May 1986 Second Circuit US Court of Appeals Cases

  Case Date
14 Soc.sec.rep.ser. 115, Unempl.ins.rep. Cch 16,807carroll Barnett and Harold Mcbrine, on Behalf of Themselvesand All Others Similarly Situated, Plaintiffs-appellants,sarah Sargent, Harvey J. Levigne, Hattie Mcgivern Andraymond Grenier, Intervening Plaintiffs, v. Otis R. Bowen, in His Official Capacity As Secretary,department of Health and Human Services,defendant-appellee.leon S. Day, on Behalf of Himself and All Others Similarlysituated, Plaintiff- Appellant,amedie Maurais, Plaintiff-intervenor-appellant, v. Otis R. Bowen, in His Official Capacity As Secretary,department of Health and Human Services, Defendant-appellee 794 F.2d 17 05/30/86
Basf Wyandotte Corporation, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Local 227, International Chemical Workers Union, Afl-cio,lemountain, Joseph, President and in His Individual Capacityand Scales, Roger, Secretary and in His Individual Capacity,defendants-appellees 791 F.2d 1046 05/30/86
Cumberland Oil Corporation and Sugargrove, Ltd., Plaintiffs-appellants, v. James Thropp, Gregory Thropp, Arrowhead Gas Producers, Inc.,and Southern Tier, Ltd., Defendants-appellees 791 F.2d 1037 05/30/86
National Labor Relations Board, Petitioner, v. Eli Gordon, Gerald Tillinger and Seymour Tillinger, Acopartnership D/b/a Balsam Village Managementcompany, Respondents 792 F.2d 29 05/30/86
United States Department of Justice and Department Ofjustice Bureau of Prisons (washington, D.c.) Andfederal Correctional Institution(danbury, Connecticut),petitioners, Cross-respondents, v. Federal Labor Relations Authority, Respondent, Cross-petitioner 792 F.2d 25 05/30/86
United States of America, Appellee, v. Robert Capo, Tadeusz Snacki, A/k/a "ted Snacki", Waltersnacki, Defendants-appellants 791 F.2d 1054 05/30/86
U.S. v. Freeman 792 F.2d 137 05/29/86
William Barton, Plaintiff-appellant, v. United States of America, Defendant-appellee 791 F.2d 265 05/28/86
Bankr. L. Rep. P 71,192400 North Midler Avenue Corporation and Lawrence Sovik,plaintiffs-appellants, v. Frank J. Depo and Joseph Robert Depo, Bankrupts, and Michaelj. Balanoff, Trustee of Bankrupts, Defendants-appellees 793 F.2d 48 05/27/86
Marshall P. Safir, Plaintiff-appellant, v. United States Lines Inc., Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., Inc.,moore Mccormack Lines, Inc., American President Lines, Ltd.,farrell Lines, Inc., American Export Lines, Inc., Prudentiallines, Inc., Prudential-grace Lines, Inc., Defendants-appellees 792 F.2d 19 05/27/86
National Black Media Coalition and the New York Affiliate,national Black Media Coalition, Petitioners, v. Federal Communications Commission and United States Ofamerica, Respondents,association for Broadcast Engineering Standards, Inc. Andnational Association of Broadcasters, Intervenors 791 F.2d 1016 05/27/86
United States of America, Appellee, v. David Carpenter, Kenneth P. Felis, and R. Foster Winans,defendants-appellants 791 F.2d 1024 05/27/86
United States of America, Appellee, v. Victor Khubani, Defendant-appellant 791 F.2d 260 05/27/86
Ward v. Quinlan 792 F.2d 137 05/27/86
Michael Alston, Petitioner-appellee, v. John R. Manson, Commissioner, Connecticut Department Ofcorrection, Respondent- Appellant.james Haskins, Petitioner-appellee, v. John R. Manson, Commissioner, Connecticut Department Ofcorrection, Respondent- Appellant 791 F.2d 255 05/23/86
Susan Mary Kamen, Plaintiff-appellant, v. American Telephone & Telegraph Co., Patricia Mcdonald Andcarol Buckham, Defendants-appellees 791 F.2d 1006 05/23/86
U.S. v. Berrios 792 F.2d 136 05/23/86
Calinardi v. Warden 792 F.2d 136 05/22/86
In Re Witness Before the Grand Jury.united States of America, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Witness Before the Grand Jury, Defendant-appellee 791 F.2d 234 05/22/86
