Federal Reporter, Third Series Volume 232 - US Court of Appeals

  Case Date
Katie M. Bradley, Appellant, v. Sheila E. Widnall, Secretary of the Air Force, Appellee 232 F.3d 626 11/13/00
Marilyn Anderson, Appellant/cross-appellee, v. North Dakota State Hospital, Appellee/cross-appellant 232 F.3d 634 11/14/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Cheryl C. Godbout-bandal; Bruce A. Rasmussen; Wayne Field; Defendants,richard D. Donohoo, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 637 11/15/00
United States of America, Plaintiff - Appellee, v. Charles I. Covey, Defendant - Appellant 232 F.3d 641 11/16/00
United States of America, Plaintiff - Appellee, v. Martin Uphoff, Defendant - Appellant 232 F.3d 624 11/13/00
Brian K. Ellis, Appellant, v. Larry Norris, Director, Arkansas Department of Correction, Appellee 232 F.3d 619 11/09/00
Kenneth H. Goodwin, Jr. and Jacqueline Goodwin, Plaintiffs-appellees, v. Mtd Products, Incorporated, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 600 11/14/00
In Re Holstein Mack & Klein, a Partnership, Debtor.american National Bank & Trust Co. of Chicago, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Robert A. Holstein & Associates, P.c., Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 611 11/14/00
Donald Bass; Amalgamated Transit Workers Union, Local 1356, Appellees, v. City of Sioux Falls, a Municipality Chartered Under the Constitution of the State of South Dakota; Ryder/ate, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, Defendants,sutran, Inc., a South Dakota Corporation, Appellant 232 F.3d 615 08/10/99
United States of America, Appellee, v. Dwayne Harold Smith, Appellant 232 F.3d 650 11/21/00
In Re: John Richard Kemp, Jr., Debtor,melinda Williams, Appellee, v. John Richard Kemp, Jr., Appellant,melinda Williams, Appellee, v. John Richard Kemp, Jr., Appellant 232 F.3d 652 11/22/00
Cary Lapidus; Denise Lapidus, Trustees of the Cary and Denise Lapidus Living Trust, on Behalf of Themselves and All Others Similarly Situated, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. G. Randall Hecht; Paul Stephens; Robertson Stephens & Company; Robertson Stephens & Company Investment Management, L.p.; Robertson Stephens Investment Management Inc., Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 679 11/13/00
Luis Felipe Cervantes-gonzales, Petitioner, v. Immigration and Naturalization Service, Respondent 232 F.3d 684 11/14/00
Luann Renfrow, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Danny J. Draper, Defendant-appellant. Bankruptcy Appeals, Interested Party 232 F.3d 688 11/14/00
Paul Green, Petitioner-appellant, v. Theo White, Warden, Respondent-appellee 232 F.3d 671 11/13/00
Phillip Jackson Lyons, Petitioner-appellant, v. Jackie Crawford, Respondent-appellee 232 F.3d 666 11/13/00
United States of America, Appellee, v. Tracy Lee, Appellant 232 F.3d 653 11/24/00
James W. Chambers, Petitioner v. al Luebbers, Respondent 232 F.3d 656 11/13/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Domingo Lopez-osuna, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 657 11/07/00
Robert E. Donais, Plaintiff-appellant, v. United States of America, Defendant-appellee 232 F.3d 595 11/13/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Lawrence Brown Iii, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 589 11/14/00
Comcast Cablevision-taylor, Petitioner/ Cross-respondent, v. National Labor Relations Board, Respondent/cross-petitioner, Communications Workers of America Local 4100, Afl-cio, Intervenor 232 F.3d 490 11/14/00
Michael E. Wolfe, Petitioner-appellee, v. Anthony J. Brigano, Warden, Respondent-appellant 232 F.3d 499 11/17/00
In Re: Csc Industries, Inc. & Copperweld Steel Company, Debtors.pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, Appellant, v. Kathryn A. Belfance, Trustee, the Copperweld Steel Company Liquidation Trust, Appellee 232 F.3d 505 11/17/00
Haynes; Robert L. Knauss; Derrick Rolfe; Herman Turkstra; Salomon Brothers, Inc.; Merrill Lynch, Pierce Fenner & Smith Incorporated; Bt Alex. Brown Incorporated; Morgan Stanley & Co., Incorporated; Cibc Oppenheimer Corp.; Credit Suisse First Boston Corporation; Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette Securities Corporation; Lehman Brothers Inc.; Schroder & Co., Inc.; Smith Barney Inc.; Furman Selz Llc; Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder, Inc.; Blackford Securities Corp.; First Albany Corporation; Mcdonald & Company Securities, Inc.; Janney Montgomery Scott Inc.; Wm Smith Securities, Incorporated; Deloitte & Touche, Chartered Accountants, Defendants-appellees.in Re Philip Services Corp. Securities Litigation This Document Concerns:noah Liff, As Former Shareholder of Steiner-liff Iron and Metal Company, Shredders, Inc., Mckinley Iron, Inc. and Southern Alloys & Metal Corp., Adam Liff, As Former Shareholder of Steiner-liff Iron and Metal Company, Southern Alloys & Metal Corp. and Southeastern Scrap Trading, Inc., Daniel Liff, As Former Shareholder of Steiner-liff Iron and Metal Company and Southeastern Scrap Trading, Inc., Darren Liff, As Former Shareholder of Southeastern Scrap Trading, Inc., Jan Liff, As Former Shareholder of Steiner-liff Iron and