March 1982 Third Circuit US Court of Appeals Cases

  Case Date
Bolanos v. Gulf Oil Corp 681 F.2d 804 03/31/82
Bp Oil, Inc. v. N. L. R. B 681 F.2d 804 03/31/82
Dottie D. Jernigan Bryant and Theresa O. Lillibridge,appellants in No. 81-1558, v. International Schools Services, Inc., Appellant in No. 81-1559 675 F.2d 562 03/31/82
Faltico v. Phillips 681 F.2d 805 03/31/82
Jamesway Corporation, Petitioner, v. National Labor Relations Board, Respondent.district 65, International Union, United Automobile,aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers Ofamerica, Petitioner, v. National Labor Relations Board, Respondent,jamesway Corporation, Intervenor 676 F.2d 63 03/31/82
Paul Sauter and Ruthann Mongan v. Ross Restaurants, Inc., T/a Penalty Box, Appellant, v. Merit Insurance Company, Appellee 674 F.2d 194 03/31/82
Southern Alleghenies Disposal Services, Inc. v. N. L. R. B 681 F.2d 809 03/31/82
U. S. v. Pope 681 F.2d 810 03/31/82
Creaden v. Corning Glass Works, Inc 681 F.2d 805 03/30/82
Fiore v. Donovan 681 F.2d 805 03/30/82
Martin-brower Co. v. Richheimer Coffee Co 681 F.2d 807 03/30/82
Paul Revere Protective Life Ins. Co. v. Weis 707 F.2d 1403 03/30/82
Quality Prefabrication, Inc., Appellant, v. Daniel J. Keating Company and Daniel J. Keating Company Asagent in Fact for Keating Saudi Arabia, Ltd.keating Saudi Arabia, Ltd 675 F.2d 77 03/30/82
Reliance Ins. Co. v. Allstate Indem. Co 681 F.2d 808 03/30/82
U. S. v. Pennavaria 681 F.2d 810 03/30/82
U. S. v. West 688 F.2d 827 03/30/82
Vargus, Wendy E., Ind. and As Administratrix of the Estateof Vargus, Jessie H., Deceased, Appellant, v. Pitman Manufacturing Company v. Henkels & Mccoy, Inc 675 F.2d 73 03/30/82
Weis, Appeal of 707 F.2d 1405 03/30/82
C. B. Foods, Inc. v. U. S. Dept. of Agriculture 681 F.2d 804 03/29/82
Mazur v. Department of Revenue, Com. of Pa 681 F.2d 807 03/29/82
Princeton Combustion Research Laboratories, Inc., Appellee, v. Director, John Mccarthy, Jr., United States Nationalaeronautics and Space Administration, Lewisresearch Center at Cleveland, Ohio.appeal of Shaker Research Corporation 674 F.2d 1016 03/29/82
U. S. Steel Corp. v. Gaudiano 681 F.2d 811 03/29/82
U. S. v. Hall 681 F.2d 810 03/29/82
Brown v. I. R. S., Criminal Investigation Div 681 F.2d 804 03/26/82
Dr. Joseph T. Skehan, Appellant, v. Board of Trustees of Bloomsburg State College, Dr. Robertnossen, Dr. Charles Carlson, John Pittenger, Superintendentof Education, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and Bloomsburgstate College, Appellees 675 F.2d 72 03/26/82
Ettinger v. Redken Laboratories 681 F.2d 805 03/26/82
Operating Engineers Employers of Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware v. Local Union 542, International Union of Operating Engineers, Afl-cio 681 F.2d 808 03/26/82
Rodco, Inc. v. Dan Lekander's Corvette America, Inc 681 F.2d 809 03/26/82
Somers Const. Co., Inc. v. Morin Building Products Co., Inc 681 F.2d 809 03/26/82
Thermice Corp. v. Vistron Corp 681 F.2d 809 03/26/82
U. S. v. 89.51 Acres of Land, More or Less, Situate in Berks County,commonwealth of Pennsylvania 681 F.2d 810 03/26/82
U. S. v. Hernandez 681 F.2d 810 03/26/82
U. S. v. Lewin 681 F.2d 810 03/26/82
U. S. v. Mahoney 681 F.2d 810 03/26/82
U. S. v. Rutherford 681 F.2d 810 03/26/82
United States of America v. Howard L. Criden, Harry P. Jannotti, Louis C. Johanson,george X. Schwartz.appeal of Philadelphia Newspapers, Inc 675 F.2d 550 03/26/82