Railway Labor Executives' Association, Petitioner, v. United States of America, and Interstate Commercecommission, Respondents,the Staten Island Railroad Corporation, the Staten Islandrailway Corporation, Intervenors 791 F.2d 994 05/22/86
Railway Labor Executives' Association, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Staten Island Railroad Corporation and Staten Island Railwaycorporation, Defendants-appellees,interstate Commerce Commission and United States of America,intervenors-appellees 792 F.2d 7 05/22/86
Stuart Stein, Plaintiff-appellee, v. the Board of the City of New York, Bureau of Pupiltransportation, A.c.j. Transportation Corp.,anthony Didomenico, and Leonard A.david, Defendants,appeal of the Board of Education of the City of New York,leonard A. David, Defendants-appellants 792 F.2d 13 05/22/86
U.S. v. Bassi 792 F.2d 136 05/22/86
U.S. v. Pugliese 792 F.2d 137 05/22/86
Albertine Madge Van Amersfoorth Van Nijenhoff, on Her Ownbehalf, As Executrix and on Behalf of the Estate of Johanneschristiaan Van Amersfoorth and As Mother/guardian of Marjorirenate Van Amersfoorth, Stella Patricia Van Amersfoorth,claudia Jean Van Amersfoorth, Kenneth Martin Vanamersfoorth, Alexander Jimmy-john Van Amersfoorth and Davidwayne Van Amersfoorth and As an Attorney-in-fact Andrepresentative of Richard Melvin Van Amersfoorth, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Bantry Transportation Co., Universe Tankships (delaware)ltd., National Bulk Carriers, Inc., and Bantrytanker Agency, Ltd., Defendants-appellees 791 F.2d 26 05/21/86
Schuder v. Millard Fillmore Hosp 792 F.2d 136 05/21/86
Avis Rent a Car System, Inc., Plaintiff-appellant, v. Garage Employees Union, Local 272, Defendant-appellee 791 F.2d 22 05/20/86
Brooks v. Ebony Oil Corp 792 F.2d 136 05/20/86
Talandis v. Royal Bus Funds Corp 792 F.2d 136 05/20/86
U.S. v. Feggins 792 F.2d 137 05/20/86
United States of America, Appellee, v. John Stayton, A/k/a "john Gallagher", Defendant-appellant 791 F.2d 17 05/20/86
In the Matter of Emergency Beacon Corporation, Debtor.stephen G. Glatzer and Harvey S. Barr, Esq., Appellants, v. Montmartco, Inc., Appellee 790 F.2d 285 05/19/86
Metallgesellschaft A.g., Plaintiff-appellant, v. M/v Capitan Constante and Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales,defendants-appellees 790 F.2d 280 05/19/86
Paradis v. U.s 792 F.2d 136 05/19/86
U.S. v. Musella 792 F.2d 137 05/19/86
Young v. Coughlin 792 F.2d 137 05/19/86
Charles C. Welch, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Carson Productions Group, Ltd., Defendant-appellee 791 F.2d 13 05/16/86
Davis v. Coombe 792 F.2d 136 05/16/86
Eugene Traynor, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Harry W. Walters, Administrator of the Veteransadministration, Defendants- Appellants 791 F.2d 226 05/16/86
U.S. v. Allen 792 F.2d 136 05/16/86
U.S. v. Cuevas 792 F.2d 137 05/16/86
U.S. v. Vazquez 792 F.2d 137 05/16/86
Friends of Garden of Eden Inc. v. Gliedman 792 F.2d 136 05/15/86
Habibollah Haj Mohammad Hossein Kashi and Ashka B.m.m.,plaintiffs-appellants- Cross-appellees, v. Constantine G. Gratsos, Theodore Graino, Wilbur A. Stile,david A. Friedmann, Gregory J. Roman, Carl Wischmann,standard Grains (canada), Ltd., Standard Grains, Inc.,standard Metropolitan Shipping Corporation, Theodore Graino& Co., Inc., and M.v. Eurosky, Defendants-appellees.david A. Friedmann, Defendant-appellee-cross-appellant 790 F.2d 1050 05/15/86
Marotto v. D'angona 792 F.2d 136 05/15/86
U.S. v. Weil 792 F.2d 137 05/15/86