Metal Company, Terence Liff, As Former Shareholder of Southeastern Scrap Trading, Inc., Zachary Liff, As Former Shareholder of Southeastern Scrap Trading, Inc., Robert H. Wilson, As Former Shareholder of Shredders, Inc. and Southeastern Scrap Trading, Inc., Herman Gellman, As Former Shareholder of Mckinley Iron, Inc., Robert Gellman, As Former Shareholder of Mckinley Iron, Inc., Daniel Shapiro, As Former Shareholder of Mckinley Iron, Inc., Leonard Bierman, As Former Shareholder of Mckinley Iron, Inc., Albert Baisley, As Former Shareholder of Southern Alloys & Metal Corp. and Elizabeth Baisley, As Former Shareholder of Southern Alloys & Metals Corp., Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Peter Chodos, Allen Fracassi, Colin Soule, Howard Beck and Marvin D. Boughton, Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 49 11/08/00
Wayne Hein, Plaintiff-appellant, v. All America Plywood Company, Incorporated; Kurt Adam Ludwinski, Jointly and Severally, Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 482 11/14/00
Jo A. Harris; et al., Plaintiffs,jo A. Harris; Francis Wayne O'connor; Alfredo G. Quintanilla, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Philip Morris Incorporated, Defendant - Appellee 232 F.3d 456 11/16/00
James P. Hollis, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Dan H. Hill, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 460 11/17/00
Randall K Hamilton, Plaintiff - Appellant v. Segue Software Inc; Steve Butler, Defendants - Appellees 232 F.3d 473 11/20/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Lawrence Ray Carmichael, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 510 10/20/00
In Re: Sahnica Denise Nolan, Debtor.chrysler Financial Corporation, Appellee, v. Sahnica Denise Nolan, Appellant 232 F.3d 528 10/24/00
Kenneth Neiman, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Thomas M. Keane, Defendant-appellee 232 F.3d 577 11/13/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Daniel Nielsen, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 581 11/13/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Michael Harvey, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 585 11/14/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Warren E. Cornett, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 570 11/13/00
Felicia Aries Morgan, Petitioner-appellee, v. Kristine Krenke, Respondent-appellant 232 F.3d 562 11/13/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Harvey E. Page (99-5361); Thomas Andre Powers (99-5449); Keith Linton (99-5451); David Shawn Hill (99-5456), Defendants-appellants 232 F.3d 536 11/09/00
Karen Bell, Lolita Hill, Farro Assadi, and Christina Prasinos, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Environmental Protection Agency and Carol M. Browner, in Her Official Capacity, Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 546 11/06/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Jack M. Lee, Defendant-appellant,andmargaret B. Lee, Claimant-appellant 232 F.3d 556 11/07/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. James M. Fejes, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 696 11/14/00
John Thomas Drayden, Petitioner-appellant, v. Theo White, Warden, Respondent-appellee 232 F.3d 704 11/14/00
James Giesler and Luke Coniglio (doing Business As Central Park Company), Plaintiffs-appellants, v. United States, Defendant-cross Appellant 232 F.3d 864 11/13/00
John D. Watts, Plaintiff-appellant,v.xl Systems, Inc., Defendant-appellee 232 F.3d 877 11/14/00
Plaintiff v. Defendant 232 F.3d 917 12/01/00
In Re Mitchell R. Swartz 232 F.3d 862 11/08/00
Iraola & Cia, S.a., Plaintiff-counter-defendant-appellant-cross-appellee, v. Kimberly-clark Corporation, J.n. Anderson, Defendants-counter-claimants-appellees- Cross-appellants,george Semones, Defendant-appellee-cross-appellant 232 F.3d 854 11/21/00
Deborah Rice-lamar, Plaintiff-appellant, v. City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a Municipality, George Hanbury, Individually, Pete Witschen, Asst. City Attorney, Individually, Bruce Larkin, Individually, John Panoch, Individually, Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 836 11/20/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Steven Lawrence Riley, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 844 11/20/00
Valda Stewart, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Booker T. Washington Insurance, Booker T. Washington Broadcasting Company, Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 844 11/21/00
Lynne Diesel, Plaintiff,dennis J. Diesel, Plaintiff-appellee-cross-appellant, v. Town of Lewisboro, Wayne E. Bennett, "john" Rutledge, First Name Fictitious, True First Name Unknown and Martin Campos, Defendants,maurice Coley, Preston L. Felton, and Stanley Garrant, Defendants-appellees,thomas Larkin, Dennis O'connell and John J. Noonan, Defendants-appellants-cross-appellees 232 F.3d 92 11/13/00
United States of America, Appellee v. Juan Bowie, Appellant 232 F.3d 923 12/01/00
Faye D. Copeland, Appellee,v.james Washington, Appellant.faye D. Copeland, Appellant,v.james Washington, Appellee 232 F.3d 969 11/30/00
