November 2005 Third Circuit US Court of Appeals Cases

  Case Date
Estate of Robert Cecil Smith; Pauline Smith, Individually and As Administrator of the Estate of Robert C. Smith; Dana Smith; Wanda Smith, Appellants v. Trooper James Marasco; Trooper Nicholas Scianna; Trooper Thomas Weaver; Trooper Andrew L. Wenger; Captain Michael J. Marcantino; Lieutenant Berry Reed; Lieutenant Edwards; Lieutant Schaeffer; Lieutant Snyder; Corporal Dante; Robertjohnson; Corporal Greg Hall; John Doe # 10-# 25, Whose Names Are Currently Unknown; Dante Orlandi; Thomas Gregory Hall, Tedescung L. Bandy; Barry L. Brinser; Gregory Broaddus; Carbonell; Colon; John R. Comerer, Jr.; Glenn C. Doman; John Edwards; Wayne S. Elser; Frank L. Fetterolf; David Frisk; Gillison; James A. Hamill; Martin L. Henry, Iii; Joseph Kalis; A.j. Krawczel; William J. Mcclure; Thomas Mcdaniel; Shawn Mell; Arthur Moss, Jr.; William Moyer; Ed Murphy; Kevin Reichert; Charles Rodgers; Mervin Rodriquez; Thomas Rodriquez; Keith A. Stone; Gregory Stumpo; Dominic G. Visconti; William White; Joseph Wilson; Gregory Wirth; Michael Witmer; Kenneth Yoder; John Doe # 1-# 25 430 F.3d 140 11/30/05
In Re: Diet Drugs (phentermine/fenfluramine/dexfenfluramine) Products Liability Litigation Clara Clark, Linda Smart and All Other Class Members Represented by Fleming & Associates, L.l.p., Appellantshariton & D'angelo, Llp and Napoli, Kaiser, Bern & Associates, Llp, on Behalf of Themselves, Claimant James Axford and Similarly Situated Class Members Represented by the Hariton and Napoli Firms Whose Claims Are Affected by Pretrial Order No. 2929, Appellantsshanne Webb-cochran, Renai Kuykendall, Willa Sartin, Dawn Stewart and Joanne Valenti, on Behalf of Themselves and All Other Class Members Who Have Ingested Fen-phen and Who Suffer, or Will Suffer, from Elevated Pulmonary Hypertension Not Secondary to Valvular Heart Disease, Appellantsdoris Weller and Ellen Carey, Whose Claims Are Affected by Pretrial Order No. 3849, Appellants 431 F.3d 141 11/30/05
The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. v. Kathleen L. Babayankathleen Babayan v. the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company; Joseph M. Savino, General Agent Northwestern Mutual Financial Network A/k/a and D/b/a the Savino Financial Group; Thomas Gallinakathleen L. Babayan, Appellant 430 F.3d 121 11/30/05
United States of America v. Vincent Ellis Wilson, A/k/a Beanie Vincent Ellis Wilson, Appellant 429 F.3d 455 11/30/05
No. 03-4360 429 F.3d 430 11/23/05
United States of America Appellant v. John Doe Appellee 429 F.3d 450 11/23/05
United States of America, v. Bennae Floyd, Appellant 428 F.3d 513 11/09/05
Shawn Parker, v. Donald Kelchner, Superintendent; Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Appellants 429 F.3d 58 11/08/05
United States of America v. Acorn Technology Fund, L.p. Leonard Barrack and Lynne Barrack Appellants 429 F.3d 438 11/08/05
P.c. Yonkers, Inc; Party City Clifton, Inc.; Party City of Hamilton Square, Inc.; Party City of Lawrenceville, Inc.; Party City North Bergen, Inc.; P.c. Voorhees, Inc.; East Harrisburg, P.c., Inc.; Lancaster P.c., Inc.; Montgomeryville P.c., Inc.; Party City of Cottman Avenue, Inc.; Party City of Harrisburg, Inc.; Party City of Lehigh Valley, Inc.; Party City of Reading, Inc.; City of Springfield, Inc.; Party City of New York, Inc.; Scranton Party City Llc; Stroudsburg P.c. Inc.; Wilkesbarre Party City Llc; Party City Management, Co., Inc., Appellants v. Celebrations the Party and Seasonal Superstore, Llc; Andrew Bailen; Andrew Hack 428 F.3d 504 11/07/05
Clayton Thomas v. Ben Varner; the District Attorney of the County of Philadelphia; the Attorney General of the State of Pennsylvania, Appellants 428 F.3d 491 11/04/05
In Re: Montgomery Ward & Co., Incorporated, Debtorreliance Insurance Company; United Pacific Insurance; Reliance Surety Co; Reliance National Indemnity Company; v. Colonial Penn Franklin Insurance Company, Travelers Casualty and Surety Company, As Assignee of the Indemnity and Certain Other Rights of Reliance Insurance Company, for Itself and As Successor in Interest by Merger with Reliance Surety Company, United Pacific Insurance Company and Reliance National Indemnity Company, Appellantsaig Premier Insurance Company, (f/k/a Colonial Penn Franklin Insurance Company, Successor in Interest for Forum Insurance Company),* Appellant 428 F.3d 154 11/03/05
Galen Reichley, T/d/b/a Reichley Brothers Farm; Allen Reichley, T/d/b/a Reichley Brothers Farm; Curtis Stroup v. Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture; Penn Ag Industries; Longenecker's Hatchery, Inc.; Kreamer Feed, Inc.; Dennis C. Wolff; Samuel E. Hayes, As Secretary of the Pa Department of Agriculture Galen Reichley, Allen Reichley T/d/b/a/ Reichley Brothers Farm and Curtis Stroup, Appellants 427 F.3d 236 11/02/05
No. 04-2390 428 F.3d 478 11/02/05
Robert O. Marshall v. Ron Cathel,* Administrator, New Jersey State Prison; Peter C. Harvey,* Attorney General, State of New Jersey, Appellants 428 F.3d 452 11/02/05
Gilberto Mauel Mendez-reyes, Petitioner v. Attorney General of the United States, Respondent 428 F.3d 187 11/01/05
Syed Mahmood, Petitioner v. *alberto R. Gonzales, Attorney General of the United States, Respondent 427 F.3d 248 11/01/05