United States Trust Company of New York, As Trustee, Thechase Manhattan Bank, N.a., As Trustee, Sharon Steelcorporation, Inc., Uv Industries, Inc., Liquidating Trustand David Finkelstein, Arthur R. Gralla, Paul Kolton,theodore W. Kheel, Edwin Jacobson and Martin Horowitz, Astrustees of the Uv Industries, Inc., Liquidating Trust, Plaintiffs,sharon Steel Corporation, United States Trust Company of Newyork, Plaintiffs-appellees, v. Executive Life Insurance Co., Occi & Co., Staniels & Co.,translife & Co., Nest & Co., Agway Insurance Company Andfirst Missouri Bank and Trust Co., on Behalf of Themselvesand As Representatives of a Class of Former Holders of 91/4% Senior Subordinated Notes Due April 15, 1987, Mimishapiro, Mortimer A. Shapiro, Pacific & Co., Cede & Co. Andnorth Star Oil Company, on Behalf of Themselves and Asrepresentatives of a Class of Holders of 9 1/4% Seniorsubordinated Notes Due April 15, 1987, Bucher & Co., Williamw. Humphrey, Trustee, and Louis H. Spiner, Trustee, Onbehalf of Themselves and As Representatives of a Class Offormer Holders of 5 3/8% Subordinated Debentures Duenovember 15, 1995, and Bear Stearns & Co., Cede & Co.,julian S. Goldberg, Mericka & Co., Mutual Shares Corp. Andmutual Qualified Income Fund, Saxon & Co., on Behalf Ofthemselves and As Representatives of a Class of Holders of 53/8% Subordinated Debentures Due November 15, 1995, Defendants,nest & Co., on Behalf of the 9 1/4% Selling Class, Defendant-appellant,mimi Shapiro, Mortimer A. Shapiro, Mutual Shares Corp.,mutual Qualified Income Fund, and Bear Stearns &co., Defendants-appellees 791 F.2d 10 05/15/86
Cine 42nd Street Theater Corporation, Leonard Clark and Thebrandt Organization, Inc., Plaintiffs-appellants, v. the Nederlander Organization, Inc.; Harris Nederlander,inc.; Jujamcyn Company, Inc.; Cambridge Investment Group,ltd.; Park Tower Realty Corp.; the New York State Urbandevelopment Corporation; Times Square Redevelopmentcorporation and the City of New York, Defendants-appellees 790 F.2d 1032 05/14/86
Lorraine Gargiul, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Virgil E. Tompkins, Individually and As Districtsuperintendent of Liverpool Central School District, Jamesjohnson, Individually and As Acting Superintendent Ofliverpool Central School District, Dennis Jones,individually and As Coordinator of Personnel of Liverpoolcentral School District, Dr. Paul A. Day, Individually Andas Chief Medical Inspector for the Liverpool Central Schooldistrict, F. Robert Kolch, Individually and As Clerk of Theboard of Education of the Liverpool Central School District,arthur D. Little, Bruce C. Vojt, Emilio Chasse et al.,defendants-appellees 790 F.2d 265 05/14/86
Hank Purcell, Jr., Plaintiff-appellant, v. Com. Tom Coughlin, Warden Dominic Montello, Edward Abbott,dolores Weztherbee, William Reisdorf, Carl Bergand Guard Luczrelli, Defendants-appellees 790 F.2d 263 05/13/86
Warren Bass, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Saul A. Jackson, Nassau County Commissioner of Corrections;"john" Waters, Lt. for Security, Nassau County Correctionalcenter; "jack" Spinner, Correctional Officer, First Class,nassau County Correctional Center; "frank Smith," M.d.;"ed Jones," M.d.; and Walter J. Flood, Warden, Nassaucounty Correctional Center, Defendants-appellees 790 F.2d 260 05/13/86
United States of America, Appellee, v. Francisco C. Pelaes and Enrique Jesus Osorno, Defendants-appellants 790 F.2d 254 05/12/86
United States of America, Appellee, v. Ramon Sanchez, Defendant-appellant 790 F.2d 245 05/12/86
Michael Roman, Petitioner-appellee-cross-appellant, v. Robert Abrams, Attorney General of the State of New York,respondent-appellant-cross-appellee 790 F.2d 244 05/09/86
Carranza v. Dea 792 F.2d 136 05/08/86
De Marco v. Ullman 792 F.2d 136 05/08/86
Jones v. Siegfried Constru. Co. Inc 792 F.2d 136 05/08/86
Karl Linnas, Petitioner, v. Immigration & Naturalization Service, Respondent 790 F.2d 1024 05/08/86