Marvin Lumber and Cedar Company; Marvin Windows of Tennessee, Inc., Plaintiffs - Appellants, v. Ppg Industries, Inc., Defendant Third Party, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Elf Atochem North America, Inc., Third Party Defendant.minnesota, Amicus on Behalf of Appellant 232 F.3d 977 11/07/00
Knevelbaard Dairies, a General Partnership Consisting of John Knevelbaard and Sam Knevelbaard, General Partners, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Kraft Foods, Inc., a Delaware Corporation; Alpine Lace Brands, Inc., a Delaware Corporation; Borden, Inc., a New Jersey Corporation; the National Cheese Exchange, a Wisconsin Corporation, Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 979 12/01/00
Glb Enterprises, Inc., Plaintiff-appellee, v. United States of America, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 965 11/28/00
Von R. Trimble, Jr., on His Own Behalf and on Behalf of Others Similarly Situated; Douglas S. Campbell, on His Behalf and on Behalf of Others Similarly Situated; Marci Campbell, on Her Own Behalf and on Behalf of Others Similarly Situated, Plaintiffs-appellants.jimmie Grosvenor, on His Behalf and on Behalf of Others Similarly Situated, Plaintiff.georgia Grosvenor, on Her Own Behalf and on Behalf of Others Similarly Situated; Matt Ferro, on His Own Behalf and on Behalf of Others Similarly Situated; John C. Pieper, on His Own Behalf and on Behalf of Others Similarly Situated; Sylvia Curtis, Plaintiffs-appellants.ernest Deplanty, Plaintiff.darell Young, Plaintiff-appellant. v. Asarco, Inc., a New Jersey Corporation, Defendant-appellee 232 F.3d 946 11/28/00
Trayon Redd, Appellant v. Lawrence H. Summers, Secretary of the United States Treasury, Appellee 232 F.3d 933 12/01/00
Texas Community Bank, N.a., Appellee, v. State of Missouri Department of Social Services, Division of Medical Services, Appellant 232 F.3d 942 11/27/00
New World Communications, Doing Business As Wdaf Fox 4 of Kansas City, Inc., Petitioner,v.national Labor Relations Board, Respondent,american Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Intervenor on Appeal.new World Communications, Doing Business As Wdaf Fox 4 of Kansas City, Inc., Respondent,v.national Labor Relations Board, Petitioner,american Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Intervenor on Appeal 232 F.3d 943 11/27/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Sean Anthony Gerrow, A.k.a. Damien Gerrow, Etc., Annette Marie Gerrow, A.k.a. Annette Brown, et al., Defendants-appellants 232 F.3d 831 11/20/00
Philip H. Schnabel, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Gary Abramson and Legal Aid Society of Orange County, Inc., Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 83 11/08/00
In Re: Darlene Olinda Annis, Debtor.susan J. Manchester, Trustee, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Darlene O. Annis, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 749 10/19/00
Patricia Wheeler, Plaintiff - Appellant, v. Ho Sports Inc.; Premier Ski Boat Corporation, Doing Business As Waterski America, Defendants - Appellees 232 F.3d 754 11/06/00
Silas Garcia, Plaintiff-appellant, v. City of Albuquerque; Lawrence Rael, Chief Administrative Officer; Anne Watkins, Director of Transit Department; City Employee Health Center, Defendants - Appellees,karen Mulloy, Dr., Director of Employee Health Clinic; City Employee Assistance Program; Julia Bain, Primary Therapist and Program Director; City Personnel Board; James Foley, Chairman, Defendants. 232 F.3d 760 11/13/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Carl Eugene Stephens, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 746 11/29/00
Wade B. Cook, an Individual, Plaintiff-appellant Cross-appellee, v. Anthony Robbins, an Individual; Robbins Research International, Jet Inc., a Nevada Corporation; and Harles Mellon, an Individual, Defendants-appellees Cross-appellants 232 F.3d 736 11/16/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Juan Carlos Herrera-blanco, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 715 11/14/00
James Chappel, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Laboratory Corporation of America, Aka National Health Lab, Defendant-appellee 232 F.3d 719 11/14/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. David Martinez, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 728 11/16/00
St. Charles Investment Co., Burton C. Boothby, Tax Matters Person, Petitioners - Appellants, v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Respondent-appellee 232 F.3d 773 11/14/00
Alice F. Price, Next Friend of Minor, Alexandria F. Price, Individually and As Personal Representative for the Estate of Charles Edward Price; and Alexandria F. Price, Plaintiffs - Appellants, v. Western Resources, Inc., Defendant - Appellee 232 F.3d 779 11/14/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Carlos Albverto Prieto, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 816 11/16/00
Roberta Santini, M.d., Plaintiff-appellant, v. Cleveland Clinic Florida, Defendant-appellee 232 F.3d 823 11/16/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Renard Maurice Nealy, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 825 11/07/00
