March 1990 Second Circuit US Court of Appeals Cases

  Case Date
United States of America, Appellee, v. Lisa Jones, Defendant-appellant 900 F.2d 512 03/30/90
United States of America, Appellee, v. Manuel Octavio Adames, et Ano., Defendants,manuel Octavio Adames, Defendant-appellant 901 F.2d 11 03/30/90
U.S. v. Lopez 902 F.2d 1557 03/29/90
52 Fair Empl.prac.cas. 891,53 Empl. Prac. Dec. P 39,807clement Sumner, Appellant, v. United States Postal Service, Appellee 899 F.2d 203 03/28/90
Gonzalez v. U.s 902 F.2d 1557 03/28/90
In Re Shirley Ivy, et al., Petitioners.shirley Ivy Individually and As Representative of the Estateof Donald Ivy, Deceased; Charles Jardon, and Tony K. Jardonindividually and As Next Friend of Charles Jardon, Jr.,robin Jardon, Warren Jardon and Sharon Jardon; Verda Wilsonindividually and As Representative of the Estate of Isaiahwilson, Jr., Deceased; Shirley Salewaski Individually Andas Representative of the Estate of Yen Salewaski, Deceased;gary Thomas; Mary Lee Thomas; James L. Kent; Emma I.kent; Charles Brown; Dawn Marie Inman Individually and Asrepresentative of the Estate of Bobby Joe Inman, Deceased;earl Thompson; Judy L. Thompson; James Donald Deloatch;joyce Deloatch; Peggy Sands Individually and Asrepresentative of the Estate of Martin Sands, Deceased;emile Annibolli; Ursula Margot Parry Individually and Asrepresentative of the Estate of James D. Parry, Sr.,deceased; James D. Parry, Jr.; James Christopher Parry;laura Jenkins Individually and As Representative of Theestate of Eddie Jenkins, Deceased; and James Whiteindividually and As Representative of the Estate of Clarencewhite, Deceased, and All Named Plaintiffs Sue Individuallyand As Representatives of Those Similarly Situated,plaintiffs-petitioners, v. Diamond Shamrock Chemicals Company, A/k/a Diamond Shamrockrefining & Marketing Company and A/k/a Occidental Electrochemical Corporation and A/k/a Maxus Energy Corporation Anda/k/a Occidental Chemical Corporation and A/k/a Diamondshamrock Company; and the Dow Chemical Company; Monsantocompany; Uniroyal Inc.; Hercules Inc.; Thompson-haywardchemical Company, A/k/a Thompson Chemicals Corporation; Andt.h. Agriculture & Nutrition Company, Inc., Defendants-respondents 901 F.2d 7 03/28/90
Melian v. City of New York 902 F.2d 1557 03/28/90
Cecile Buonocore, Individually and As Administratrix of Theestate of John Buonocore, Iii, Deceased, and Johnbuonocore, Jr., Appellants, v. Trans World Airlines, Inc., Appellee 900 F.2d 8 03/27/90
Labib Ismail, Appellee/cross-appellant, v. Scott Cohen, Individually and As a New York City Policeofficer and City of New York, a Municipalcorporation, Appellants/cross-appellees 899 F.2d 183 03/27/90
Mario Ronzani, Appellant, v. Sanofi S.a., Sanofi Incorporated, and Arnhold and S.bleichroeder, Incorporated, Appellees 899 F.2d 195 03/27/90
United States of America, Appellant, v. Christopher Patrick, Defendant-appellee,linda Taylor and Christopher Patrick, Defendants 899 F.2d 169 03/27/90
United States of America, Appellee, v. Ramon Rodriguez-gonzalez and Reuben Vargas-santanas,defendants-appellants 899 F.2d 177 03/27/90
United States of America, Appellee, v. Ricardo Villegas, Carlos Gomez-sanchez, Cesar Garcia-marin,pedro Jaramaillo, Jaime Cortez, Johana Torrez, John Berrio,meliton Valbuena, Harold Gomez, Martin Bolivar, Heribertotorrez, Defendants-appellants 899 F.2d 1324 03/27/90
United States of America, Appellee, v. Theodore Lawrence Brown, Defendant-appellant 899 F.2d 189 03/27/90
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Leslie R. Barth, Defendant-appellant 899 F.2d 199 03/27/90
Claude Douge and Jacqueline Douge, Petitioners-appellants, v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Respondent-appellee 899 F.2d 164 03/26/90
Director, Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Unitedstates Department of Labor, Petitioner, v. General Dynamics Corporation, and Williams Krotsis, Benefitsreview Board, Respondents 900 F.2d 506 03/26/90
Mailman v. Cir 902 F.2d 1557 03/26/90
