563 F.2d - Volume 563 of the Federal Reporter, 2nd Series

Robert Newell, Carey Sprouse, Gale Ollis, George Mckee,fredrick Conway, Robert Alston, Everette Shrader, Cecilphelps, William Riddick, Joseph Riddick, Ernest Ferrell,urban Frankin, Robert Taylor, Peter Land, Garland Lewis,joseph Cephas, Richard Howe, Dewey Carpenter, Wallace Adams,charlie Withers, George Kier, Fredrick Winiger, Jamesanderson, Alvin Honaker, John Heidinger, Wallace Maiden,william Davis, Ivan Marshall, Ray Fender, Larry Boone,marvin Mcclain, Fayette Tillman, Bobby Price, Donaldfitchett, Junior Thacker, Appellants, v. Jack F. Davis, Personally and in His Official Capacity Asdirector, Department of Corrections, and W. M. Riddle,personally and in His Official Capacity As Superintendent Ofthe State Prison, and Robert M. Delisle, Personally and Inhis Official Capacity As Administrative Assistant to Thesuperintendent for the State Prison, and Byron C. Bowden,personally and in His Official Capacity As Director of Thewage Incentive Program for the Department of Corrections,and George Holmes, Personally and in His Official Capacityas Director of Enterprises for the Department Ofcorrections, and Chuck Wolfe, Personally and in His Officialcapacity As Deputy Director for the Department Ofcorrections, and the Board of Directors for the Departmentof Corrections for the Commonwealth of Virginia, Personallyand in Their Official Capacities; Walter Fiddler, Williamdudley, Mrs. John J. Dehart, Reverend John A. Baden, Williams. Leach, William P. Kantl, Reverend Grady W. Powell,bernard Leven, Mrs. Claudette Black Mcdaniel, Andcommonwealth of Virginia, Appellees
Date: October 13, 1977
Citation: 563 F.2d 123

Otha Taylor, Appellant, v. Walter Riddle, Superintendent, Appellee
Date: October 13, 1977
Citation: 563 F.2d 133

In Re John A. Mitchell, Petitioner
Date: October 12, 1977
Citation: 563 F.2d 143

Plaintiff v. Defendant
Date: November 7, 1977
Citation: 563 F.2d 462

United States of America, Appellee, v. Francis E. King, Appellant
Date: October 7, 1977
Citation: 563 F.2d 559

United States Court of Appeals,third Circuit
Date: August 31, 1977
Citation: 563 F.2d 569

Gulf Oil Corporation, Petitioner, v. Federal Power Commission, Respondent,philadelphia Gas Works, Texas Eastern Transmissioncorporation, Milton Clark, Frederick W. Rose, and St. Regisapartment, Ltd., on Behalf of Themselves and All Otherssimilarly Situated (pgw's Customers), Washington Urbanleague, Public Service Electric and Gas Company, Connecticutpublic Utilities Control Authority, Massachusetts Departmentof Public Utilities, Rhode Island Division of Publicutilities and Carriers, Rhode Island Attorney General Andrhode Island Customers' Council (new England), Publicservice Commission of the State of New York, the Brooklynunion Gas Company, Philadelphia Electric Company, Intervenors.connecticut Public Utilities Control Authority,massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, Rhode Islanddivision of Public Utilities and Carriers, Rhode Islandattorney General, and Rhode Island Consumers' Council, Petitioners, v. Federal Power Commission, Respondent,philadelphia Gas Works, Gulf Oil Corporation, Bay State Gascompany, Boston Gas Company, Bristol and Warren Gas Company,cape Cod Gas Company, Commonwealth Gas Company, Theconnecticut Gas Company, Connecticut Natural Gascorporation, Fall River Gas Company, the Hartford Electriclight Company, Town of Middleborough, Municipal Gas Andelectric Department, New Bedford Gas and Edison Lightcompany, North Attleboro Gas Company, City of Norwich,department of Public Utilities, Pequot Gas Company,providence Gas Company, South County Gas Company, Thesouthern Connecticut Gas Company, Tiverton Gas Company,public Service Electric and Gas Company, Milton Clark,frederick W. Rose and St. Regis Apartments, Ltd. (pgw'scustomers), Algonquin Gas Transmission Company, Philadelphiaelectric Company, Intervenors
Date: September 7, 1977
Citation: 563 F.2d 588

I.t.o. Corporation of Baltimore, Employer, and Libertymutual Insurance Company, Carrier, Petitioners, v. Benefits Review Board, U. S. Department of Labor, Respondent,william T. Adkins, Respondent,international Longshoremen's Association, Amicus Curiae.national Association of Stevedores and California Stevedore& Ballast Co., Carolina Shipping Company, the Chesapeakeoperating Company, Cilco Terminal Co., Inc., John T. Clark &son of Boston, Bernard S. Costello, Inc., Dixie Stevedores,inc., Eller & Company, Inc., Global Terminal & Containerservices, Inc., Federal Marine Terminals, Inc., Gulfstevedore Corp., Harrington & Company, Inc., Howland Hookmarine Terminal Corp., Independent Pier Co., Internationalgreat Lakes Shipping Co., International Terminal Operatingco., Inc., Lake Charles Stevedores, Inc., Lavino Shippingco., Luckenbach Steamship Co., Inc., Mccabe, Hamilton &renny Co., Ltd., John W. Mcgrath Corp., Maher Terminals,inc., Matson Terminals, Inc., Metropolitan Stevedore Co.,nacirema Operating Co., Inc., New Bedford Stevedoring Corp.,northeast Marine Terminal Co., Inc., Old Dominionstevedoring Corp., John J. Orr & Son, Inc., Palmettoshipping & Stevedoring Co., Inc., Pate Stevedoring Co., P.c. Pfeiffer Co., Inc., Pittston Stevedoring Corp., Portstevedoring Company, Inc., Ryan- Walsh Stevedoring Co.,inc., Shippers Stevedoring Co., T. Smith & Son, Inc.,strachan Shipping Co., Transoceanic Terminal Corp.,universal Maritime Service Corp., Westfall Stevedore Co.,wilmington Shipping Co., Young and Company of Houston, Itsmember Companies, Petitioners, v. Benefits Review Board, U. S. Department of Labor, Respondent,william T. Adkins, Respondent
Date: September 22, 1977
Citation: 563 F.2d 646

United States of America, Appellee, v. Allen Earl Nelson, Appellant
Date: October 20, 1977
Citation: 563 F.2d 928

United States of America, Appellee, v. Gary Don Johnson, Appellant
Date: October 25, 1977
Citation: 563 F.2d 936

Baysal D. Riddle, Appellant, v. Exxon Transportation Company, Appellee
Date: September 27, 1977
Citation: 563 F.2d 1103

United States of America, Appellee, v. Leroy Jackson, Appellant
Date: October 18, 1977
Citation: 563 F.2d 1145

United States Court of Appeals,fifth Circuit
Date: November 28, 1977
Citation: 563 F.2d 1178