Edward Tyler, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Re/max Mountain States, Inc., Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 808 11/21/00
Grant's Dairy -- Maine, Llc, Plaintiff, Appellant, v. Commissioner of Maine Department of Agriculture, Food & Rural Resources, et al., Defendants, Appellees 232 F.3d 8 11/13/00
Creaciones Con Idea, S.a. De C.v. and Imagen Textil Y Confecciones, S.a. De C.v., Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Mashreqbank Psc and Mashreqbank New York (formerly Bank of Oman Ltd.), Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 79 11/08/00
Joseph P. Amro, Plaintiff - Appellant, v. the Boeing Company, Defendant - Appellee 232 F.3d 790 11/14/00
Ronnie Lee Gibson, Petitioner - Appellant, v. Ken Klinger, Respondent - Appellee 232 F.3d 799 11/14/00
Joan Anderson and Judy Lynn Anderson, Minors, by Their Mother and Next Friend, Mrs. Bessie Anderson; Juanita Bennett, Mary Lee Bennett and Archie Lee Bennett, Minors, by Their Father and Next Friend, Mr. James Bennett; et al., Plaintiffs-appellants,andunited States of America, Intervenor Plaintiff-appellant, v. the Canton Municipal Separate School District; et al., Defendants,school Board of Madison County; Robert E. Cox, Superintendent of Education; Harold E. Dacus, Assistant Superintendent of Education; M. L. Dewees, Jr., President; Harold H. White, Jr., Secretary; E. L. Henderson; M.c. Mansell; E. W. Hill, Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 450 11/06/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Earnest E. Jordan Jr., Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 447 11/06/00
Marie Marcano-rivera; Osvaldo Roman, Plaintiffs, Appellees/cross-appellants, v. Pueblo International, Inc., Defendant, Appellant/cross-appellee 232 F.3d 245 10/25/00
United States, Appellee, v. Luis Angel Torres-otero, A/k/a El Enamo, A/k/a Little Luis, A/k/a Primo, Defendant, Appellant,luis A. Torres-otero, Plaintiff, Appellant, v. United States, Defendant, Appellee 232 F.3d 24 11/14/00
United States of America, Appellee v. Antonione Smith, A/k/a Abdul Mines, A/k/a York, Appellant 232 F.3d 236 11/24/00
U.S. Airwaves, Inc., Petitioner v. Federal Communications Commission and United States of America, Respondentsnextwave Telecom Inc., et al., Intervenors 232 F.3d 227 11/21/00
Laeila Nelson, Stephanie Nelson, Phil Nelson, Petitioners, v. Immigration and Naturalization Service, Respondent 232 F.3d 258 10/27/00
United States of America, Appellee,v.juan Savinon-acosta, A/k/a Sachi, Defendant, Appellant 232 F.3d 265 11/21/00
David B. Fite, Plaintiff, Appellant, v. Digital Equipment Corporation, Defendant, Appellee 232 F.3d 3 11/13/00
Frank G. Santalucia, As Parent and Legal Guardian of Frank Santalucia, Jr., an Infant, and As Administrator of the Estate of Pamela A. Santalucia, Decedent Plaintiff,brian D. Premo, Esq., Appellee, v. Sebright Transportation, Inc., a Michigan Corporation, Sebright Products, Inc., a Michigan Corporation, Brent Sebright Company, a Michigan Corporation and Steven Lewis Whipple, Defendants,mackrell, Rowlands, Premo & Pierro, P.c., Appellant 232 F.3d 293 11/09/00
Moussa Diallo, Petitioner, v. Immigration & Naturalization Service, Respondent 232 F.3d 279 11/13/00
Angela Figueroa-torres, et al., Plaintiffs, Appellees,v.pedro Toledo-davila, et al., Defendants.julio Peréz-tirado, Defendant, Appellant 232 F.3d 270 11/21/00
Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's, London, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Thomas C. Sinkovich, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 200 11/02/00
Madonna Sterling, Executrix of the Estate of Marcus Anthony Waymanv.borough of Minersville; F. Scott Wilinsky, Police Officer; Thomas Hoban, Police Officer; Joseph Wilinsky, Police Chief, Individually and As Police Officers for the Borough of Minersvilleofficer F. Scott Wilinsky and Officer Thomas Hoban, Appellants 232 F.3d 190 11/14/00
Anita Lerman and Angelo D'angelo, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Board of Elections in the City of New York; Board of Elections of the State of New York; and George E. Pataki, Governor, Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 135 11/09/00
James F. Wrighten, Plaintiff-appellant, Vmarie Glowski, Director of Special Education, Alan Paluck, Assistant Director of Special Education, and New London Board of Education, Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 119 11/15/00
Ricky Baker, Plaintiff-appellee, v. David Alan Dorfman, P.l.l.c. and David A. Dorfman, Defendants-appellants 232 F.3d 121 11/07/00
Stanislav Iavorski, Petitioner, v. United States Immigration and Naturalization Service, Respondent 232 F.3d 124 11/07/00
Elizabeth Gordon, Plaintiff-appellant, v. New York City Board of Education, Defendant-appellee 232 F.3d 111 11/03/00
Hasbro, Inc., Plaintiff, Appellant, v. Clue Computing, Inc., Defendant, Appellee 232 F.3d 1 11/07/00