Mcmillan v. Riley 902 F.2d 1557 03/26/90
Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association of the Unitedstates, Inc., and Automobile Importers of America,inc., Plaintiffs-appellees, v. Robert Abrams, Attorney General of the State of New York,defendant-appellant 899 F.2d 1315 03/26/90
National Labor Relations Board, Petitioner, v. Springfield Hospital, Respondent,new England Health Care Employees Union, District 1199,nuhhce, Afl-cio, Intervener 899 F.2d 1305 03/26/90
U.S. v. Alvarez 902 F.2d 1557 03/26/90
In Re Hooshang Bonheu 902 F.2d 1557 03/23/90
Nlrb v. Roanwell Corp 902 F.2d 1557 03/23/90
U.S. v. Restaino 902 F.2d 1557 03/23/90
U.S. v. Sinclair 902 F.2d 1557 03/23/90
U.S. v. Stourzenegger 902 F.2d 1557 03/23/90
Lufkin v. Shell Oil 902 F.2d 1557 03/22/90
Roco Carriers, Ltd., Plaintiff-appellee, v. M/v Nurnberg Express, Her Engines, Boilers, Etc.,hapag-lloyd Aktiengesellschaft, and Aid Exporttrucking Corp., Defendants,aid Export Trucking Corp., Defendant-appellant 899 F.2d 1292 03/22/90
U.S. v. Romeo 902 F.2d 1556 03/22/90
Malik v. Senkowski 902 F.2d 1557 03/21/90
Rainaldi v. Smyth 902 F.2d 1557 03/21/90
U.S. v. Almahadi 902 F.2d 1556 03/21/90
U.S. v. Esposito 902 F.2d 1556 03/21/90
United States of America, Appellee, v. John Musacchia and Joseph Gambino, Defendants-appellants 900 F.2d 493 03/21/90
29 Soc.sec.rep.ser. 152, Unempl.ins.rep. Cch 15317asamuel L. Sommer, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Louis W. Sullivan, M.d., Secretary of the Department Ofhealth and Human Services, Defendant-appellee 898 F.2d 895 03/20/90
Arocena v. U.s 902 F.2d 1556 03/20/90
City of West Haven, Appellant, v. Commercial Union Insurance Company F/k/a Employerscommercial Union Insurance Company, Appellee 894 F.2d 540 03/20/90
First Interstate v. Korexpo Corporation 902 F.2d 1556 03/20/90
John E. Johnson and H/w Ann Marie Johnson, Plaintiffs-appellees, v. the Celotex Corporation, Owens-illinois, Inc., Defendants-appellants 899 F.2d 1281 03/20/90
Robehr Films, Inc. v. American Airlines 902 F.2d 1556 03/20/90
Romano v. U.s 902 F.2d 1556 03/20/90
United States of America, Appellee, v. Peter J. Castiglia, Jack Liffiton and Anthony Santiago,defendants-appellants 894 F.2d 533 03/20/90
Altshuler v. Nyc Comm on Human 902 F.2d 1556 03/19/90
Catanzano v. Richardson 902 F.2d 1556 03/19/90
United States of America, Appellee, v. Elon Kevan Rowlee, Ii, and the New York Patriots Society Forindividual Liberty Association, Defendants-appellants 899 F.2d 1275 03/19/90
United States of America, Appellee, v. Frank Sacco, A/k/a "st. Francis Sacco", Defendant-appellant 899 F.2d 149 03/19/90
Communications Workers of America, District One, Afl-cio,ronald E. Woods, Sandra Lara, Marie Petrie,paulette Gilliam, and John Credaroli,plaintiffs-appellees, v. Nynex Corporation, Nynex Medical Expense Plan, New Yorktelephone Company, Nynex Service Company, Andempire City Subway Company (limited),defendants-appellants 898 F.2d 887 03/16/90
Cornett v. Manufacturers Hanover 902 F.2d 1556 03/16/90
Tawil v. Rosoff 902 F.2d 1556 03/16/90
U.S. v. Aguilera-quinjano 902 F.2d 1556 03/16/90
U.S. v. Baez 902 F.2d 1556 03/16/90
U.S. v. Duran-peralta 902 F.2d 1556 03/16/90
U.S. v. Morales 902 F.2d 1556 03/16/90
U.S. v. Woodson 902 F.2d 1556 03/16/90
United States of America, Appellee, v. Charles D. Scanio, Defendant-appellant 900 F.2d 485 03/16/90
Vollbrecht v. Ibm 902 F.2d 1556 03/16/90
Walker v. Dinan 902 F.2d 1556 03/16/90
Olga Igneri, Individually and As Chairwoman of the Richmondcounty Republican Committee, Joseph Igneri, and Howard Lim,jr., Individually and As Chairman of the New York Countyconservative Party, and Joyce Lim, Plaintiffs-appellees, v. Elizabeth D. Moore, Chairwoman of the New York State Ethicscommission, and Joseph J. Buderwitz, Jr., Angelo A.costanza, Norman Lamm and Robert B. Mckay, Members of Thenew York State Ethics Commission, Defendants-appellants 898 F.2d 870 03/15/90
S. Ezra Austern and Esther Austern, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. the Chicago Board Options Exchange, Inc., Defendant-appellee 898 F.2d 882 03/15/90
