniel, Defendant-appellant 134 F.3d 1259 01/22/98
Brenda Buntin, Plaintiff-appellant/cross-appellee, v. Breathitt County Board of Education, et al.,defendants-appellees/cross-appellants 134 F.3d 796 01/21/98
The Detroit Edison Company, Plaintiff--appellant, v. Protection Mutual Insurance Co., Defendant--appellee 134 F.3d 790 01/21/98
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Michael Benson, Defendant-appellant 134 F.3d 787 01/21/98
Robert D. Cook, Plaintiff,leonard C. Jaques, Attorney-appellant, v. American Steamship Company, Defendant-appellee 134 F.3d 771 01/20/98
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Jeffrey A. Greever, Defendant-appellant 134 F.3d 777 01/20/98
21 Employee Benefits Cas. 2354,pens. Plan Guide (cch) P 23,940bakery and Confectionery Union and Industry Internationalhealth Benefits and Pension Funds and Chairmanrichard Hurt of the Funds' Board Oftrustees, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. New Bakery Company of Ohio, Defendant-appellee 133 F.3d 955 01/16/98
Walbro Corporation, Individually and As Subrogee of Dennisallen Scharich, by Cathy A. Schenk, Next Friendand As Subrogee of Cathy A. Schenk Andmichael Schenk,plaintiff-appellee/cross-appellant, v. Amerisure Companies; Thomas D. Scharich, As Co-conservatorof the Estate of Dennis Allen Scharich, Defendants-appellees,michael Schenk; Cathy A. Schenk, Defendants,titan Insurance Company, Defendant-appellant/cross-appellee 133 F.3d 961 01/16/98
Musson Theatrical, Inc., and Modernage Photo Service, Inc.,for Themselves and All Others Similarly Situated,plaintiffs-appellants, v. Federal Express Corporation, Defendant-appellee 89 F.3d 1244 01/15/98
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Aaron L. Salvo, Defendant-appellee 133 F.3d 943 01/15/98
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. State of Michigan; John Engler, Governor of Michigan;michigan Department of Corrections; Kenneth L. Mcginnis,director, Michigan Department of Corrections; Dan L.bolden, Deputy Director, Michigan Department of Corrections;john Jabe, Regional Administrator, State Prison of Southernmichigan; Pamela K. Withrow, Warden, Michigan Reformatory;and John Hawley, Warden, Marquette Branch Prison,defendants-appellants 134 F.3d 745 01/14/98
Everett Hadix, et al., Plaintiffs-appellees, v. Perry M. Johnson, et al., Defendants-appellants (96-2463),united States of America, Intervenor-appellant (96-2582) 133 F.3d 940 01/13/98
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Derrick Eugene Means, Defendant-appellant 133 F.3d 444 01/09/98
William D. Zack, Petitioner-appellant, v. United States of America, Respondent-appellee 133 F.3d 451 01/09/98
Fed. Carr. Cas. P 84,060toledo Ticket Company, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Roadway Express, Inc., Defendant-appellee 133 F.3d 439 01/08/98
Marcia N. Cole, Representative of the Estate of Joseph E.cole, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Nick J. Mileti, Defendant-appellant 133 F.3d 433 01/08/98
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Michael Price, Defendant-appellant 134 F.3d 340 01/08/98
John E. Adam, Individually and As Executor of the Estate Ofann Adam, and Christopher Meyer, Guardian of Theestate of Rachel E. Adam,plaintiffs-appellants/cross-appellees, v. J.b. Hunt Transport, Inc., and Larry F. Holbrooks,defendants-appellees,a.g. Carriers, Inc., and William H. Wood,defendants-appellees/cross-appellants 130 F.3d 219 01/07/98
Robert D. Sprague, et al., Plaintiffs-appellees/cross-appellants, v. General Motors Corporation, Defendant-appellant/cross-appellee 133 F.3d 388 01/07/98
Arthur Ray Bowling, et al., Plaintiffs,jeffrey A. Crane; Gene Randall; Gerard Benedik,intervenors-appellants,waite, Schneider, Bayless & Chesley Company, L.p.a.; Johnt. Johnson; James T. Capretz, Appellees, v. Pfizer, Inc.; Shiley, Inc., Defendants 132 F.3d 1147 01/05/98
Michelle Bazzetta; Stacy Barker; Toni Bunton; Debra King;shante Allen; Adrienne Bronaugh; Alesia Butler; Tamaraprude; Susan Fair; Valerie Bunton; Arturo Zavala, Throughhis Next Friend Valerie Bunton, on Behalf of Themselves Andall Others Similarly Situated, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Kenneth Mcginnis, Director of Michigan Department Ofcorrections; Michigan Department of Corrections,defendants-appellees 133 F.3d 382 01/05/98