Doug Grant, Inc., Richard Andersen, Judy L. Bintliff, Lynn v. Bohsen, Thomas M. Bolick, Michael Bonn, Roland Bryant, Sr., Eugene Clauser, Elmer Conover, Scott Conover, Joseph Curran, Dino D'andrea, Mark F. D'andrea, Warren Davenport, Frank Delia, Karen Dwyer, Dennis F. Foreman, Rosemarie Francis, Stephen Freel, Stavros Georgiou, Kenneth Gross, Adib Hannah, G. Hassan Hattina, Leroy N. Jordan, Roman Kern, Richard H. Kessel, Scott Klee, Jeffrey S. Krah, Kathleen E. Lane-bourgeois, Thomas J. Lotito, Jr., James Macelroy, Mar Tin Malter, Stanley P. Mcanally, Anne T. Mcgowan-novak, Eugene L. Miserendino, Daniel G. Nauroth, Matthew S. Pellenberg, Daniel Pilone, Stephen F. Pinciotti, Robert E. Prout, Martin Rose, Lynn Rufo, Vincent Salek, Arlen Schwerin, Joseph Scioscia, William F. Strauss, Douglas G. Telman, Aino Tomson, Ants Tomson, Thomas Tomson, Linwood C. Uphouse, Dolores Valancy, Andrew R. Vardzal, Jr., Grant Douglas Von Reiman, Kenneth J. Warner, Steven W Atters, Paul v. Yannessa, Doug Grant College of Winning Blackjack, Inc., Sigma Research, Inc., Beta Management, Inc., Favorable Situations Only Inc., T/a Doug Grant Institute of Winning Blackjack, Jan C. Muszynski, Linda Tompson, Appellantsv.greate Bay Casino Corporation, Grea Te Bay Hotel and Casino T/a Sands Hotel and Casino, Sands Hotel and Casino, Hilton Hotels Corporation, Gnoc Corp. T/a "atlantic City Hilton," Atlantic City Hilton, Bally's Park Place, Inc. T/a "bally's Park Place," Bally's Park Place, Itt Corporation, Itt Corporation Nv, Caesar's World, Inc. A/k/a "caesar's Atlantic City," Caesar's World, Claridge Hotel & Casino Corp., Claridge at Park Place, Inc., Harrah's Entertainment, Inc., Marina Associates D/b/a "harrah's Casino Hotel", Harrah's Casino Hotel, Sun International North America Inc., Sun International Hotels Ltd., Resorts International Hotel, Inc., Resorts Casino Hotel, Showboat, Inc., Showboat, Aztar Corporation, Adamar of New Jersey, Inc., (formerly Trop World Casino and Entertainment Resort) T/a Tropicana Casino and Resort, Tropicana Casino and Resort, Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, Inc., Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts Holdings, L.p., Trump Atlantic City Associates, Trump Plaza Associates, L.p., Trump Plaza Associates, Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, Trump Taj Mahal Associates, Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort, the Trump Organization, Inc., Trump's Castle Associates, L.p., Trump Castle Associates, Trump Marina Casino Hotel Resort, Formerly Trump's Castle Casino Resort, John Does 1-100, Griffin Investigations, International Casino Surveillance Network, L.p., Surveillance Information Network, John Does 101-200, F. Michael Daily, Esq., Quinlan, Dunne, Daily & Higgins, Ellen Barney Balint, Meranze & Katz, Caplan & Luber, Lloyd S. Markind, Esq., Richard L. Caplan, Esq., Sharon Morgan, Esq., Michele Davis, Esq 232 F.3d 173 11/02/00
Gould Inc.v.a & M Battery & Tire Service; Albert Nivert & Co.; Alexandria Scrap Corporation; Ben Weitsman & Son, Inc. of Oswego, Ny; All State Metal Company; American Scrap Co.; Amsource (penn Iron & Metal); B. Millens & Sons, Inc.; Barney Snyder, Inc.; Bristol Metal Co., Inc.; Brock's Scrap & Salvage; Brookfield Auto Wreckers, Inc.; Brookfield Metal Co.; Buffered Junk Co.; Capitol Iron & Steel Co., Inc.; Capitol Scrap Iron & Metals; Charles Bluestone Co., Inc.; Claremont Metal & Paper Stock; Clinton Metal Co.; Commercial Iron & Metal Co.; Conservit, Inc.; Cooper Metallurgical Corp.; Cousins Metal; Crestwood Metal Corp.; Davis Bros. Scrap Co., Inc.; Davis Industries; Elman Recycling Co.; Empire Recycling Corp.; Exeter Metals Co.; F. Schanerman; Fairfield Scrap Co.; Frederick Junk Co.; Fulton Iron & Steel Co.; Garbose Metal; Gelb & Co., Inc.; Giordano Waste Material Co., in Its Own Capacity and As the Successor to Halpern Metals Company; Greenblott Metal Co., Inc.; Gutterman Iron & Metal Corp.; H. & D. Metal Co.; H. Shakespeare & Sons, Inc.; Harry Goldberg & Sons; Hurwitz Bros. Iron & Metal Co.; I. Shulman & Son Co., Inc.; I. Solomon Metal Co., Inc.; Independent Iron & Metal; Interstate Burlap & Bag Co.; Ithaca Scrap Processors; J & J Metals, Inc.; J. Broomfield & Son, Inc.; J. Sepenuk & Sons, Inc.; James Burrows Company, Inc.; Joe Krentzman & Sons; Joseph Freedman Co., Inc.; Josh Steel Co.; Kelleher Battery; Klein Metal Co., Inc.; Klionsky Scrap Iron & Metal Co.; Lake Erie Recycling; Larami Metal Co.; Liberty Iron & Metal Co., Inc.; Louis Cohen & Son, Inc.; Louis Kutz & Son; Lyell Metal; M. Hartman, Co.; Marley's Division of Abe Cooper, Liverpool, Ny; Maxnor Meta/m. Schipper & Son; Meyer-saba Metal, Co.; Mid-city Scrap Iron & Salvage, Co., Inc.; Modern Junk & Salvage, Co.; Montgomery Iron & Metal Co.; Morgan Highway Auto Parts; Newburgh Scrap Co.; Olean Steel Sales & Service; P. Jacobson, Inc.; P. K. Scrap Metal Co.; Pascap Co., Inc.; Penn Harris Metals Corp.; Penn Jersey Rubber & Waste Co.; R & R Salvage Inc.; R. L. Poeth Scrapyard; Riegel Scrap & Salvage; Roth Brothers Smelting Corp.; Roth Steel Corporation; S & J Generators & Starter Co.; S. Kasowitz & Sons, Inc.; Sam Kaufman & Son Metals Co.; Segal & Sons, Inc.; Square Deal Metal Recycling; State Line Scrap Co., Inc.; Suisman & Blumenthal; Timpson Salvage Co.; Twin Cities Waste & Metal; United Metal Traders, Inc.; v. Vaccaro Scrap Co.; W Aldorf Metal Co.; Wallace Steel, Inc.; Weiner Brokeragecorp.; Weiner Iron & Metal Corp.; Weinstein & Co.; William F. Sullivan & Co.; Wimco Metals, Inc.; Joint Defense