United States of America v. Stine, Timothy Walter, Appellant 675 F.2d 69 03/26/82
Visual Educational Devices, Inc. v. Spinner 681 F.2d 811 03/26/82
In Re Pigott, James P., T/d/b/a James P. Pigott Building Materials.appeal of Conestoga Ceramic Tile Distributors, Inc 684 F.2d 239 03/23/82
Terri Lee Halderman, a Retarded Citizen, by Her Mother Andguardian, Winifred Halderman; et al., Plaintiffs-intervenors, v. Pennhurst State School & Hospital, et al.appeal of Helen O'bannon and the Department of Public Welfare 673 F.2d 628 03/23/82
Bidelspacher v. C. I. R 681 F.2d 804 03/22/82
Fed. Sec. L. Rep. P 98,465robert Staffin, Appellant, v. Joel W. Greenberg, Bluebird, Incorporated, Herbert Cook Andnorthern Foods, Ltd., Appellees.donald L. Winderman, Appellant, v. Joel W. Greenberg, et al., Appellees.robert Staffin, et al., Appellees, v. Northern Foods, Ltd., Appellant.bernard J. Gomberg, Appellant, v. Bluebird, Incorporated, et al., Appellees.charles Heit, Appellant, v. Bluebird, Incorporated, Appellee.morris and Sally Leonard, Appellants, v. Joel W. Greenberg, et al., Appellees 672 F.2d 1196 03/22/82
Kozup v. Pullman-standard, Division of Pullman, Inc 681 F.2d 806 03/22/82
Mcdowell v. Cuyler 681 F.2d 807 03/22/82
Pittsburgh Steel-allenport Employees Federal Credit Union v. Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission 681 F.2d 808 03/22/82
Teamsters Union 158, Affiliated with the Internationalbrotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs,warehousemen, and Helpers of America v. Sloane Chevrolet 681 F.2d 809 03/22/82
Bethlehem Steel Corp. v. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission 681 F.2d 804 03/19/82
Delaware Water Emergency Group v. Hansler 681 F.2d 805 03/19/82
Gallagher v. U. S. Postal Service 681 F.2d 805 03/19/82
Graham v. Merit Systems Protection Board 681 F.2d 806 03/19/82
Grand Jury Matter, in Re 681 F.2d 806 03/19/82
Haefner v. County of Lancaster, Pa 681 F.2d 806 03/19/82
Marcia L. Ligas, As Administratrix of the Estate of Michaelrichard Ligas, Deceased, and As Surviving Spouse of Michaelrichard Ligas, and As Guardian for Her Minor Daughter,marcie, the Surviving Child of Michael Richard Ligas, Appellant, v. Carl J. Allen, Jr., the City of Pittsburgh, and Robert J.coll, Jr., in His Official Capacity Assuperintendent of the Department Ofpolice of the City Ofpittsburgh, Appellees 765 F.2d 53 03/19/82
Mims v. Cuyler 681 F.2d 807 03/19/82
Moore v. Little Giant Industries, Inc 681 F.2d 807 03/19/82
Northwestern Nat. Ins. Co. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin v. Connecticut General Life Ins. Co 681 F.2d 807 03/19/82
Overall Cleaners and Launderers Union Local 69 v. Star Uniform Rental Co. of N. J 681 F.2d 808 03/19/82
Phillips v. Connecticut General Life Ins. Co 681 F.2d 808 03/19/82
Phillips v. Northwestern Nat. Ins. Co. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin 681 F.2d 808 03/19/82
Pinckney v. County of Northampton 681 F.2d 808 03/19/82
Regis J. Kirby, Marie Maiers, Emily Traum, Henry Simmons,patrick Maloney, and Norbert Loveland, and Allothers Similarly Situated, Appellants, v. United States Government, Department of Housing & Urbandevelopment, St. Francis General Hospital, and St.francis Plaza, Inc 675 F.2d 60 03/19/82
Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal Co. v. Director, Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, U. S.dept. of Labor 681 F.2d 808 03/19/82
State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co. v. Wood 681 F.2d 809 03/19/82
U. S. v. Calzone 681 F.2d 809 03/19/82
U. S. v. Capobianco 681 F.2d 809 03/19/82
U. S. v. Cirillo 681 F.2d 809 03/19/82
U. S. v. Ebersole 681 F.2d 810 03/19/82
U. S. v. Higgins 681 F.2d 810 03/19/82
U. S. v. Lunsford 681 F.2d 810 03/19/82
U. S. v. Pinto 681 F.2d 810 03/19/82
U. S. v. Plasschaert 681 F.2d 810 03/19/82
U. S. v. Weingartner 681 F.2d 810 03/19/82
Wolosoff v. Cable Systems, Inc 676 F.2d 689 03/19/82
Arco-polymers, Inc., Appellee, v. Local 8-74, Affiliated with the Oil, Chemical and Atomicworkers International Union, Appellant 671 F.2d 752 03/18/82
Arthur J. Levy, Petitioner, v. Milton H. Weissman, Respondent,hon. Louis C. Bechtle, United States District Judge, Easterndistrict of Pennsylvania, Nominal Respondent 671 F.2d 766 03/18/82
Action Engineering v. Martin Marietta Aluminum, Appellant 670 F.2d 456 03/17/82
Chevron U.s.a. Inc., Petitioner, v. National Labor Relations Board, Respondent 672 F.2d 359 03/17/82
Excavation Construction, Inc. No. One Contracting Corp. v. Leroy A. Quinn, Commissioner of Finance of the Government Ofthe Virgin Islands, Appellant 673 F.2d 78 03/17/82
Government of the Virgin Islands, Appellant, v. Christensen, Arthur, Appellee 673 F.2d 713 03/16/82
International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers, Appellee, v. Northwest Airlines, Inc., Appellant 673 F.2d 700 03/16/82
Tyrone Bullock, Appellant v. Martin Suomela 710 F.2d 102 03/16/82
Luria Brothers & Company, Inc., a Corporation, v. Thomas R. Allen, Jr. and Morton J. Greene, Trading Aseconomy Industrial Properties, a Partnership, Appellants 672 F.2d 347 03/15/82
Barco Urban Renewal Corp., Appellant in No. 81-2082, v. Housing Authority of the City of Atlantic City and Resortsinternational, Inc.barco Urban Renewal Corp. v. Housing Authority of the City of Atlantic City and Resortsinternational, Inc.appeal of Resorts International, Inc. ("resorts"), Appellantin No. 81-2467.barco Urban Renewal Corp. v. Housing Authority of the City of Atlantic City and Resortsinternational, Inc., Housing Authority of the Cityof Atlantic City ("the Authority"),appellant in No. 81-2468 674 F.2d 1001 03/12/82
Lehigh Valley Manpower Program, Petitioner, v. Raymond J. Donovan, Secretary of Labor, U.S. Department Oflabor, Respondent 718 F.2d 99 03/12/82
Liston Monsanto, Appellant, v. Leroy A. Quinn, Commissioner, Department of Finance 674 F.2d 990 03/11/82
Nancy Gatter, Mary Klingel, and Kenneth and Alma Bernstein,individually, and on Behalf of All Otherssimilarly Situated, and Carl Nardi and Marie Nardi v. Robert T. Nimmo, in His Official Capacity As Administratorof Veterans Affairs, S. W. Melidosian, in His Officialcapacity As Director of the Veterans Administration Centerof Philadelphia, the Veterans Administration, an Agency Ofthe United States Government, the Fidelity Bond and Mortgagecompany, the Kennedy Mortgage Company, the Lomas Andmettleton Company.appeal of Nancy Gatter, Carl Nardi and Marie Nardi, Kennethbernstein and Alma Marie Bernstein, on Behalf Ofthemselves and All Others Similarly Situated 672 F.2d 343 03/11/82
United States of America v. Frederick C. Sturm, Iii, Appellant 671 F.2d 749 03/11/82
