May 1999 Fourth Circuit US Court of Appeals Cases

  Case Date
Wilburn G. Cagle; Calvin Ruud Carter; Phillip G.patterson; Clarence Moore; Willie M. Farmer; Anthonycrowell; James E. Preast, Jr.; Stephen J. Waszkiewicz;kenneth E. Brown; E.a. Gooch; Willie T. Polk; Willie W.butler; Bobby D.a. Shedd; David Schlicher; Fred Williamjudd; Robert Elwood Nilsen; Bernard Johnson; Jospeh H.bratten; Cleveland J. Davis; Keith H. Dueno; David A.etheridge; David L. Glover; Willie J. Robinson; Cecil M.shelhorse; Michael D. Wilkins; Quintin Orpiano; Galehoward Ollis; Samuel W. Bines; Grady Oliver Grigsby, Jr.;plaintiffs-appellants, v. T.d. Hutto; T.l. Edwards; J.g. Ruark; Robert M. Landon;a.t. Robinson; E. Stacy; J.l. Holloway; Fred C. Mallory;p.g. Watson, Lieutenant; J.c. Bently, Lieutenant; J.l.halsey, Lieutenant; R.m. Muncy; Edward E. Gangwager;doctor Byrne; Gene Johnson; John Dalton, Governor; W.p.rodgers; Director, Virginia Department of Health; Richardjessup, Doctor; R. Manson, Doctor; Lovatta Jardin, Nurse;lewis B. Cei; E.i. King; John M. King; Mary Wilson; G.cook; E.g. Davis, Doctor; Herbert A. Parr; Charles K.price; C. Hoy Steele; Turner N. Burton; W.l. Wingfield;alton Baskerville; R. Sanfilippo, Major; Wallace R.sterling; Richard Leslie Danby; A.l. Smith; Lieutenantsmith; J.p. Jones, Doctor; Snow Webster; Reva Fairburn;edith Richmond; Paul v. Brown; Ollie Chester; Priscillacopeland; Ed Nowell; Larry Bonds, Defendants-appellees 177 F.3d 253 05/28/99
National Labor Relations Board, Petitioner,union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees,afl-cio, Clc, Intervenor, v. Flambeau Airmold Corporation, Respondent 178 F.3d 705 05/26/99
No. 98-6577 178 F.3d 266 05/25/99
Adam Ostrzenski, M.d., Plaintiff-appellant, v. Mark S. Seigel, M.d., Defendant-appellee.adam Ostrzenski, M.d., Plaintiff-appellee, v. Mark S. Seigel, M.d., Defendant-appellant 177 F.3d 245 05/24/99
Double B Mining, Incorporated, Petitioner, v. Lloyd Blankenship; Director, Office of Workers'compensation Programs, United States Department Oflabor, Respondents 177 F.3d 240 05/21/99
In Re Abdulaziz Salem Tamimi, Debtor-in-possession.saudi Arabian Airlines Corporation, Garnishee-appellant, v. Sharon L. Tamimi, Creditor-appellee 176 F.3d 274 05/21/99
James Curtis Westberry, Plaintiff-appellee,andconnie Rena Westberry, Plaintiff, v. Gislaved Gummi Ab, Defendant-appellant,andmataki Kemi Ab, Defendant.connie Rena Westberry, Plaintiff-appellant,andjames Curtis Westberry, Plaintiff, v. Gislaved Gummi Ab, Defendant-appellee,andmataki Kemi Ab, Defendant 178 F.3d 257 05/20/99
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Adhiamo Mitchell, Defendant-appellee 177 F.3d 236 05/20/99
Matthew Davis, Party in Interest-appellant,andlisa G. Leak-davis, and (minor Child), Ms. Malisa B. Davis,on Behalf of Husband and Father Matthew Davis, #00270-131, and His Grants of Immunities,petitioner, v. Willie Scott, Warden; Janet Reno, United States Attorneygeneral, Respondents-appellees 176 F.3d 805 05/19/99
Miller's Apple Valley Chevrolet Olds-geo, Incorporated, Awest Virginia Corporation, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Mark Goodwin, Defendant-appellant 177 F.3d 232 05/19/99
Charles R. Kerns, Petitioner, v. Consolidation Coal Company; Director, Office of Workers'compensation Programs, United States Department Oflabor, Respondents 176 F.3d 802 05/18/99
Monumental Paving & Excavating, Incorporated, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association Insurance Company,defendant-appellee 176 F.3d 794 05/18/99
Edwin P. Harrison, Plaintiff-appellant,andunited States of America, Party in Interest, v. Westinghouse Savannah River Company, Defendant-appellee 176 F.3d 776 05/17/99
No. 98-2085 178 F.3d 253 05/17/99
David Daada Gonahasa, Petitioner, v. U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service, Respondent 181 F.3d 538 05/14/99
Kenneth R. Edwards, Plaintiff-appellant, v. City of Goldsboro; Chester Hill, Individually and in Hisofficial Capacity; Richard Slozak, Individuallyand in His Official Capacity,defendants-appellees.professional Fire Fighters & Paramedics of North Carolina;north Carolina State Lodge of the Fraternal Orderof Police; North Carolina Troopers'association; National Rifleassociation, Amici Curiae 178 F.3d 231 05/14/99
International Organization of Masters, Mates, and Pilots,plaintiff-appellant, v. Peter T. Prevas, Defendant-appellee 175 F.3d 341 05/11/99
Lonnie Weeks, Jr., Petitioner-appellant, v. Ronald J. Angelone, Director of the Virginia Department Ofcorrections, Respondent-appellee 176 F.3d 249 05/10/99
Friends of Iwo Jima; Gerald B.h. Solomon, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. National Capital Planning Commission; U.S. Commission Offine Arts; U.S. Department of the Interior;national Park Service; Air Forcememorial Foundation,defendants-appellees 176 F.3d 768 05/07/99
In Re: Time Inc.; Dow Jones and Company, Incorporated; the New York Times Company; the Los Angeles Times; the Associated Press, Petitioners 182 F.3d 270 05/06/99
Piney Mountain Coal Company, Petitioner, v. Shirley Mays, Widow of James R. Mays; Betty Jean Mays,divorced Spouse of James R. Mays, Director, Officeof Workers' Compensation Programs,united States Department Oflabor, Respondents 176 F.3d 753 05/05/99
Steve Edward Roach, Petitioner-appellant, v. Ronald Angelone, Director, Virginia Department Ofcorrections, Respondent-appellee 176 F.3d 210 05/04/99
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Earl Edwin Pitts, Defendant-appellant 176 F.3d 239 05/04/99
Scot Manning, by His Mother and Next Friend, Betty Manning,plaintiff-appellant, v. the Fairfax County School Board, Defendant-appellee,androbert Spillane, Superintendent, Fairfax County Publicschools, Defendant 176 F.3d 235 05/03/99