Group; Pettineli Used Auto Parts; De Micromis Group; Marjol Site Retailers' Joint Defesne Group; Micro Group; White & Williams Defense Group; Marjol Site De Minimus Scrapdealers Group; Marjol Site Prp Group; Exxon, Inc.; Bodow Recycling Co.; Kassab Brothers Steel; Charles Meyer & Son; Allan Industries; Attonito Recycling Corporation; Crash's Auto Parts & Auto Sales/cap Surplus Scrap Metal; Charles Effron; Chauncey Scrap Metals; Coatsville Scrap; H. Bixon & Sons Scrap & Metal; Davis Industries of Arlington, Va; Frank H. Nott, Inc.; G. Carlomango, Inc.; George Mars Mkm Builders; Hudson Scrap Co.; Jacobson Metal Co.; Enos Metals; Kreiger Waste; Fiegleman Recycling Co.; Louis Mack & Co. Scrap Metal; Lukens Metal Co.; M & M Scrap Metal Co.; M. Levenson Co., Inc.; Marson Met Als, Inc.; N. Bantivolglio Sons Paper & Met Als, Inc.; Norwitz, Inc.; P. Lewis & Sons; Patchogue Sheet Metal Shop; Richardson Graphics; Bladensburg/river Road Metals Co.; St. Mary's Iron & Steel Corp.; Zuckerman Scrap Co., Inc.; Kearney Scrap Co.; Marley's Division of Abe Cooper; Riverside Iron & Steel Corp.; A. Allan Industries, Inc., T/a Allan Industries; A. Shapiro & Sons; Abe Cooper Syracuse; Abe Cooper-watertown Corp.; Abe E. Nathan & Sons; Abe N. Solomon, Inc.; Academy Iron & Metal Co.; Acme Metals & Recycling, Inc.; Action Metal Company, Inc.; Advance Auto Stores; American Bag & Metal Co., Inc.; American Scrap & Waste Removal Co.; American Scrap Processing, Inc., D/b/a Riverside Iron & Steel; Annad 232 F.3d 162 10/31/00
Compagnie Financiere De Cic et De L'union Europeenne; Management Investment Funding Limited, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated, Defendant-interpleader-plaintiff-appellee,calex Ltd., Interpleader-defendant-appellee 232 F.3d 153 11/17/00
United States of America, Appellee, v. Ronald Fisher, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 301 11/13/00
Richard J. Zitz, Inc., Plaintiff-appellant, v. Leonel Bernadino Dos Santos Pereira, Defendant-cross-claimant-cross-defendant-appellee,peter T. Podlas, Defendant-cross-defendant-cross-claimant-appellee 232 F.3d 290 08/31/00
Herbert G. Fisher, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Charles E. King; Conrad Spangler, Director, Division of Mineral Mining, Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 391 11/14/00
No. 00-1262 232 F.3d 383 11/14/00
Zakiyyah H. Alaji Salahuddin, Plaintiff-appellant, v. M. Sabir Alaji, Defendant-appellee 232 F.3d 305 11/13/00
P. Brian Brumfield Appellant,v.sherri Sanders; Michelle Shadday; Brenda Derr-blakeney; M. Jane Huff; Carla Meyers; United States of America 232 F.3d 376 11/14/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Willie Edward Brown, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 399 11/16/00
Central States, Southeast and Southwest Areas Pension Fund, a Pension Trust; and Marion M. Winstead; R. Jerry Cook; Howard Mcdougall; Robert J. Baker; R.v. Pulliam, Sr.; Arthur H. Bunte, Jr.; Harold D. Leu, Present Trustee, and Raymond Cash, Present Trustee, Plaintiffs/appellants/cross-appellees, v. Creative Development Company, a Louisiana Partnership, Terry Smith, Partner; Sandra Theriot Smith, Partner; Jack Rome, Jr., Partner; Suzanne Mccraine Rome, Defendants/appellees/cross-appellants 232 F.3d 406 11/01/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Juan Cuevas-andrade, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 440 11/03/00
United States of America, Appellee, v. George Brown, A/k/a China, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 44 11/03/00
Paula Perrone, Individually and on Behalf of Others Similarly Situated; et Al; Plaintiffs,gilbert v. Andry, Jr.; Paul Perrone; Doris Mccullough Plaintiffs-appellants, v. General Motors Acceptance Corporation, Defendant-appellee 232 F.3d 433 11/02/00
Staftex Staffing and Houston General Insurance Company, Petitioners, v. Director, Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, United States Department of Labor and Ramiro Loredo, Respondents 232 F.3d 431 11/01/00
Elizabeth J. Arnold Lake; Justin Wilson Lake, Husband and Wife, Appellantsv.frederick S. Arnold; Audrey L. Arnold, Husband and Wife; Daniel M. Friday M.d.; Tyrone Hospital; Ralph W. Crawford M.d 232 F.3d 360 11/07/00
Thomas Palazzo, an Infant Under the Age of Fourteen (14) Years, by His Mother and Natural Guardian Joyce Delmage, Joyce Delmage, Individually, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Richard J. Corio, Defendant-appellee 232 F.3d 38 11/01/00
United States of America, Appellantv.larry Valentine, A/k/a Hassan Deloa Tch, A/k/a Hassan Deloach, A/k/a Shawn Valentine 232 F.3d 350 11/02/00
Friends of Van Cortlandt Park, Parks Council, Inc., Norwood Community Action, Linda Burger, and Fay Muir, Plaintiffs-appellants,state of New York, Plaintiff-intervenor-appellant,united States of America, Plaintiff,barbara Debuono, M.d., As Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health, Plaintiff-intervenor, v. City of New York, New York City Department of Environmental Protection, New York City Planning Commission, New York City Council, New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, Rudolph W. Giuliani, Joel A. Miele, Sr. and Henry J. Stern, Department of Citywide Administrative Services, Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 324 11/15/00
