Federal Reporter, Third Series Volume 273 - US Court of Appeals

Citation: 273 F.3d 527
Court: 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals
Date: November 16, 2001
People of the State of New York, by Eliot Spitzer Attorney General of the State of New York, Buffalo Gyn Womenservices, Shalom Press, M.d., Planned Parenthood, of the Rochester/syracuse Region, Pro-choice Network, of Western New York and Morris Wortman, M.d., Plaintiffs-counter-defendants-appellees, v. Operation Rescue National, Lambs of Christ, Christian-american Family Life Association, Philip Benham, A/k/a "flip", Norman Weslin, Norman Crawford, Richard Armenia, Mary Arno, John Blanchard, Paul Arno, John Barron, Albert Boettcher, Eva Boldt, Martin Chaberlain, Ken Delozier, Amy Dorscheid, Robert Dorscheid, Daniel Drury, Darren Drzymala, Alan Fricke, Amy Fricke, James Govola, Mary Sue Govola, Kenneth Harms, Michael Iluzzi, Karen Jackson, Eric Johns, Bernice Kleinhammer, Paul Koehn, Richard Krulewicz, Daniel Lamantain-leatherman, Rosina Lotempio, Edmund Lutz, Dennis Marriott, Dennis Marriott, David Martin, Arnold Matheson, Michael Mcbride, William Michael, James Missall, Michael Mombrea, Dwight Monagan, Jacob Meuller, Sharon Murphy, Linda Palm, Hettie Pascoe, Robert Pokalsky, Dan Przywuski, Robert Raco, Jacqueline Rademacher, Rene Riddle, W. Randolph Smith, William Smith, Sherrie Sterlace, Roseanne Sutter, Gerald Sutter, John Urgo, John Vandeven, Mickey Vandeven, Nancy Walker, Phyllis Walker, Calvin Zastrow, John and Jane Does, the Last Two Named Being Fictitious Names, the Real Names of Such Persons Being Currently Unknown but Who Are Active in Defendant Organizations or Act in Concert with the Above Named Individuals to Engage In, or Who Will Engage In, the Conduct Complained of Herein, Defendants-counter-defendants,rescue Rochester, Mary Beth Powley, Last Call Ministries, Bob Behn, Bonnie Behn and Gerald Crawford, Defendants-counter-claimants,michael Warren and Mary Melfi, Defendants-counter-claimants-appellants
Citation: 273 F.3d 184
Court: 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals
Date: November 26, 2001
Citation: 273 F.3d 380
Court: 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals
Date: November 21, 2001
Citation: 273 F.3d 276
Court: 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals
Date: November 30, 2001
Plaintiff v. Defendant