United States of America, Appellee, v. Derek Sappe, Defendant-appellant 898 F.2d 878 03/15/90
29 Soc.sec.rep.ser. 134, Medicare&medicaid Gu 38,464mary Cosgrove and John Shepsky, Individually and on Behalfof All Others Similarly Situated, and Rose Singer,individually and As Administratrix of the Estate of Emilsinger, and on Behalf of All Others Similarly Situated,plaintiffs-appellees, v. Otis R. Bowen, Secretary of the Department of Health Andhuman Services, and Carolyn K. Davis,administrator of the Health Care Financeadministration, Defendants-appellants 898 F.2d 332 03/14/90
Frank C. Fetterusso, Otto Hofendiener, and Leonardgiardiana, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. State of New York, New York State Office of Mental Health,defendants-appellees 898 F.2d 322 03/13/90
United States of America, Appellant, v. Mauricio Londono-villa, Appellee 898 F.2d 328 03/13/90
Norman Simmons, Petitioner-appellant, v. Edward F. Reynolds, Superintendent, Oneida Correctionalfacility, and the People of the State of New York,respondents-appellees 898 F.2d 865 03/12/90
Securities Industry Association, Plaintiff, v. Robert L. Clarke and Office of the Comptroller of Thecurrency, Defendants-appellees,security Pacific National Bank, Intervenor-defendant-appellee,appeal of James B. Weidner, Non-party Appellant 898 F.2d 318 03/12/90
Bruen v. Tobacco 902 F.2d 1556 03/09/90
Makram Tadros, M.d., Appellant, v. D. Jackson Coleman, M.d., and Cornell University Medicalcollege, Appellees 898 F.2d 10 03/09/90
Ramon Rodriguez Alvarez, Appellee, v. Bahama Cruise Line, Incorporated, Bermuda Star Line,incorporated, and S.s. Bermuda Star, Her Engines,boilers, Tackle, Appurtenances, Etc.,defendants.appeal of Bermuda Star Line, Incorporated, Appellant 898 F.2d 312 03/09/90
U.S. v. Edwards 902 F.2d 1556 03/09/90
U.S. v. Vetere 902 F.2d 1556 03/09/90
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs,warehousemen and Helpers of America, Afl-cio, Etal., Defendants.appeal of Daniel Ligurotis, Defendant-appellant 899 F.2d 143 03/08/90
Houston v. Cbi Nyc/li 902 F.2d 1556 03/07/90
Maria Gutierrez and Ramon Gutierrez, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Otis R. Bowen, M.d., Secretary of Health and Human Services,defendant-appellee 898 F.2d 307 03/07/90
Tony Velasquez, Petitioner-appellant, v. Arthur A. Leonardo, Superintendent, Great Meadowcorrectional Facility, et al., Respondents-appellees 898 F.2d 7 03/07/90
U.S. v. Sanchez 902 F.2d 1556 03/07/90
U.S. v. Suarez 902 F.2d 1556 03/07/90
National Labor Relations Board, Petitioner, v. Washington Heights-west Harlem-inwood Mental Health Council,inc., D/b/a the Council's Center for Problems Ofliving, Respondent,local 1199, Hospital & Health Care Employees Union, Rwdsu,afl-cio, Intervenor 897 F.2d 1238 03/06/90
National Labor Relations Board, Petitioner, v. Wizard Method, Inc., and Hydro Logistics, Inc., Respondents 897 F.2d 1233 03/06/90
Pinkowski v. Secretary of Hhs 902 F.2d 1556 03/06/90
Quansah v. City of New York 902 F.2d 1556 03/06/90
Scott C. Savin, Appellee, v. Harry H. Ranier, Appellant 898 F.2d 304 03/06/90
U.S. v. Machikov 902 F.2d 1556 03/06/90
United States of America, Appellee, v. Remi Pelletier and Robert Pelletier, Defendants-appellants 898 F.2d 297 03/06/90
Washington v. Coughlin 902 F.2d 1556 03/06/90
29 Soc.sec.rep.ser. 123, Unempl.ins.rep. Cch 15310apaula Vargas, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Louis W. Sullivan, M.d., Secretary of Health and Humanservices, Defendant-appellee 898 F.2d 293 03/05/90
Disability Advocates v. Perales 902 F.2d 1556 03/05/90
Radames Mercado, Petitioner-appellant, v. United States of America, Respondent-appellee 898 F.2d 291 03/05/90
U.S. v. Wood 902 F.2d 1556 03/02/90
Carole Heller Weitzman, As Assignee of Saul Weitzman,plaintiff-appellee, v. Sidney Stein, Albert Feiffer and Norman Rubinson, Defendants, v. Beverly Stein, Respondent-appellant 897 F.2d 653 03/01/90