Darren Mccall, Gary Sickler, Plaintiffs,angel Herrera, Plaintiff-appellant, v. George E. Pataki, Governor New York State; Glenn S. Goord, Commissioner of the Department of Correctional Services; All Commissioners of the New York Board of Parole, Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 321 11/16/00
United States of America, Appellee, v. Thomas Fitzgerald, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 315 11/15/00
Federal Insurance Company, Plaintiff-appellant, Vyusen Air & Sea Service(s) Pte. Ltd. Doing Business As Yusen Air Cargo, Defendant-appellee 232 F.3d 312 11/13/00
United States of America, Appellee, Vsubir Chaklader, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 343 11/17/00
Deboris Calcano-martinez, Petitioner, v. Immigration and Naturalization Service, Respondent.sergio Madrid, Petitioner, v. Immigration and Naturalization Service, Respondent.fazila Khan, Petitioner, v. Immigration and Naturalization Service, Respondent 232 F.3d 328 09/01/00
Dwayne Simonton, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Marvin T. Runyon, Jr., Postmaster General, United States Postal Service; U.S. Postal Service, United States Postal Service, Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 33 10/23/00
United States of America, Appellee, v. Christopher Joseph Ecker, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 348 11/17/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Clifton S. Corey, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 1166 11/20/00
Ephen Whelchel, Petitioner-appellee, v. State of Washington, Respondent-appellant.tana Wood, Plaintiff-appellee Cross-appellant, v. Stephen C. Whelchel, Defendant-appellant Cross-appellee 232 F.3d 1197 11/29/00
Perry E. Coleman; Barbara J. Coleman, Husband and Wife, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. the Quaker Oats Company, a New Jersey Corporation, Defendant-appellee.jerry Jeney; Peggy Jeney, Husband and Wife, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. the Quaker Oats Company, a New Jersey Corporation, Defendant-appellee.perry E. Coleman; Barbara J. Coleman; John Russell; Jerry Jeney; Denis Schweitzer, a Divorced Man; John Tallariti; Kenneth Nero; Gary Peeples; J. Thomas Christenson; Sharon Russell; Peggy Jeney; Terrine Tallariti; Kathleen Flamm Nero; Jan Marie Immker Peeples; Kaye Christenson; Carol Collins, a Single Person, Plaintiffs,andjoseph Gentile; Lorraine Gentile, Husband and Wife, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. the Quaker Oats Company, a New Jersey Corporation, Defendant-appellee 232 F.3d 1271 11/20/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Lester Javier Guadamuz-solis, A.k.a. Lester Javier Guadamuz-solio, Defendant- Appellant 232 F.3d 1363 11/28/00
Kenneth R. Burkhardt, Claimant-appellant, v. Hershel W. Gober, Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Respondent-appellee 232 F.3d 1363 11/16/00
Lsi Industries Inc., Plaintiff-appellant, v. Hubbell Lighting, Inc., Defendant-appellee 232 F.3d 1369 11/29/00
Franca C. Monasteri, Petitioner, v. Merit Systems Protection Board, Respondent 232 F.3d 1376 11/17/00
Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., Long Island Lighting Company, Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc., San Diego Gas & Electric Company, Southern California Edison Company, Pacific Gas & Electric Company, International Paper Company, Champion International Corporation, and Weyerhauser Company, Plaintiffs-appellants,andwestvaco Corporation, Plaintiff, v. Bill Richardson, Secretary of Energy, and George B. Breznay, Director, Office of Hearings and Appeals, Defendants-appellees,andnational Cooperative Refinery Association, Cenex, Inc., Farmland Industries, Inc., Energy Cooperative, Inc., Countrymark Cooperative, Inc., Farmers Petroleum Cooperative, Inc., Land O'lakes, Inc., Growmark, Inc., Southern States Cooperative, Inc., Mfa Oil Company and Tennessee Farmers Cooperative, Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 1380 11/29/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Rafael Garcia-valenzuela, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 1003 12/01/00
Abner J. Morgan, Jr., Plaintiff-appellant, v. National Railroad Passenger Corporation, Dba Amtrak, Defendant-appellee 232 F.3d 1008 11/08/00
In Re Lawrence Michael Short, Debtor.lawrence Michael Short, Appellant, v. Pamela Short, Appellee 232 F.3d 1018 11/15/00
Miguel Cruz-navarro, Graciela Egoavil-valenzuela, and Sergio Brian Cruz-egoavil, Petitioners, v. Immigration and Naturalization Service, Respondent 232 F.3d 1024 11/15/00
Elizabeth Diane Downs, Petitioner-appellant, v. Sonia Hoyt, Respondent-appellee 232 F.3d 1031 11/15/00
David J. Dearinger and Victor Litovchenko, Ex Rel. Natalia Volkova, Petitioners-appellees, v. Janet Reno, Attorney General of the United States, and Immigration and Naturalization Service, Respondents-appellants 232 F.3d 1042 11/15/00
In Re: Home America T.v.-appliance Audio, Inc., Debtor.united States of America, Appellant, v. Wenda K. Shaltry; Maryland Investments, Appellees 232 F.3d 1046 11/15/00
