January 1998 Third Circuit US Court of Appeals Cases

  Case Date
Fed. Sec. L. Rep. P 90,130kenneth E. Newton; Mlpf & S Cust. Bruce Zakheim Ira Fbo Bruce Zakheim v. Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc.; Painewebberinc.; Dean Witter Reynolds.jeffrey Phillip Kravitz v. Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc.mlpf & S Cust. Fpo-bruce Zakheim Ira Fbo Bruce Zakheim,jeffrey Phillip Kravitz, and Gloria Binder, Appellants 135 F.3d 266 01/30/98
Lisa Michelle Lambert, v. Charlotte Blackwell, Mrs., Superintendent; the Attorneygeneral of the State of Pennsylvania, Appellants 134 F.3d 506 01/26/98
Dennis E. Gaul, Appellant v. Lucent Technologies Inc.*; John Does 1-100;jane Does 1-100; Abc Corp.; Xyz Corp 134 F.3d 576 01/22/98
Liberty Lincoln-mercury v. Ford Motor Company, Appellant in No. 96-5762.liberty Lincoln-mercury, Inc. v. Ford Motor Company, Appellant in No. 97-5189.liberty Lincoln-mercury, Inc., Appellant in No. 97-5190, v. Ford Motor Company 134 F.3d 557 01/22/98
United States of America, v. Gabriel Jesus Marin-castaneda, Gabriel Jesus Marincastaneda, Appellant 134 F.3d 551 01/22/98
Fed. Sec. L. Rep. P 90,129united States of America v. Brad Haddy, A/k/a Bradley J. Haddy,brad Haddy, Appellant in No. 96-5589.united States of America v. Eric Wynn, Appellant in No. 96-5622 134 F.3d 542 01/21/98
In Re Trans World Airlines, Incorporated, Debtor.travellers International Ag, Appellant/cross-appellee Inappeal No. 97-7037, v. Trans World Airlines, Incorporated; Official Committee Ofunsecured Creditors for Trans World Airlines,trans World Airlines, Incorporated Appellant/cross-appellee 134 F.3d 188 01/20/98
United States of America v. Raymond Isaac, A/k/a Rocky Raymond Isaac, Appellant 134 F.3d 199 01/20/98
George Johnson v. E.i. Dupont De Nemours & Company 173 F.3d 421 01/16/98
United States of America, v. James Russell, Aka Gaith Junior Douglas, Aka Steven Shawn Jones,james Russell, A/k/a Steven Shawn Jones, Appellant 134 F.3d 171 01/16/98
Erasmo Gambino, Appellant, v. E.w. Morris (warden-fci Fairton); United States Parole Commissioner 134 F.3d 156 01/15/98
Sea-land Service, Inc. v. General Electric Company,sea-land Service, Inc. ("sea-land"), Appellant 134 F.3d 149 01/15/98
In Re: General Motors Corporation Pick-up Truck Fuel Tankproducts Liability Litigationjack French, Robert M. West, Charles E. Merrit and Garyblades (the French Objectors/movants), Appellantsin No. 96-2039,jesus Garibay, Jerome Hope, Jr., Robert and Lucille White,and Carlos Zabala, Pending Intervenors, Objectorsand Class Members, Appellants in No. 96-2054,dan Tureck and Joseph Geller, Appellants in No. 96-2061 134 F.3d 133 01/14/98
Steven R. Lovasz, Appellant, v. Scig Supt. Donald T. Vaughn 134 F.3d 146 01/14/98
75 Fair Empl.prac.cas. (bna) 1499,72 Empl. Prac. Dec. P 45,140newark Branch, National Association for the Advancement Ofcolored People; Jersey City Branch, National Associationfor the Advancement of Colored People; New Jersey Stateconference, National Association for the Advancement Ofcolored People; the National Association for Theadvancement of Colored People, Appellants, v. City of Bayonne, New Jersey 134 F.3d 113 01/13/98
Dorsey Trailers, Inc., Northumberland Pa Plant, Petitionerin No. 96-3392, v. National Labor Relations Board, Respondent.national Labor Relations Board, Petitioner in No. 96-3578,international Union, Automobile, Aerospace & Agricultureimplement Workers of America, and Its Local 1868, Intervenor, v. Dorsey Trailers, Inc., Northumberland Pa Plant, Respondent 134 F.3d 125 01/13/98
United States of America v. Jesse Kithcart, Appellant 134 F.3d 529 01/12/98
Donald Burns, Appellant, v. Willis E. Morton, Superintendent; Peter Verniero, Theattorney General of the State of New Jersey 134 F.3d 109 01/09/98
Government of the Virgin Islands, v. Edward Steven, Appellant 134 F.3d 526 01/09/98
Government of the Virgin Islands, Appellant, v. Roy Moolenaar 133 F.3d 246 01/08/98
* in Re the Prudential Insurance Company Ofamerica Sales Practice Litigation All Agent Actions.herbert Schulte, Mdl Transfer; S.d. Illinois; Dnj Ci v. 95-4740; Michael D. Gordon, Mdl Transfer; W.d. Kentucky(paducah); Dnj Civil Action 95-4738; Rick A. Martin, Mdltransfer, W.d. Kentucky (paducah), Dnj Civil Action 95-5013;kenneth R. Young, Mdl Transfer, M.d. Florida (tampa), Dnjcivil Action 95-5010; Michael Weaver, Mdl Transfer, S.d.illinois (e.st.louis), Dnj Civil Action 95-5011 v. the Prudential Insurance Company of America, Appellant 133 F.3d 225 01/07/98
United States of America v. Joseph Fiorelli, Appellant 133 F.3d 218 01/06/98