Malachowski v. Dorsey 792 F.2d 136 05/08/86
Malik v. Hoy 792 F.2d 136 05/08/86
Malik, in Re 792 F.2d 136 05/08/86
Oglesby, in Re 792 F.2d 136 05/08/86
Samuelson v. Union Carbide Co 792 F.2d 136 05/08/86
Thomas v. U.s 792 F.2d 136 05/08/86
U.S. v. Bell 792 F.2d 136 05/08/86
U.S. v. Cardella 792 F.2d 137 05/08/86
United States of America, Appellee, v. Anthony Puglisi, Anthony Bodami, Albert Morgan, and Antoniopavone, Appellants 790 F.2d 240 05/08/86
White v. Djakarta Lloyd 792 F.2d 137 05/08/86
Mitsui & Company (usa) Incorporated, Plaintiff,geismar & Company Incorporated, Plaintiff-intervenor-appellant, v. Hudson Tank Terminals Corporation, Defendant-appellee 790 F.2d 226 05/07/86
United States of America, Appellee, v. Anthony Lanza, Anthony Nuzio, Vyscheslav Lyubarsky, A/k/a"slava", and Roman Zonesashville, Defendants.appeal of Vyscheslav Lyubarsky, A/k/a "slava", Romanzonesashvili, and Anthony Lanza, Defendants-appellants 790 F.2d 1015 05/07/86
United States of America, Appellee, v. Arnold Gold, Defendant-appellant 790 F.2d 235 05/07/86
Andrea Aiello, in Re 792 F.2d 136 05/06/86
The Authors League of America, Inc., and Irwin Karp,plaintiffs-appellants,the Association of American Publishers, Plaintiff-intervenor-appellant. v. Ralph Oman, Register of Copyrights; James A. Baker, Iii,secretary of the Treasury; and William Von Raab,commissioner, United States Customsservice, Defendants-appellees 790 F.2d 220 05/06/86
Alston v. Marine Midland Bank 792 F.2d 136 05/05/86
Fine Gold Jewelry v. Guaranty Natl Insur 792 F.2d 136 05/05/86
Gordon v. Watley 792 F.2d 136 05/05/86
Richard Stone, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Chung Pei Chemical Industry Co. Ltd and Taiwan Hi Dapcorporation, Defendants-appellees 790 F.2d 20 05/05/86
Steel v. I.r.s 792 F.2d 136 05/05/86
The Village of Ilion, New York, Municipal Building, Ilion,new York 13357, Petitioner, v. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 825 North Capitalstreet, N.e., Washington, D.c. 20426, Respondent.power Authority of the State of New York, Niagara Mohawkpower Corporation, New York State Electric & Gascorporation, Intervenors 790 F.2d 212 05/05/86
U.S. v. Weide 792 F.2d 137 05/05/86
United States of America, Appellee, v. John Reed, Defendant-appellant 790 F.2d 208 05/05/86
Abdul Beyah, K. Mcdonald, H. Benitez, A. Robles, D. Boswell,k. Dukes, K. Richardson, M. Payne, J. Duffy, S.dukes, and v. Baez, Plaintiffs,abdul Beyah, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Thomas A. Coughlin, Commissioner of Docs; Harold J. Smith,superintendent, Attica Correctional Facility; Andj. Cochrane, Attica Correctionalfacility, Defendants-appellees 789 F.2d 986 05/02/86
Fernandez-collado v. I.n.s 792 F.2d 136 05/02/86
Investment Company Institute, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Robert L. Clarke, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency,united States of America, the Connecticut Bank & Trustcompany, N.a. and the Connecticut Bank and Trust Company Iracollective Investment Fund, Defendants-appellees 789 F.2d 175 05/02/86
Malachowski, in Re 792 F.2d 136 05/02/86
United States of America, Appellee, v. Yvonne Melendez-carrion, Hilton Fernandez-diamante, Luisalfredo Colon Osorio, Filiberto Ojeda Rios, Isaaccamacho-negron, Orlando Gonzales Claudio, Elias Samuelcastro-ramos and Juan Enrique Segarra Palmer, Defendants-appellants 790 F.2d 984 05/02/86
Baltsavias v. Heckler 792 F.2d 136 05/01/86
Briguglio Cons. v. 40 Flatbush 792 F.2d 136 05/01/86
Hall, in Re 792 F.2d 136 05/01/86
Mcavoy v. Smith 792 F.2d 136 05/01/86
Ronson, in Re 792 F.2d 136 05/01/86
U.S. v. Mak 792 F.2d 137 05/01/86
U.S. v. Matienzo 792 F.2d 137 05/01/86
U.S. v. Vido 792 F.2d 137 05/01/86
Valeriano v. Lopes 792 F.2d 137 05/01/86
Walzer v. U.s 792 F.2d 137 05/01/86