Stephen Wayne Anderson, Petitioner-appellant, v. Arthur Calderon, Warden, Respondent-appellee 232 F.3d 1053 11/17/00
Pankaj Karan Singh Kataria, Petitioner, v. Immigration and Naturalization Service, Respondent 232 F.3d 1107 11/21/00
In Re: Steve P. Myrvang and Joanne L. Myrvang, Debtors,june Cotner Graves, Appellee, v. Steve P. Myrvang; Joanne L. Myrvang, Appellants 232 F.3d 1116 11/21/00
Horizon Air Industries, Inc., a Washington Corporation, Plaintiff-appellant, v. National Mediation Board, Defendant-appellee,international Brotherhood of Teamsters, Defendant-intervenor-appellee 232 F.3d 1126 11/21/00
Catholic Social Services, Inc.; American Federation of Labor -congress of Industrial Organizations; United Farm Workers of America, Afl-cio; Miguel Galvez Moran; Immigration Program; Esaul Delgadillo-uribe; Gustavo Rodriguez; Anil K. Urmil; Ismael De La Cruz; Elma Barbosa; Qutb-e-alam Kahn; Mohammed Haq; Jesus Reyna Reyna, Plaintiffs-appellees, v. Immigration and Naturalization Service; Janet Reno, Attorney General; Doris Meissner, Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization Service, Defendants-appellants.catholic Social Services, Inc.; United Farm Workers of America, Afl-cio; Esaul Delgadillo-uribe; Gustavo Rodriguez; Anil K. Urmil; Ismael De La Cruz; Miguel Galvez Moran; Elma Barbosa; Jesus Reyna Reyna; Qutb-e-alam Kahn; Mohammed Haq, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Janet Reno, Attorney General; Doris Meissner, Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization Service; Immigration and Naturalization Service, Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 1139 11/21/00
Stanley Russell Scales, Jr., Petitioner, v. Immigration and Naturalization Service, Respondent 232 F.3d 1159 11/21/00
Andrew Leicester, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Warner Brothers, a Corporation; Warner Home Video, Inc., a Corporation; Warner Bros. Consumer Products, a Corporation; Dc Comics, a Corporation; Atlantic Recording Corporation, a Corporation, and Does 1-20, Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 1212 11/29/00
Loi Van Nguyen, Petitioner-appellant, v. Gary Lindsey, Attorney General of the State of California, Respondent-appellee 232 F.3d 1236 11/30/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Ralph Arvizu, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 1241 12/01/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee Cross-appellant, v. M.c.e., Juvenile Male, Defendant-appellant-cross-appellee 232 F.3d 1252 11/03/00
Jane Doe, a Minor, by and Through Her Guardian and Mother, Alisa Rudy-glanzer, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Elroy "bud" Glazer, an Individual, Defendant-appellee 232 F.3d 1258 11/17/00
Tinoqui-chalola Council of Kitanemuk and Yowlumne Tejon Indians, Plaintiff, and Southwest Centerfor Biological Diversity; Sierra Club, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. United States Department of Energy, Frederico Pena, in His Official Capacity As the Secretary D.c. No. of the Department of Energy; Cv-98-05100-oww Patricia Godley, in Her Official Capacity As Secretary for Fossil Opinion Energy; R. Dobie Langenkamp, in His Official Capacity As Deputy Assistant Secretary for Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves; Anthony J. Como, in His Official Capacity As Divestiture Administrator for Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 1, Defendants-appellees,andoccidental of Elk Hills, Inc., Defendant-intervenor-appellee 232 F.3d 1300 11/20/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Johnny Ray Garcia, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 1309 11/16/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. John Garland Cryar, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 1318 11/20/00
United States of America, Plaintiff - Appellant, v. Juan Ortega-jimenez; Armando Ortega-jimenez, Defendants - Appellees 232 F.3d 1325 11/22/00
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Ruben Martinez-villalva, A/k/a Ruben Martinez-villalba, A/k/a Alfredo Martinez-rodriguez, A/k/a Oscar Martinez-villalba, Defendant-appellant 232 F.3d 1329 11/24/00
Orla Lybrook, Plaintiff-appellant, v. the Members of the Farmington Municipal Schools Board of Education, Gena Baker, Jake Valdez, Gayle Dean, James Gipson and George Sharpe, Candace K. Young, Principal, Tom Sullivan, Superintendent, Dr. Annette Moorehead, Director of Elementary Education, Floyd Kurley, Director of Personnel, in Their Official and Individual Capacities, Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 1334 11/27/00
Virginie Gschwind, in Her Own Right and Administratrix of the Estate of Cyril Gschwind and Alexandra Gschwind, Plaintiff - Appellant, v. Cessna Aircraft Company; Pratt & Whitney Canada, Inc., Defendants - Appellees 232 F.3d 1342 11/29/00
Tommy L. Hairston, Earth Satellite Electronic Distributors, Inc., D.b.a. Private Cable Systems, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Travelers Casualty & Surety Co., F.k.a. Aetna Casualty and Surety, Travelers Property Casualty, Defendants-appellees 232 F.3d 1348 11/28/00
James S. Joel, Plaintiff-appellant, v. City of Orlando, Defendant-appellee 232 F.3d 1353 11/28/00