In Re Grand Jury Matter.appeal of United States of America 673 F.2d 688 03/09/82
Wood v. State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co 681 F.2d 811 03/09/82
Dr. Philip B. Eatough, Jr., Appellant, v. Dr. Edwin H. Albano, Dr. Ruth S. Ballou, Dr. Clarencebookbinder, Dr. Jordan D. Burke, Dr. Enio J. Calluori, Dr.arnold E. Cianciulli, Dr. Thomas C. De Cecio, Dr. Rudolph Persia, Dr. Irving H. Plain, Dr. Joseph A. Riggs, Dr.james M. Rosser, Nicholas A. Sidoti, Theodore Simkin, Dr.richard G. Stefanacci, Dr. Carl N. Ware, Individually and Asmembers of the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners 673 F.2d 671 03/08/82
Leola E. Campbell, Petitioner, v. Office of Personnel Management United States of America, Respondent 694 F.2d 305 03/05/82
Lynch v. Atlantic Richfield Co 681 F.2d 807 03/05/82
Patricia Berroyer v. Sidney S. Hertz, Appellant 672 F.2d 334 03/05/82
Rose M. Smith, Appellant, v. Richard Schweiker, Secretary of the Dept. of Health Andhuman Services 671 F.2d 789 03/05/82
Boyd v. Western Elec 681 F.2d 804 03/03/82
Harry Lewis, Appellant, v. Henry Curtis, Albert F. Duval, Roger S. Ahlbrandt, Fredherbolzheimer, Jr., Bernard S. Kubale, William G.kuhns, Louis H. Roddis, Jr., Charles M.williams, and Hammermill Papercompany, Appellees 671 F.2d 779 03/03/82
Morrison v. Call 681 F.2d 807 03/03/82
National Labor Relations Board, Petitioner, v. Eastern Steel Company, Respondent 671 F.2d 104 03/03/82
United States of America, Appellee, v. Francis P. Desmond, Appellant 670 F.2d 414 03/03/82
Donald Williams, Appellant in 81-2276, v. v. I. Water & Power Authority, et al.appeal of Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority, in 81-2241 672 F.2d 1220 03/02/82
Hare v. Jeffes 681 F.2d 806 03/02/82
U. S. v. Paetrovar 681 F.2d 810 03/02/82
U. S. v. Pryor 681 F.2d 810 03/02/82
United States of America v. Welty, John Jacob, Appellant 674 F.2d 185 03/02/82
Washington v. C. I. R 681 F.2d 811 03/02/82
Brown v. Swem 681 F.2d 804 03/01/82
Delaware Valley Citizens' Council for Clean Air, et al.,american Lung Association of Philadelphia, and Montgomerycounty, Delchester Lung Association, Sierra Club,pennsylvania Chapter, Friends of the Earth of the Delawarevalley, Citizens' Committee for Environmental Control,quinn, Kevin, Farrell, Kaysi, Weis, Ruth G., Klinkner, John,biez, Elizabeth S., Shulman, Mona v. Commonwealth of Pa., and Train, Russell E., Ind. and Asadministrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Etal., Sherlock, William T., Individually and As Secretary Ofthe Pa. Dept. of Transportation, Goddard, Maurice K.,individually and As Secretary of the Pa. Dept. Ofenvironmental Resources, Snyder, Daniel, J., Iii,individually and As Regional Administrator of Theenvironmental Protection Agency, Region Iii.united States of America v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; the Pennsylvania Department Oftransportation and William T. Sherlock, Secretary of Thepennsylvania Department of Transportation; the Pennsylvaniadepartment of Environmental Resources and Maurice K.goddard, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department Ofenvironmental Resources.appeal of Representatives Fred Belardi, et al., and Senatoredward P. Zemprelli, et al., Applicants-intervenors 674 F.2d 970 03/01/82
United States of America v. Robert Mcquilkin, and Arlene Whalin, Appellants 673 F.2d 681 03/01/82